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My Printer:Heated build plate: 8.9 inches x 5.7 inches x 5.9 inches tall
If you imagine something bigger, then think about in pieces and how to connect it.
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Purple Pencil Holder

Newest design, cog that was already hollow. 6 hrs 49 minutes to print. All one color. Looks great.

pen cup

Blackhawks Colors

Utensil cup. Larger than pencil Holder. Red with black trim.

crayon holder

Crayon Holder

This was a quick design made to fit a box of crayons.

Dot Coasters

Tried to make edge like pencil cup to be fancier.

Texture Designs

Extending the creativity and experimenting with textured designs.

Gold Coaster

These coasters are thicker and kind of rough. Set of 5 and holder has same design.

Don the Dental Hygienist

Megladon tooth for Don. Occupation Theme based custom gift.

Illini Colors

I think of this variation as the University of Illinois Pencil Holder due to the color scheme.

Thin and Functional

Winter themed coasters. Very thin but functional. Less time and material to print.

Holiday Coasters 2015

Notice the new rounded coaster holder edges. Always improving.

4x4 Fence Post Top

Base is inset to fit over a 4x4 post. Printed as 2 pieces.

Teacher's Nameplate

Nameplate for Driver's Ed Behind the Wheel Teacher


3D Statistics and Events. Here's what's going on.

  • Stats

  • Purchased: 9/27/2014
  • My Designs: 680 on Tinkercad
  • Largest Print: Musical Instrument: The shawm is the loud medieveal ancestor of the oboe
  • Lifetime Filament Used: 9732.56
  • Lifetime Filament Used: 11968.85
  • Items Printed: > 2,085 as of 12/11/2016
  • Longest Print: 13 hours 36 minutes
  • Different Filament Colors: 13 (newest-Egyptian Blue)
  • Lifetime Hours: > 2200 hours
  • Filament Spools Purchased: 33
  • Current State: Running smoothly
  • Events

  • (12/11/16) I joined Workshop 88, a MakerSpace in Glen Ellyn
  • (09/28/16) I enjoy talking to people about 3D printing and that is what I did on September 26th, 2016 at Naples East Library in Collier County Florida. Thanks for stopping by and chatting about 3D printing.
  • (06/20/16) Want to learn how to use your new 3D printer? Want to have a 3D printing party and design stuff using TinkerCad? Contact Gail
  • (04/26/16) Join me at Glen Ellyn Public Library on April 27th at 7pm for the "3D Printing for the Entrepreneur" program that I am presenting.
  • (03/06/16) Join me at Helen Plum Library on March 12th at 2pm for the "Intro to 3D Printing" program that I am presenting. Registration is required. http://bit.ly/1TBSPt
  • (03/04/16) As usual, uninstalled the Beta version of MakerBot desktop. The resulting code no longer didn't heat up the spare nozzle when only using one. It was too much to have to remember every time to change the temperature to 0 when switching between nozzles for different prints.
  • (02/11/16) Installed MakerBot Desktop update to version 3.9. Will see what kind of difference that makes.
  • (12/27/15) I knew this day would come so I was probably more prepared than some but the impact may not be fully felt yet. My Web host after more than 15 years of gailjo.com being a loyal customer, went poof. Had to change web host providers. There is a dead zone in my email delivery over the Christmas holiday. Try again if you have not heard from me.
  • (12/01/15) Participated in the College of DuPage 3D printing expo. Had a table among libraries and other 3D printing vendor types and chatted with visitors that stopped by.
  • (11/16/15) Taught TinkerCad class at Rev3 in Naperville
  • (06/25/15) Got my first print request on 3Dhubs.com
  • (06/14/15) Joined a print hub.
  • (06/11/15) Back in business. Printing with New Nozzles.
  • (06/05/15) Got Flexible Filament. Learning how to print with new material.
  • (04/29/15) New Color Green but bright, called Pure. Great for printing the Incredible Hulk.
  • (04/06/15) Since both nozzles are clogged now, will no longer mess with different material types. Talked to other 3D printer cohorts and the don't mess with other materials.? Just stick with PLA.
  • (03/19/15) Latest color is Gold. See gold coasters with black holder on etsy.
  • (02/24/15) I bought a new color filament today!!!! And I'm not going to tell you the color.? I want to print with it first and see how it turns out.
  • (02/22/15) I updated the banner.? I know it's big but this way you get to see samples of what I have been printing lately.
  • (02/21/15) I sold my first item on gailjo3d.etsy.com.? Woo Hoo and thank you Justyne.
  • (01/24/15) Want to buy something? I opened a shop gailjo3d.etsy.com
  • (01/21/15) Got new guide hose that is clear(ish) so I can see if the filament has broken off or got stuck. Cost me 83 cents the first night but the hose was too flexible and the filament did not move smoothly inside so print job had to be cancelled. Got more rigid hose still clear enough the next night but bought just one this time and it cost me 43 cents.?
  • (01/21/15) Finally almost completely using up one spool. Blue. ?Bought the replacement blue spool (PLA) already.
  • (01/10/15) Winter has been dry and making the filament brittle and breaking in my hand. ?I have tried putting the filament spools in ziplock bags but am not sure if that is helping or hurting yet.
  • (01/06/15) Getting website updated
  • (12/26/14) Not having much success with ABS yet. ?Need to change more variables and it may work better in a room with a door that I can close and keep the room warm.
  • (12/20/14) While I was there, bought another filament color.? A lighter blue.? It was only available as ABS (I have been using PLA only, all this time). Reviewed the difference and what I needed to do and bought it.? I need to add on all the doors and windows to the printer that came with it. ABS needs a closed environment and a hotter build plate. I will give it a try.
  • (12/20/14) Brought printer in for maintenance. (Getting the Carry-in Protection plan was a good idea.)? They have all the right tools. Fixed the Left Extrurder base that was loose and moving during prints.? Cleaned it up and greased it up so it doesn't shriek at the begging when the build plate moves.
  • (11/30/14) Left Extruder Clogged
  • (01/12/14) Successfully unclogged a nozzle after working on it over a few days. But unfortunately dislodged the nozzle in the process and now it moves during the print. So just working off of one nozzle for now.
  • (01/10/14) Build plate MUST be LEVEL.
  • Interests