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'Til Death  4 star rating 09/07/2015 (Released: 09/06/2006)
If you like Rules of Engagement you will like this show. What's good about it is that I didn't see it when it was on TV so it was all new to me. I like Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett and it was great to see them in a lead role, rather than as a friend or brother. They are hilarious and I didn't know they were musically talented. It was a bit upsetting to find the episodes out of order and the daughter character being portrayed by so many different actresses but eventually that was what helped make it special and charming. Binge watched the 5 seasons and even though it was somewhat recent, some of the timely references like MySpace were odd in that I didn't know if they were a joke or current (as in at the time, was my space current or was it at the point of being a joke.)

102 Dalmations  2 star rating 11/23/2000 (Released: 11/20/2000)
Patrick enjoyed watching all those silly things happen to Cruella.

12 Years a Slave  0 star rating 01/21/2014
with Olivia and Maddie

127 Hours  0 star rating 02/20/2011

17 Again  2 star rating 04/25/2009 (Released: 04/17/2009)
The plot line was familiar but it was cutesy enough with Zack Efron and Matthew Perry that it was enjoyable to watch.

1917  4 star rating 01/15/2020 (Released: 12/25/2019)
OK so the appearance of the movie all being one shot was subtle to start but worked well and didn't really become a big distraction. It was a unique way to do it and yes it took several months of rehearsal so I'm not taking it lightly or putting it all on the camera. Other than that, it was a typical war movie where people die and bodies go flying and it's all a journey. The adventure did have some unique actions in between but I don't want to spoil them. Let's just say they found a way to insert at least one woman (that wasn't a nurse) into the story.

20 Feet from Stardom  0 star rating 07/01/2014
Twenty feet from stardom [video recording] / a Gil Friesen and Tremolo production - a Morgan Neville film- produced by Caitrin Rogers, Gil Friesen-directed by Morgan Neville

21  3 star rating 01/08/2009 (Released: 03/28/2008)
It was exciting to watch and try to keep track of what cards were being played. I know it was based on a true story but there were aspects that didn't seem believable in the Kevin Spacey (teacher) character. I don't want to say what part because it would be a spoiler. The color and glitz and change back to school campus were visual and exciting. The early on insert of Lawrence Fishburne beating up somebody, seemed like a preview for a different movie. But it all comes together at the end.

21 Jump Street  0 star rating 08/11/2012 (Released: 03/16/2012)

24 (Season 1)  0 star rating 06/30/2013
giving it a shot since I never watched it before. I know it's all supposed to be in real time but it's a bit frustrating and slow moving. How many more episodes do I have to watch to see the girl get back home?

27 Dresses  0 star rating 05/02/2008 (Released: 01/18/2008)
Cutesy movie with a few bad words if you want to watch it with younger kids. They probably had to tone down Katherine's blond hair so she could actually have a sister that would be pretty enough to get the guy over her. Romantic comedy that even though you know how it's going to turn out in the end, is more enjoyable than watching Katherine Heigl getting "Knocked Up".

3:10 to Yuma (1957)  3 star rating 11/26/2007 (Released: 01/01/1957)
Knew I was getting the older version when I rented it. Wanted to see how it was done originally and what lines were going to be exact in the new version. It was somewhat predictable but also sort of timeless.

3:10 to Yuma (2007)  3 star rating 01/12/2008 (Released: 09/07/2007)
The updated version was much more violent and detailed. Made me wonder if the book had the details about the soldier that lost his leg or they just added those details. And yet they left out the details about where they were taking him, what the options were and how the whole plan. But that was part of how changes were made. I had a feeling the end would be different. It's probably due to the fact that I'm comparing it to the original but I didn't like the updated ending. It wasn't that believeable is all I'll say so I don't spoil it.

50/50  0 star rating 02/22/2012
watched over days in separate sittings

500 Days of Summer  2 star rating 03/28/2010 (Released: 09/02/2009)
I like Joseph GL and Zooey D and I was warned in advance that it was not a love story but I was still disappointed. It was a good warning to my boys of what a girl could easily put them through.

6 Underground  3 star rating 12/24/2019 (Released: 12/13/2019)
I do like the fact that new movies are available at our streaming fingertips and this was the new movie to watch as a family on Christmas Eve. We like Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and it had a lot of action like that. Couldn't hurt that it is a Michael Bay film.

A Beautiful Mind  4 star rating 01/28/2002 (Released: 12/21/2001)
The movie was long and difficult to watch at times but well worth sitting through. It was inspiring and authentic. Even though you couldn't necessarily guess or tell what was real or in his mind, I did not feel manipulated. I would like to see the movie again and gain even more insight from it.

A Perfect Day  0 star rating 08/13/2011

A Serious Man  2 star rating 02/26/2010 (Released: 10/02/2009)
First off, I would not consider myself a Coen Brothers fan. I find their movies long and difficult to watch. Turns out the same was true for this one. I found it unsatisfying and didn't really care about the characters. I did not find it to be humorous, although not sure if it was supposed to be. I know life happens but it was a bit much, what happens. Seemed over exaggerated but that's what happens when you make amalgam characters. It just wasn't my kind of movie. Now remember that war movies aren't my kind of movies either and I can't "relate" to them but I can still be intrigued and interested by them. Again, not the case for this one. The setting of the movie was Jewish families in the 1960's.

A Simple Favor  2 star rating 08/30/2020 (Released: 09/14/2018)
I have been keeping track of the titles of movies I see and the dates but not writing the reviews until it's too late and I forget the movie. Sorry, you'll have to get the synopsis from imdb. Blake Lively wasn't in that much of the movie. It is suspenseful.

A Star is Born  3 star rating 10/16/2018 (Released: 10/04/2018)
Borrowed the soundtrack from Hoopla BEFORE seeing the movie. At first I was afraid it would ruin the story but the upside was that it could help make the movie experience be even better by hearing familiar songs. Or something like that. Well I didn't make it all the way through the songs before I saw the movie, and the Album was returned before I finished, do didn't really matter or make much of difference. I supposed as expected it was nice to hear Lady Gaga's raw talent without all the makeup and costumes. When she sang and even at times when Bradely Cooper was singing, it made me tingle inside. I like music but and try to keep it around my life but am much more of a movie fan than a music fan so that tingle feeling was special. You can't really say in a movie review that that story was cliche when it literally is since it was a 3rd remake. So yes it was the same basic story that I'm not going to retell or spoil. But I have to say I walked away quite depressed and it stuck with me for a while. I really need to see more comedies. I probably saw the movie to see Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliot and to hear Lady Gaga. Question: In this version, they talked about her nose. Did they do that in the version with Barbra Streisand? Because Lady Gaga's nose didn't seem big. I did end up re-borrowing the album again. Turns out, the sounds were the best part of the movie.

A Summer in Genoa  0 star rating 08/24/2013
Colin Firth, typical parent (Hope Davis) dies in beginning, on edge for the next bad thing to happen but it doesn't. Shot documentary or handheld style. Ended with no real resolution to anything.

A Walk in the Woods  2 star rating 02/12/2016 (Released: 09/02/2015)
Very slow but also funny. The contrast of the Robert Redford and Nick Nolte characters was part of the fun. The part that wasn't funny was the (real life) age difference between Redford and Emma Thompson. I wasn't really sure she wasn't his daughter until he called her sweetheart and then she referred to him as her husband. I can understand why nobody would turn down the opportunity to work with Robert Redford though.

Adaptation  2 star rating 12/23/2002 (Released: 12/06/2002)
It is not possible for this movie to be a mainstream success. It was an inside joke for screenwriters. I did have a few laughs and so did the other 5 people in the audience. But you know, the movie was pretty deep in a silly sort of way.

Admission  0 star rating 10/02/2013
multiple meaning word

Adult Beginners  2 star rating 05/12/2018 (Released: 04/24/2015)
I had nothing better to do and had downloaded this movie to my ipad so I watched it on the way home from Minneapolis to pass the time. It was a 2 star story and Nick Kroll is not an actor I care to watch but at least I didn't fall asleep watching it. It's an effort to become a better person story.

Alex Strangelove  3 star rating 06/30/2018 (Released: 06/08/2018)
An opportunity to follow Alex's journey in his young adult life, exploring expectations and acceptance of oneself.

Almost Famous  4 star rating 09/18/2000 (Released: 09/15/2000)
I enjoyed the movie and had a smile on my face most of the time. (But not like X-MEN). It told a good story and there were a few surprises. Every role in the movie was important and played out with a level of historic quality. According to Premiere Magazine, "He kept his own experiences at the center of the film, but sketched in a cast of characters he still remembered vividly.." It was all very well put together, seemed authentic and was enjoyable to watch. It was light hearted enough and fullfilled my basic requirement of watching a movie to be a brief escape from your own reality and leaves you with positive, refreshing feelings.
Almost Famous Trivia:
The movie is based on Cameron Crowe's own experiences as a Rolling Stone Reporter when he was in High School.
Kate Hudson, the person that played Penny Lane is Goldie Hawn's daughter. Her middle name is Garry.
Bill crudup's girlfriend is Mary-Louise Parker. Billy Crudup and Jason Lee who played Russell Hammond and Jeff Bebe of Stillwater have those very familiar faces but you still may not be familiar with their previous work. It is a familiar look of just about anybody in a band in the 70's.
Frances McDormand was really great with her protective and educated portrayal of William's mother. Cameron didn't want Frances to meet and talk to his mother but they did and the only request that Cameron's mother made was, "Please don't play me shrill."
If you are wondering what other movies you have seen Frances McDormand in, it is probably Fargo.

Almost Love  2 star rating 08/29/2020 (Released: 08/02/2020)
Seemed a bit slow to start but was a heartfelt story. I liked seeing Augustus Prew. I miss seeing him on network TV shows like Pure Genius.

America's Sweethearts  1 star rating 07/26/2001 (Released: 07/20/2001)
I like John Cusack but am getting tired of his unhappy with women character. Saw that in High Fidelity. The movie was not real likeable but I got out and had a few laughs so I have no complaints.

American Beauty  3 star rating 10/16/1999 (Released: 10/01/1999)
Yes, it is a Dark Comedy. The cinematic aspects of the movie were excellent. The lighting, the acting, the plot twists and relations made the movie enjoyable. I'm not quite sure why it is so popular. I do understand why the Sixth Sense is very popular.

American Gangster  3 star rating 05/11/2008 (Released: 11/02/2007)
Because it's based on a real story, renting the DVD allows you to see the Special Features included seeing the actual characters the story is based on. That is what is most interesting and brings the story to heart. OTherwise it's just another gangster vs cop movie.

American Hustle  0 star rating 01/12/2014

American Made  3 star rating 05/08/2018 (Released: 09/29/2017)
Action packed thriller with drugs and airplanes. Tom Cruise

American Psycho  2 star rating 12/06/2008 (Released: 04/04/2000)
Tried to watch Machinist with Christian Bale but that was too intense. Had to stop in the middle. Wanted to watch something where Christian was more pleasing to the eye. Since EW (Entertainment Weekly) contrasted Christian movies as extremes between American Psycho and Machinist, rented American Psycho since I never saw it and after seeing it remembered hearing bad things about it and probably why I avoided it. However it was worth watching to see Christian wield a chainsaw while chasing a victim and wearing only tennis shoes.

American Sniper  3 star rating 02/14/2015 (Released: 12/25/2014)
American Sniper was the movie I wanted to see the least of all the best picture nominated movies. But due to my annual goal, I forced myself to go beyond my comfort zone and see. Tried for the 10:05 am movie, (knew it couldn't be the last thing I see before I got to sleep at night) and it was sold out so went to the next theatre that had it and bought the ticket 2 hours before the movie started. SMG (Studio Movie Grill) is not my favorite theatre. The theatre had a bathroom deodorant odor to it and the chairs did not recline and hit the wall (back row) when they rocked back a bit. I think waiters coming in and out and taking orders or bringing food or getting paid is annoying in a movie. So why am I telling you these details? Because it was part of the process. I was not comfortable or happy and had to turn away at the gore and savagery that wasn't Bradley Cooper. I did not think Bradley Cooper's character was stupid or anything. I did not agree with his character's attitude but I did understand it. I think Bradley Cooper did an excellent job and am concerned about the impact this role will have on his life from now on. PTSD is more than just an acronym. It's a necessary evil that has to be dealt with over time. I was glad I did not know the whole true story and I will not spoil that. There are people that really loved the movie and there are people that really hated the movie. (I guess that is true for lots of movies.) The movie was ok but not best picture worthy in my opinion. If Bradley Cooper doesn't win best actor, then it's because there's still a lot more he can do in his lifetime and will have a chance to win one. My coping mechanism on seeing him in this movie was picturing him in the pink perm rollers he had in his head for American Hustle because that was a funny picture. When the movie was done, I continued on with my Valentine's Day and had a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant and saw a live Comedy Improv Show. I did what I needed to do to get the job done in the way that works for me.

An Education  4 star rating 02/05/2010 (Released: 01/18/2009)
There was a lot that I liked. I'm glad it was nominated for best picture. I might not have taken the time to see it otherwise. I liked the title and and the multiple meanings of the word that could be applied to what happens in life. I enjoyed the performances of all the actors. Most especially The woman that played Helen (Rosamund Pike) was hilarious with her facial expressions. She didn't have to say much. Things were going so well and you were just waiting for the bomb to drop. I guessed at both of them before they happened or right when they did I figured it out. But they weren't bloody or tragic in a violent sort of way. Educational as life. I enjoyed how education at school was questioned. For a movie about a teenage girl's coming of age, the audience was surprisingly filled with the over 40 or even 50 crowd... on a Friday night yet. I found that oddly strange but maybe it was because it was a "period piece" around the 1960's and they wanted to relive those memories. Enjoyable scenery and costumes added to the enjoyment. It was rated PG13 which again I found odd. Maybe being nominated will get this movie a bit more attention or at least be recognized more than it would have been otherwise. I will leave you with this question.. What would be the result if every teenage girl that saw Twilight New Moon was also required to see this movie? Emma Thompson had a very small part. She looked good in the 1960's collar. I already liked Peter Sarsgaard (Maggie Gyllenhaal Husband) and Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2 and Frida) so it was comforting to see them in their roles.

An Unfinished Life  2 star rating 05/19/2006 (Released: 09/09/2005)
I had trouble accepting JLo in the role as yet another abused woman that had nowhere to go but where she wasn't welcome. It almost could have been a good enough story just with Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford and the bear.

An Unfinished Life  3 star rating 06/08/2020 (Released: 09/06/2005)
So watching Barefoot in the Park prompted a Robert Redfod movie event. Can't really call it a Marathon. But finding a star you like and seeing what movies they have been in and you might have missed or would like to see again is a good way to find a movie in this plethora of TV channels and streaming services. You can't go wrong with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman and JLo. It wasn't hard to see Damian Lewis as the bad guy. I enjoyed Camryn Manheim even though her part was small but I didn't care for Josh Lucas' character as much. It was a slow moving story that matched the pace of Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. It took a while to adjust and slow it down a bit but that can be a good thing for a movie to do anyway.

And So It Goes  2 star rating 11/15/2015 (Released: 07/25/2014)
Rented the movie because I just listened to one of Diane Keaton's books. Had low expectations since it was a familiar premise/idea/theme with big movie stars and Rob Reiner. I enjoyed watching Diane Keaton be a great person and Michael Douglas being the suave guy he is. There were a lot of different characters but little explanation or introspect to their lives. Some things that I expected to happen did not and other things did happen that I expected. A good enough Sunday afternoon movie to have on while cooking.

Angels and Demons  0 star rating 08/04/2012

Annapolis  3 star rating 06/28/2007
Felt like I missed the beginning since didn't understand reason why he was compelled to join. Couldn't relate I guess what it took to get there.

Annihilation  2 star rating 02/25/2018 (Released: 02/23/2018)
Interesting Biology. Enough was not explained so open to interpretation as far as I'm concerned. Aspects were too violent but didn't over power the whole story.

Ant-Man  3 star rating 07/16/2016 (Released: 07/17/2016)
It was very "poetic" to watch a movie about bugs since I just had plenty of encounters. I probably liked the movie because I already like Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

Anywhere But Here  0 star rating 12/26/1999 (Released: 11/12/1999)
The movie was lousy. The only good thing was k.d.lang singing the title song. The mother was too wacky and unbelieveably naive that she didn't know the guy wasn't going to call her back. I did not like it. 0 stars. Good thing I only paid $1 and no wonder it went to the cheap theatres so quickly.

Aquaman  4 star rating 07/02/2020 (Released: 12/21/2018)
Did not see this movie when it first came to the theatres but I was a bit interested in seeing Jason Momoa. Sometimes you just have to be in the mood for a superhero movie and I was ready for this one. Great action and fantasy and easy to define good guys and bad guys. At least they had a couple strong female roles but they were not the leads and their power would be easily taken away. But I would say the movie was exactly as expected. An action hero movie.

Argo  0 star rating 11/16/2012

Arrival  3 star rating 12/25/2016 (Released: 11/11/2016)
Before seeing this movie, I thought it was about aliens and an airport. I was only half right. I do my best with each review to not give a way any spoilers but help provide a synopsis or quite frankly, my opinion in order to provide input that allows you to decide whether you should go see the movie or not. So I do recommend seeing this movie. It was brave in that it got right into the alien aspect and even showed the aliens. Progress of the movie advanced through montages at times which helped. I like how clues are always given about what you are supposed to figure out and brings you along. At first I wasn't sure of the time period since there weren't many indicators. Amy Adams had to carry the movie and she did. Everyone else was a minor part in comparison.

Art School Confidential  1 star rating 10/19/2006
Nothing special.

Artist  0 star rating 01/27/2012

ASHBY  4 star rating 03/18/2017 (Released: 09/25/2015)
Boy do I love airplane movies. Be sure to remember to download the airline carrier app like United or American so you can watch their free movies/entertainment. It seems that the airlines are realizing they don't need to provide the screens anymore. Many people are bringing their own. And I would much rather watch a movie (especially ones I had not heard of or come across before but with actors I know) than play Candy Crush. (That's what people around me were doing.) So the movie I watched on my return to Chicago flight on United was ASHBY (2015). It was a great movie. Full of enough surprises because I had not heard of it. Nat Wolff was like a Miles Teller character and he fits right in with that Shailene Woodley generation of actors. (Learned from IMDB that he is Polly Draper's kid and was in "The Fault in Our Stars" with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Mickey Rourke. He is so great when it is the right role and this is a good one. I guess "right roles" for him are playing a beat down and hard ass character. I enjoyed Sarah Silverman in a mom role and Emma Roberts, I am a little surprised she can still play a high school student at the age of 25 but she did it and it's a job so good for her. Plus it was a smart and medically advanced and responsible character so it's not like she was parading around in a cheerleader uniform or anything. So yes, Obviously I loved the movie and the people in it. I laughed and cried and was glad I got to see it all the way through. The plot synopsis is a high school student enters into a friendship with his neighbor, Ashby, a retired CIA assassin who only has a few months to live. (IMDB) I highly recommend it. I am not going to spoil any of it so if there are parts you don't like, then don't focus on them. Overall it was an entertaining movie. OK so maybe I would not have liked it as much if I wasn't on an airplane but it still made me feel good and that's what I like best about movies.

Assasination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford  2 star rating 04/25/2008 (Released: 10/10/2007)
I rented this one to see Casey Affleck and the Oscar Nomiation he got for it. It wasn't until I saw the cover that I realized Brad Pitt was playing Jesse James but I guess Robert Ford was the main character for the movie. It was difficult to watch starting out, being very dark and violent. Watching the blood spurt in a western carries a different tone than a Uzi type gunfight. I felt like there was some authenticity with the old time gun powder that didn't make this real nice entrance and exit wound I'm used to seeing on CSI.

Astronaut Farmer  2 star rating 07/14/2007
A good family story, not as predictable as I thought. You just have to accept the unrealistic aspects of it possibly being true.

At Eternity's Gate  2 star rating 03/24/2019 (Released: 10/12/2018)
A movie about Vincent van Gogh and a title that sounds like a Sci-Fi Action Thriller. Yes a very Artsy movie about an artist (painter), directed by a painter (career before directing). When watching the bottom 3rd of the screen in a blur, at times, I found myself wondering if that was just Vincent's perspective or why certain scenes had that perspective. When Vincent was painting a portrait, the top of the canvas was blocking the bottom 3rd of the person he was painting so I thought it was related to Vincent's perspective. But it was not. I watched the DVD extras to learn the fuzzy bottom was from the director shopping at a Thrift Store and finding bifocal sunglasses/colored. Fortunately, that was something I could connect to having just bought bifocal sunglasses and enjoying thrift store shopping. So as expected, the movie was slow to get moving and gain interest. I watched it to see Oscar Nominee Willem Dafoe and was not disappointed there.

Atonement  3 star rating 02/17/2008 (Released: 12/07/2007)
Now that I have seen the final Best Picture nominated movie, I can say that I don't think Atonement is it. It was a period piece love story showing different perspectives and jumped around with time a bit. Not so much that it was annoying. It had its purpose. It was not a 100% chick flick since there was graphic violence as the result of war.

August: Osage County  0 star rating 06/17/2014

Australia  3 star rating 06/30/2009 (Released: 11/26/2008)
Had to see it because it had Hugh Jackman. Difficult story to watch. More like a Gone with the Wind for these days.

Auto Focus  2 star rating 11/08/2002 (Released: 10/18/2002)
It's one of those movie where depending on how you feel about the topic (sex) in general and your level of social acceptance, is how you will judge the movie (or Bob Crane). But I don't want to do that. I liked Hogan's Heroe's. I like to get an insight (even if it's skewed, since after all, just about everything is anyway) into famous people's lives. And I got out of the movie what I wanted. I give Greg Kinnear a lot of credit for taking on the role. Roles that are impressions of famous persona's don't get a lot of recognition, no matter how well they are done. Just ask Jim Carrey. You knew the ending of the story before it started so you were just waiting for that to happen. OK, OK, my overall judgement is that Bob Crane did what he did because he wanted to and had the means too because he was famous.

Avatar 3D  4 star rating 01/24/2010 (Released: 12/18/2009)
I had to see this movie for a few reasons. It is most likely to get nominated for one of the 10 best picture nominations I would have to see it as part of my yearly goal. Also, when I read or hear other people's opinions, I want to be able to form my own based on first hand knowledge of seeing the movie. Yes it was a spectacular production of a movie. I like blue and the colors were beautiful. I did see it in 3D and taking the glasses off made the colors even brighter but you had to watch the whole thing wearing glasses. I liked how when the Navi walked, they were so in tune with the ground, it lit up as their foot met the ground. There was plenty to see and you probably can't catch it all. If you can handle a love story mixed in with extreme violence then you'll be ok. The movie was science fiction and futuristic. If you catch in the video logs, the year is 2154. Sure there was a lot of new technology appearance but people are the same. Science and nature battles the corporate drive of money and power with violence. But do I really have to believe that Dr. Grace still demands a cigarette in the year 2154? An intelligent, educated scientist? Couldn't there be something better or more clever than that to give her character an edge? As far as audience reactions, which I like to share and is part of the value of seeing movies in the theatre, there was a lot more than usual audience reactions. There was (some) applause at the end. There were plenty of shout outs when certain characters bit the dust. 3D: Seeing it in 3D did add some mystic features. You almost felt it necessary to swat things away. You got poked in the eye a few times.

Away From her  2 star rating 03/26/2008 (Released: 06/16/2007)
It was a very sad movie and that was expected. I can't say that it was comforting or inspiring so can't even recommend it unless you feel the need to see how one person might deal with putting their spouse in a nursing home. The nursing home was still quite clean with private rooms and not that realistic if you're looking for a good reality slap in the face as part of your process to be depressed. Watching the movie gave me very sad dreams to wake up to. I'll focus on living while I still can.

Babel  3 star rating 02/10/2007
So sad.

Bad Education  3 star rating 06/19/2020 (Released: 04/25/2020)
I am amazed at the number of new movies that are still coming out. The theatres are not fully open or I have no plans to sit in a movie theatre any time soon anyway. The amazing part is that so much content was already made and people were able to finish it up and sometimes release it early. So besides looking for movies based on your favorite stars, if you have a premium channel, like HBO, be sure to check out their new releases or newly added movies. The whole premiere movie release situation is all muddy but here was a new movie, that I didn't have to pay extra for. And ... a movie with Hugh Jackman, yes I will watch that. The fact that the story is based on a true story, made it that much more interesting. Allison Janey was great. It all seemed feasible and shows how people can convince themselves that they have power and money and justify their actions. Enjoyed the acting in this story and Allison's New York accent.

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans  4 star rating 04/30/2010 (Released: 09/06/2009)
This movie was strange and I enjoyed it. It seemed familiar and made me think of movies like Albino Alligator which most people probably have not seen. Nicolas Cage was so in character I didn't want to believe it. Sometimes the change in his voice reminded me of "Peggy Sue Got Married" and his laugh like in "Face/Off". Eva Mendes - always looks good, even when she doesn't. Jennifer Coolidge is everywhere and she had a few chances to act in this movie. You have to stick with it and watch the whole thing. It's not for everyone. A bit off beat but that's what made it interesting.

Bad Moms  1 star rating 11/19/2016 (Released: 07/29/2016)
Entertaining enough when trapped on an airplane and looking hard for a few laughs. You kind of know where it's going. I like Mila Kunas and Kristen Bell. Jada Pinkett Smith seemed out of place since her role was so small. It was more like adult Mean Girls and Jada was just a follower so her talents were wasted. There were a whole lot of f bombs dropped, maybe to be like the Hangover type Dad movies.

Bad Times at the El Royale  4 star rating 02/14/2019 (Released: 10/12/2018)
Saw the first half on the airplane and was able to get the DVD from the library to see the rest. This movie was excellent in my personal criteria of what makes a movie worth watching and that's if you cannot predict what is going to happen. You just didn't know where the story was going to go. Even before the back stories were inserted, seeing the characters different perspectives of a scene added even more excitement and clues to what was going on. Everybody was an excellent actor and you just didn't know who was going to have the bad time next. I really should watch the movie again from the beginning, so it's not on a small screen with the bright sky from the windows in an airplane. For most of the scenes being in one location (except back stories), there was still a lot to see. The DVD "Extras" had a gallery of pictures including close ups that would be worth watching. The set design was intriguing and the lighting was purposeful. It also makes me mad that this movie was not nominated for Best Picture.

Baggage Claim  0 star rating 05/04/2014

Ballad of Jack and Rose  0 star rating 03/31/2011 (Released: 10/27/2006)

Barefoot in the Park (1967)  3 star rating 06/07/2020 (Released: 05/25/1967)
Happened to be on TV and couldn't stop looking at Jane Fonda and Robert Redford being so young. Don't think I ever saw the whole movie/play before so kept watching it.

Bastard out of Carolina  0 star rating 10/30/2012 (Released: 12/15/1996)

Battle of the Sexes  3 star rating 09/29/2017 (Released: 09/29/2017)
There weren't many surprises since it was based on true story and worse than a cartoon voice situation, I was seeing Emma Stone and Steve Carell but I was ok with all of that because I was out seeing a movie with my husband. And I remember when Yorktown had only one theatre where you could get served food inside. But watching a movie, ordering food and then lounging back is still appreciated. I also remember when movies were first released to tapes and people stayed home to watch movies and though movie theatres would just go away. But the end result was actually movie theatres creating a more enjoyable experience. So watch the movie to just see the story and understood every detail wasn't necessarily fact since it was a movie.

BayWatch  3 star rating 09/22/2017 (Released: 05/25/2017)
The perfect light-hearted movie to watch on an airplane with nothing better to do. Can't say that I would have picked it otherwise. Based on the selection available, was glad it had been a couple months since I flew and there were selections to pick from. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron were entertaining and fun to watch. I enjoyed the movie as cinematherapy and getting outside of your own life for a couple of hours.

Beasts of the Southern Wild  0 star rating 01/20/2013

Beatriz at Dinner  2 star rating 12/05/2017 (Released: 06/09/2017)
Only saw it because of limited selection on airplane and actors that were in it. It was a story I knew nothing about so gave it a shot. Kept me entertained for the ride. Not totally predictable but didn't feel that new either. Just let the story unfold and go with it.

Beautiful Boy  3 star rating 01/13/2019 (Released: 10/25/2018)
I guess because it's an Amazon Movie, it became available on Prime soon after the release. Not sure how that works. I guess it was a bit like expected, sad and fortunately not something I can relate to for myself or my children. The story line seemed a bit choppy but maybe that's because it was 2 stories (books) intertwined. We have the Beautiful Boy book but I never read it. I did enjoy the acting of Steve Carell and Maura Tierney. Kaitlyn Dever was a pleasant surprise even though it was a small role. I know her from more than just Last Man Standing. She was also in Justified.

Becoming Jane  3 star rating 04/03/2008 (Released: 08/03/2007)
A fan of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen should see a story about how she lived her life early on that might shine some lot to her stories. I'm becoming a fan of James McAvoy but wonder why his eyes look real blue in some of the scenes. The story was not outstanding in a memorable sort of way. I saw a preview for it after seeing the movie and forgot how it ended.

Bedazzled  3 star rating 10/22/2000 (Released: 10/20/2000)
It was a cute movie that gave me a few laughs. This movie was a comedy and it left me more inspired to be a better person than Pay It Forward.

Bedtime Stories  2 star rating 12/25/2008 (Released: 12/25/2008)
Would rate it a three for a kids movie but nothing Oscar worthy or anything to rate it better than a 2. Entertaining with action to keep the kids interested since the wouldn't be interested in the "relationship" stuff. No Jumanji. Heartfelt and fun.

Bee Movie  2 star rating 04/19/2008 (Released: 11/21/2007)
Reminded me of Monsters Inc. and A Bug's Life. Cute enough and very colorful for the kids.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead  2 star rating 10/28/2008 (Released: 09/26/2007)
Yikes, I was not ready to see so much of Marissa Tomei. It was too weird and confusing to me. Not to mention depressing. I needed to talk to somebody about the plot afterwards just to be sure I got it straight.

Begin Again  3 star rating 09/18/2016 (Released: 07/11/2014)
Had enough binging on Netflix dramas, needed something light so searched for Romantic Comedy and found one with Mark Ruffalo that I had seen yet. Everybody else in the movie just made it even better. James Corden, Keira Knightley, Haliee Steinfeld (recognized name from True Grit) and Catherine Keener. It was strange to see Adam Levine acting but ok. The movie was very music oriented and that was a big part of it. Music had a role and was a character on it's own. I don't care if the movie didn't make a lot of money or have a lot of stars (review). It was a perfect movie for what I was looking for a the time and did the job of cinematherapy and I forgot about my own life and fell into theirs.

Beginners  0 star rating 10/08/2013

Behind the Candelabra  0 star rating 06/02/2013
made for tv (cable) special. Interesting but not earth shattering

Being John Malkovich  3 star rating 11/05/1999 (Released: 11/05/1999)
It was obscure but very funny. Maybe it could get an Oscar nomination for the story but it ws very far from mainstream blockbuster. It is very unique and is more likely to become a cult movie. I hope there aren't a bunch of copy cat movies. I enjoyed the acting of John Cusack. Cameron Diaz was tolerable but I still don't value her acting. Orson Bean and Mary Kay Place had smaller roles but were enjoyable characters.

Belle De Jour  4 star rating 05/25/2007 (Released: 04/10/1968)
A Classic.

Bernie  0 star rating 11/17/2013
Jack Black and Shirley Maclaine based on true events.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  0 star rating 10/10/2012 (Released: 05/25/2012)

Better Luck Tomorrow  3 star rating 02/10/2006
The characters looked too old to be in high school but the story was well told. Insight to what it takes to compete for the best colleges. Sundance Film Festival Selection.

Between Strangers  0 star rating 07/14/2006

Big Eyes  3 star rating 11/24/2016 (Released: 12/25/2014)
Finally got around to seeing this movie. I like Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams. The movie was based on a true story, so good to hear and learn about that. I am not an art critic but have an opinion that her paintings were true art with meaning, especially to the artist. But they lost some value being copied and reproduced and commercialized so much.

Big Fat Liar  2 star rating 02/08/2002 (Released: 02/08/2002)
I enjoyed seeing the movie with my 6 year old son, Patrick. He thought it was cool and funny.

Big Hero 6  2 star rating 03/27/2015 (Released: 11/07/2014)
Again on the airplane so no subtitles and a lot of dialogue was missed. I was hoping it was a cartoon that would put me to sleep but it wasn't. Of course somebody significant had to die in the beginning since it was a Disney movie. The story kept me interested and served the purpose of helping pass time while stuck on an airplane.

Big Little Lies  3 star rating 11/25/2017 (Released: 02/19/2017)
HBO Series. Hard to get into at first but then once you got into all the characters, were compelled to watch. There will be a second season. It's good to use/watch the premium channel that is being paid for anyway.

Bigger Splash  2 star rating 09/22/2016 (Released: 05/13/2016)
Never heard of the movie before but I like Ralph Fiennes well enough. I've gotten used to Tilda and she made a great Bowie-esque type persona although that was not the major part of the movie. I liked the movie because I did not know anything about what was going to happen so I just let the story unfold while I flew to Florida. I no longer try to get things done on a flight. It is chill time and if there's a way to watch a movie, then that is again, a moment for cinematherapy.

Birdman  3 star rating 12/12/2014 (Released: 11/14/2014)
It was on my list to see anyway but once the SAG and Golden Globe nominees came out, I was compelled to see the movie ASAP. I knew going in it was a dark comedy so I was prepared (enough). And it is artsy so not for all. I was also informed of the unique camera style of continuous filming. The lighting and music score provided many treats as well. The pace was quick and kept my attention. The characters were real. A play within a movie can be tough but the overlay was necessary.I always enjoy a movie I cannot predict what is going to happen.

Birthmarked  3 star rating 07/07/2018 (Released: 03/30/2018)
Brings up moral dilemma on how to raise your children. Worth watching. Some surprises.

Biutiful (JavierBardem)  0 star rating 07/04/2012

BlackKKlansman  4 star rating 11/26/2018 (Released: 08/10/2018)
Not a 4 star movie like so stupendous but a movie worth seeing. A Spike Lee movie. Before watching this movie, watch W. Kamau Bell's episode of his CNN show, "United Shades of America", Episode 1 "The New KKK". Just to keep it interesting. You have to watch BlackKKlansman all the way hrough. The movie started out one way and transitioned into something else.

Blade Runner 2049  2 star rating 12/28/2017 (Released: 10/06/2017)
Wasn't high on my list of movies to see.

Blair Witch Project  2 star rating 07/30/1999 (Released: 07/30/1999)
It made me nauseous, and not because I was scared. I know it was supposed to be a documentary and you can't really hold the camera still when you are running but.. that much wasn't that necessary. I'm not even the type of person that gets car sick or anything. I don't doubt that it will still become a cult classic, if it hasn't already. My opinion, it was not that scary. Previews shown before the movie for films like A Stir of Echoes and Stigmata.(official Site) were much scarier. But the concept for BWP was creatively unique and that deserves .

Blast from the Past  1 star rating 04/11/1999
Not very good.

Bliss  3 star rating 02/15/2021 (Released: 02/05/2021)
A real thinker. I heard about it from Dax's podcast interview with Salma Hayek.

Blood Diamond  3 star rating 06/18/2007 (Released: 12/08/2006)
Very intense movie that was difficult to watch at time showing plenty of violence. It makes it point.

Blue Butterfly  2 star rating 01/07/2007

Blue Crush  3 star rating 02/09/2021 (Released: 08/16/2002)
A classic that gets referenced in other movies/shows so wanted to watch it and see if I had seen it before. Nothing wrong with watching a movie with a lot of sunshine and blue water while stuck in the house during winter.

Blue Jasmine  0 star rating 05/03/2014
Not too overly Woody.

Blue Valentine  0 star rating 10/29/2013

Bobby  3 star rating 03/29/2008 (Released: 11/23/2006)
There were sooo many famous people with small parts but still just enough to follow the story lines since you know they all tied into one place. Maybe Emilio should try a re-release or re-promotion of it since the timeliness connections with Vietname War/Iraq and a candidate that brings younger generation interested again. It was also a reminder of how people like John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama are putting their lives and their family live's at stake for the purpose of making it a better country. The intersplicing of actual footage worked well and seemed smooth, not documentary like. I hope Emilio has more projects and gets better commercial success with them.

Bohemian Rhapsody  4 star rating 01/24/2019 (Released: 11/02/2018)
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I am glad it made Best Picture nominations. I knew I wanted to see this movie and should have just gone out and seen it. Luckily, most likely due to the nomination, the movie is back. With a story like this, it's best to give up wondering what is true and not. I appreciate the way the story was told, even if it was cleaned up a bit or people appeared a bit nicer than they may have actually been. I appreciated the songs Queen made were different and not cookie cutter. The story had the details I want to BELIEVE were true and that's good enough for me. The band members were like family and sometimes they fought but they were still people you could go back to. Some people believed in them and some did not. Sometimes timing is more important than anything else. The band members knew how to work off the audience and were true performers. The aspects of the movie I liked best were some of the camera views. For example, when the camera was moving towards the windshield of the tour bus, the camera went right through the windshield and into the bus. That was cool to me. There were a few other scenes that I appreciated cinematically. Like shots of the mirrored sunglasses to see what was going on. This is probably one movie I could see multiple times which is not common for me. The last thing I want to mention without spoiling too much is that I noticed Mike Myers' name in the beginning credits so I knew to watch for him. I knew which character he played and had not doubt because I know Mike Myers also plays (played) the host of the current Gong Show.

Bombshell  3 star rating 12/25/2019 (Released: 12/20/2019)
I don't watch Fox News so I am not that familiar with all of the characters so I just went to see how they played out the details. My prediction is that the movie would win a makeup Oscar. (and they did) I knew this because I had trouble seeing Charlize through the Megyn Kelly makeup and acting. And Megyn is the person I was most familiar with from seeing her in the news not on Fox. When there were flashbacks of Megyn's life I could catch a glimpse of Charlize but not much. So that helps a lot when you are playing a real person. The trailer showing all the women and main characters together was the only time they were together in the movie and they didn't even speak. So that made the trailer list most trailers, enticing but overall, not an accurate representation of the majority of the movie. It's not about those 3 characters interacting and working together face to face. It was a good movie to watch. I have not seen the Showtime version of the story. The Loudest Voice with Russell Crowe.

Book Club  3 star rating 06/05/2018 (Released: 05/18/2018)
Pretty much what you would expect. An older chick flick just for fun and laughs. I didn't laugh quite as much as the other 4 ladies in the audience at 8:30am on a Tuesday.

Book of Mormon  0 star rating 12/30/2012

Booksmart  3 star rating 10/12/2019 (Released: 05/24/2019)
For a movie where it's just about going from one place to another, they were at each location the perfect amount of time. They did not stay at one place long enough for me to get bored. And pay attention to Gigi. She is Billie Lourd. She looks to me like a cross between Maggie Lawson and Madeline Zima but she (Billie) is the daughter of Carrie Fisher. Now I am not ignoring Kaitlyn and Beanie. I am already aware of them and enjoy seeing them in tv and movies. Kaitlyn Dever ever since Justified and Last Man Standing.

Borat  2 star rating 03/17/2007

Bourne Ultimatum  2 star rating 08/19/2007 (Released: 08/03/2007)
Yes it was jam packed with action but at times too much too close too fast for me to see. And then the other flashback parts were too slow and repetitive. Too much hype, not much story. The Departed was a better story.

Boy Erased  4 star rating 11/22/2018 (Released: 11/08/2018)
It is not as sad as a movie as you might think. Even if only in the sense that I didn't go through a bunch of tissues throughout the movie. It was a good and real story, not as out of date as you might think. The part played by Lucas Hedges is about a boy sent to conversion therapy aka pray the gay away. The director, Joel Edgerton also plays the leader Victor Sykes and I heard that he sometimes stayed in character when directing, and that people listened to him better. Even if the movie doesn't get any Oscar nominations, it is worth watching. The message that I liked is that he did not hate his parents and gave the father the choice to have a relationship with him and God, pointing out that it is possible. His father, played by Russell Crowe is a Baptist Minister and Nicole Kidman plays his mom. Even though it's a small part, if you haven't already heard of him, check out Troye Sivan. He plays the Gary character and his songs are played in the movie. Looking at his imdb record, I am surprised I wasn't already familiar with his work. I should probably stop fast forwarding through the musical guest on SNL.

Boyhood  3 star rating 08/15/2014 (Released: 07/18/2014)
As expected, it was amazing to see the aging of the actors and knowing that Richard Linklater spent 12 years making this movie, you have to acknowledge the creativity and doing something that's never been done before. It was a different movie because we were just waiting for something really bad to happen because that's what happens in movies. But it wasn't that kind of movie. Unfortunately the showtime was the only one of the day and there was nobody else in the movie. Glad I saw it. Not sure if it will be Oscar worthy in Hollywood eyes.

Boys Don't Cry  3 star rating 02/19/2000 (Released: 10/08/1999)
It was a movie that I wanted to see. And it was best that I saw it alone. I was aware of the violent nature so I couldn't really "recommend" that anyone see the movie. Although, do understand that it is an important movie and it should be seen by many people.
I wanted to witness Hilary Swank's performance since she won the Golden Globe and was nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award. I really hope Hilary gets the Oscar.
Here's a link to a synopsis, if that's what you are looking for. I didn't write one.
I have more to say which includes a spoiler but so does the link to the synopsis above.

Breaking and Entering  2 star rating 04/05/2008 (Released: 12/15/2006)
The previews purposely led you to judge the characters to bring you into the story. I realize the delay was almost necessary as part of the story but it didn't make sense that they couldn't arrest the boy who did the stealing from fingerprints all over the place. There were a lot of side story characters that took away from the development of the main characters.

Breaking Away  0 star rating 08/16/2013
required viewing before going to Indiana University

Brick  3 star rating 01/27/2007

Bridesmaids  0 star rating 05/27/2011

Bridge of Spies  4 star rating 02/14/2016 (Released: 10/16/2015)
Many life lessons learned watching this movie. Or one lesson that applies to many life events. In order to achieve your goal or get what you want, you need to negotiate and understand what the other side is thinking or willing to risk. It's never easy and quite frequently you have to stand your ground on the unpopular side. How much are you willing to risk? A good and common role for Tom Hanks. Doing what is right, no matter what others think or the consequences.

Bridget Jones's Diary  3 star rating 06/18/2001 (Released: 04/13/2001)
I had no idea that Renee was that good of an actress. She did an amazing job. It was nice to see a main character along with their quirks. We laughed and we cried and afterwards, I was amazed at the parallelisms with Pride and Prejudice.

Bringing Out The Dead  2 star rating 01/07/2000 (Released: 10/22/1999)
It was not an uplifting movie of course. There were a couple of laughs though. I would have preferred to see more of Ving Rhames. It was not a glamorous role for Nicolas but I still liked his character. Other things I did like about the movie were the cinematic affects (fast motion film) and lots of music. There was a variety of music. The music was loud, frequent, and had a key role in the mood setting.

Brittney Runs a Marathon  3 star rating 12/22/2019 (Released: 08/23/2019)
I didn't know much before watching the movie. It filled an evening, meaning the movie was interesting enough to watch in one sitting. Not exactly inspirational for me personally but wanted to see how it all worked out for her.

Brokeback Mountain  3 star rating 12/16/2005 (Released: 12/09/2005)
Why is it that two women together is sexy, but two guys together is, .. not? Hopefully most people know what they are getting into when the go to see the movie. There were several pockets of laughter in the audience. It was a love story about long lasting love but not the kind of true love I was anticipating. It was an important story but a few things were amiss.

Brooklyn  3 star rating 01/22/2016 (Released: 11/22/2015)
I remember seeing the promo or trailers for this movie. It did not look that interesting. But once it was nominated for best picture, I had to see it. The movie was a cute story and sometimes sort of a fantasy type in my mind. The actress Saoirse Ronan was great and seeing her made me want to see her in "Atonement". And looking at imdb I see she was also Agatha in "The Grand Budapest Hotel" so I saw her in that. She has a great face for close ups and a lot of expressions. The movie did not stir up strong emotions like "Room" of course but it was pleasant to watch. It did not take typical turns we have come to expect so that made it more interesting also. The movie continued a theme I have been following lately about marriage and cultures. I finished watching Meet the Patels and then watched "Something New" with Simon Baker. All about marriages involving parental expectations and influence.

Brothers Grimm  3 star rating 11/22/2016 (Released: 08/26/2005)
Watched it to see Matt Damon and Heath Ledger work together. Probably hadn't seen it before because it was a dark movie with children in peril. It was worth watching on a cold afternoon.

Bucket List  2 star rating 07/18/2008 (Released: 12/16/2007)
Story provided just enough facts to let you know what the charactes were going through or going to do. I thought more camera time would be sent seeing the travel locations and things they did there.

Bulworth  1 star rating 04/22/1999
A waste of time unless you are a huge Warren Beatty fan and you just want to watch him on the screen.

Buried  0 star rating 08/22/2012
sucked, fast foward most

Burlesque  0 star rating 01/21/2012

Burnt  3 star rating 04/23/2016 (Released: 10/30/2015)
Saw a preview for this movie on one of the previously reviewed DVDs. Wondered why I don't remember it from it's theatre release. I like foodie movies and this one was a pretty good way to spend an evening. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the intensity that goes on behind the scene when ordering food at a fancy restaurant. I appreciated seeing Matthew Rhys (I don't watch "The Americans" but I was familiar with him from "Brothers and Sisters") speaking in what I assume is his natural tongue and wouldn't have mind seeing more of that dynamic between them. This was a movie that provided the backstory that helped you root for their character to succeed.

Cadillac Records  3 star rating 05/15/2009 (Released: 12/05/2008)
Again it seemed like a familiar plot but it was a different one. Confusing at first but pretty intense drama.

Call Me By Your Name  4 star rating 01/17/2018 (Released: 11/24/2017)
The setting in Italy allowed the movie to be even more romantic. Multiple languages were spoken as a normal natural thing. You would not know Timothée was a New Yorker. He should be nominated for an Oscar whether you liked the movie or not. Not much was really explained but there were a lot of feelings flying around. The parental feelings explained at the end were not a surprise to me. The level of understanding of the parents for their 17 year old having a relationship with a 30 year old was a bit more open minded than I would consider realistic. Even though The Long Ranger got bad reviews, I will watch it now to see Armie. And will watch Miss Stevens with Timothée. Timothée was also in Lady Bird. This kid is not going away and will be taking the parts Miles Tellter is getting too old to play.

Capote  3 star rating 02/05/2006 (Released: 09/30/2005)
I went to see this movie as part of my yearly goal to see all best picture Oscar nominated movies. ---- Knowing only of the man and not much else, I had no idea what the movie was going to be about, other than his life. It was about a portion of his life, the time when he wrote "In Cold Blood". Now I am going to rent that movie (1967), especially since I just saw a clip of it in my film class how the lighting and rain was inadvertantly used to appear as tears on Robert Blake's face. Back to "Capote", Philip Seymour Hoffman was "Flawless" in his performance as Truman Capote. Don't know if he will win best actor for an impersonation though. That is sometimes controversial and has come up a lot lately with "Ray", "Walk the Line" and other biographical movies. The (older) audience also in attendance seemed to enjoy the movie with a few laughs. I think they were more familiar with Truman Capote. The movie was not overly gruesome since it was more about Truman's character than the murderers. I an understand the life and world changing event of creating a non-fiction novel.

Capt Philips  0 star rating 01/19/2014
Dark and Sad. Saw with Robin and Olivia

Captain Fantastic  4 star rating 01/25/2017 (Released: 07/29/2016)
Somewhat difficult to watch at times but at least it was unique and a story where you try to understand the characters and sort of understand why Ben was trying to keep his children educated and protected at the same time. It was nice to just follow the journey along and not know where they were going. It was real and fantasy at the same time. I'm glad Viggo was nominated for Best Actor. The movie really stuck with you.

Carnage  0 star rating 10/29/2012
Roman Polanski boring

Carol  2 star rating 04/19/2016 (Released: 01/15/2016)
The movie was disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high from all the talk it got around Oscar time. I did not feel invested in the characters in any way. Yes they were all deep but I didn't get to see the build up of their depth and understand their backstory. I just had to accept their actions as part of their character. Maybe that's why the love story didn't seem too special. The movie was very slow and you knew they were going to end up together but the build up was confusing. As far as the time period goes, I didn't see a degree of difference if she was cheating on her husband with a man. That would still be used in court for custody battles, it didn't seem even worse because she was with another woman. So the fact that it was set in the 1950's didn't seem to make that much difference. SOS Same old story, Older and more "experienced" person goes after a cute young thing they are interested in regardless of the consequences for either person.

Carrie Diaries  3 star rating 12/11/2017
Completed watching 2 seasons. I liked binge watching them on Netflix. Styles were very nice and didn't seem retro so guess I didn't know the real New York styles of the 80's, just my own lame clothes. Will look for more shows with AnnaSophia Robb. Side Note: catch her and now an adult with his own show, Freddie Highmore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp (2005) version. She was also in Soul Surfer as Bethany Hamilton which I would watch again.

Cassanova  4 star rating 07/29/2006 (Released: 01/14/2003)
Loved it immensely

Catch and Release  3 star rating 06/02/2007
Kinda Big Chillish

Catch Me If You Can  3 star rating 01/05/2003 (Released: 12/25/2002)
It was an enjoyable movie to watch. There were more older people in the audience than usual and I heard a lot of scoffing.

Celeste and Jesse Forever  0 star rating 10/19/2013

Chalk  0 star rating 08/04/2012

Cheaper By The Dozen  2 star rating 12/26/2003 (Released: 12/25/2003)
I suppose you would have to be a Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt fan to actually like the movie. And I am. It was fun to watch and imagine what it would be like to be one of 12 or have 12.

Chef  0 star rating 05/31/2014
liked it a lot. All personalities on screen were good and decent people. Little John Favreau fantasy with ex wife Sofia Vergara and Girlfriend Scarlett Johannsen but good for him.

Chicago  2 star rating 04/13/2003 (Released: 12/27/2002)
Not what I expected but guess I didn't really know what to expect. Curious as to what the stage show was like.

Chips  3 star rating 03/24/2017 (Released: 03/25/2017)
Realistic expectations are a basic cop buddy movie with a bad guy so nothing special or significantly related to the TV show. I enjoyed the movie for the motorcycle scenes and speed and action from that perspective. I didn't see Dax Shepard as Jon Baker or Michael Peña as Ponch and that's a good thing like famous voices behind a cartoon character. It's better NOT to picture the actual character or voice and just take the character as is.

Chocolat  3 star rating 01/18/2001 (Released: 12/15/2000)
It was a predictable movie and once again, I didn't mind. I wasn't the only member of the audience that felt it necessary to yell out the next expected line. OK, not exactly yell out but I think the audience enjoyed the movie also. It was rather slow paced but was part of the tone of the movie. I enjoyed the scenery and yes the accents added to the romanticism of the movie. I would have liked to have seen more of Johnny Depp but there was a good mix of other characters. Just enough to follow and keep your interest. I did cry a lot but that doesn't say much. I cry for commercials.

Christmas Inheritance  2 star rating 12/21/2017 (Released: 12/15/2017)
Christmas time Hallmark Channel type movie

Cider House Rules, The  3 star rating 02/23/2000 (Released: 12/17/1999)
It was a good movie with a decent story. It's not the kind of movie that leaves you with burning questions or you just want to talk about the plot line. I really don't have much to say about it.
I don't think it will win the Best Picture Oscar due to the contents of the controversial topic of abortion.

Clerks II  2 star rating 11/25/2006

Cobra Kai (Season 3)  3 star rating 08/29/2020 (Released: 01/01/2021)
I don't believe the dates of 1/1/2021 for the release of Season 3. But I also can't say for sure it was Season 3 that I watched on 8/29/2020. I've gotten used to this series and have accepted all the silliness because it tries real hard to be realistic and just enjoy watching the saga and drama and ass kicking by the women.

Coco  4 star rating 12/31/2017 (Released: 11/21/2017)
Spectacular color and detail much appreciated for an animation movie.

Collateral Beauty  3 star rating 05/25/2017 (Released: 12/16/2016)
Spacey which could be a good thing because it wasn't that predictable. You kind of new stuff but weren't quite sure. Dark in a more sense of sadness but maybe more of a process in life and how you deal with the tough parts. Worth watching on an airplane to help pass the time.

Come Early Morning  2 star rating 04/10/2008 (Released: 11/10/2006)
A chick flick that aired on Lifetime the same week I watched the DVD. Not a huge story, just about people and how they cope with things in their lives. I supposed a good cinematherapy movie.

Concussion   star rating 10/20/2017 (Released: 12/25/2015)
Previews couldn't really tell the story. You had to watch it and then pay attention. It tried to be the kind that had a surprise ending but it wasn't that much of a surprise. I guess it could have been good cinematherapy for people struggling with loss or depression and how they have to work through the emotions.Good enough to watch as a DVD rental for free from the library.

Confessions of a shopaholic  3 star rating 08/22/2009 (Released: 02/13/2009)
I have to at least enjoy watching a movie to give it a 3. It was making too light of people with serious problems in my opinion.

Confirmation  3 star rating 02/02/2021 (Released: 04/16/2016)
Another story about history and something I was aware of when it was going on. But watching all the details got painful at times. Kerry Washington is so beautiful a person and actress, it was very watchable thanks to her performance.

Contagion  0 star rating 11/12/2011

Conversation(s) with other Women  3 star rating 09/14/2007 (Released: 08/25/2006)
A very special two-shot movie that was filmed in HD and edited on a MAC using FinalCut Pro. Information was revealed little by little until you figure out what is going on. Surprisingly, the split screen added to the way the story was told with flashbacks and challenges of keeping the perspectives in sync. I don't remember this coming out to the theatres or that I missed it. I happened upon it at the library and knew I liked the actors. The rest that I learned about the split screen and editing accomplishments were a bonus. The story was cute and romantic while troublesome.

Conviction  0 star rating 08/20/2012

Cookie's Fortune  3 star rating 04/19/1999
I enjoyed all of the characters. I wish Lyle Lovett had a larger part. Some was predictable but it would have been disappointing if what you expected, didn't happen. I think I will get better at knowing the director's and their styles. It was a Robert Altman movie and learning that made me like it more.

Country Strong  3 star rating 05/29/2018 (Released: 01/07/2011)
Better than I expected.

Cowboys and Aliens  0 star rating 08/06/2011

Crazy Heart  4 star rating 04/17/2010 (Released: 12/06/2009)
I really enjoyed watching this movie which surprises me. I didn't really want to see a sweaty old man hook up with a young woman but I guess I was prepared for it. Part of the chain smoking, boozing and carousing was part of the celebrity charm that he defintely had. He was a functioning alcoholic I believe it is called. It impressed me that he still remembered people's names and as he said, never missed a performance date. Listening to Jeff Bridges sing was enjoyable. I like country music just enough to make that part fun. I figured we would see the Tommy Sweet character eventually and again was more than pleasantly surprised with the eye candy of Colin Farrell. (even without his Irish Brogue). I don't want to spoil the movie for you so I will just say that the ending was satisfying.
This was a movie I wanted to see before the Oscars but was not a priority with the other 10 best picture nominations I had to see. I was checking the cheap theatre to see if Runaways was there yet but it wasn't and Crazy Heart was. So I called a friend and we went to a Friday night 9:50pm show. THere were probably less than 20 people in the theatre. The power went out midway through but the movie came back. It was an enjoyable evening to just get out and have some cinematherapy.

Crazy Rich Asians  4 star rating 08/25/2018 (Released: 08/15/2018)
Romantic Comedy with a lot of familiar faces. Seems long overdue. I wasn't aware of the book, but the movie was fun to watch.

Crazy Stupid Love  0 star rating 03/25/2012

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  2 star rating 03/04/2001 (Released: 12/22/2000)
It wasn't as inspirational as I was hoping. It is rare to find a movie where women have major roles and compete with men on the same level. But it still didn't leave me with the "after feeling" I was hoping for. I don't mind reading subtitles. I think I catch more that way. I liked the twists and some surprises but it was still easy to read the characters for the most part.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button  4 star rating 02/15/2009 (Released: 12/28/2008)
This was the last of the Best Picture nomiated movies I had to see. I put this one off, knowing the length of it was 3 hours. I am a high expectation person anyway, but to have me sit through a movie for three hours, I really expect it to hold my attention, keep me interested and entertained for all that time. It didn't quite do that. I didn't mind having to get up in the middle for free refills of popcorn and slushie and I don't think I even missed anything. If you know the basic premise, this should not be a spoiler for you but I just didn't want to see it to the end to watch a baby die. I knew it was coming and it's not like it was gruesome, but still not how I wanted to end the 3 hour experience. Yes he had a full and good life blah blah blah. Speaking of blah, blah, blah, blah, the whole theme of the movie is preachy. Yes there are struggles in life no matter what direction you are going. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Blah, blah, blah. Best picture nominated with the most nominations... ok, I can still give it 4 stars. And I think it should win Best Makeup.. but it wasn't the Best Picture I saw.

Dallas Buyer's Club  0 star rating 12/08/2013
good story, important,

Dan in Real Life  3 star rating 04/08/2008 (Released: 10/26/2007)
Being a Touchstone picture (AKA Disney) there was the typical theme of dealing with the loss of a parent. It was fun to watch and believe in love at first sight and the love and support of family all being great things to have.

Dangerous Method  0 star rating 08/26/2012

Dark Knight Rises  0 star rating 05/07/2013
save the last line about Robin

Darkest Hour  4 star rating 01/23/2018 (Released: 12/22/2017)
Now that the Oscar nominations have been announced (this morning), it was time to fully achieve my annual goal. There were two Best Picture nominated movies that I have not see yet. Darkest Hour and Phantom Thread. I knew I would only see Darkest Hour if it was nominated and when I saw the previews for Phanthom Thread, I thought the movie looked very boring. Since it is $5 Tuesday, was going to see a movie anyway and waited until the nominations came out to decide what I would see next. Darkest Hour at 10:10am it is. Didn't mind having popcorn for breakfast. Politics (especially of another country) are not something I know much about partially due to my lack of interest. So yes it was difficult to stay awake at first. What I was noticing about the film was the lighting. It was the Darkest Hour, not the Dark Ages. There was electricity but just one lightbulb in the center of the glorious room with extremely bright daylight shining in at only certain squares or spaces. You can see half of a space or half of a plate. I noticed but didn't understand the significance if there was any. A square box of light under a table. That turned out to just be distracting. Of course I do appreciate the appearance of the significant women in the situation such as the wife and typist, even though their roles are typical. Because I had seen Dunkirk, I was aware of that aspect of the war and was able to connect that information and stay awake for the reamnder of the movie. The movie was historical and epic as is the story and as with most epic events, because of knowing the way it turned out, the outcome was known and the story was more about the path to get there. I guess I don't have to like a movie to give it 4 stars. The quote at the end that was not revealed in any clips or trailers as an explanation of how Churchill got the government to work together: "He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle." Made me think of American presidents and politics. And I'll stop there.

Death at a Funeral  2 star rating 06/19/2008 (Released: 07/11/2007)
It was strange but unique enough to hold your interest. It was a switch to hear an American (Alan Tudyk-Firefly) speak with a British accent. Goofy but with familiar/similar plots.

Death in the Family  3 star rating 08/25/2009 (Released: 04/02/2002)
The movie was set in old times but seemed real old also. It was a Masterpiece Theatre movie about just what the title says. You have to be in the right mood to watch it.

Demolition  3 star rating 09/27/2016 (Released: 04/08/2016)
I like Jake Gyllenhaal and saw him in Nightcrawlwer (while on airplane also) so picked that movie to watch for my return trip. It was a movie with a lot of emotions and I could have probably used some more explaining about them. Which I guess just meant I couldn't exactly relate to the situation and that is a good thing. Naomi's role wasn't much and now that I looked up her age compared to Jake's I can say it was good to see a guy hanging out with an older woman even though it wasn't played that way in any way. I liked the realness of the story and my favorite parts where the interactions between (Davis) Jake and (Chris) Judah Lewis.

Departures  0 star rating 02/26/2013
Best Picture Foreign Film

Dexter Season 4  0 star rating 06/01/2012

Dexter Season 5  0 star rating 07/16/2012

Dexter Season Five  0 star rating 10/03/2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid  2 star rating 03/28/2010 (Released: 03/19/2010)
It wasn't a cartoon so I was able to stay awake. The 5th grade boys I saw it with liked it well enough. And they read the book. In advance they wondered how they were going to make that sketchy book into a movie.

Disconnect  0 star rating 11/27/2013

District 9  3 star rating 02/07/2010 (Released: 08/14/2009)
I remember seeing the previews when it first came out and thought maybe it looked interesting but not high enough on my list to take the time to watch. Now I had to watch it as part of my Oscar BP goal. I was shot documentary style and used a lot of what looked like survellience camera views to report on the happenings. That was fine and kept your interest when people interviewed seemed to know how it ended but you didn't. It kept me intrigued enough to watch it. But it was still an R rated gross movie that was difficult to watch. I would expect the movie to be popular with shoot 'em up video gamers with the blood splurting all over the place. Correction, make that blood and guts and body parts flying everywhere a lot of the time. There was a definite story line that you could follow and see a few different perspectives to understand what was going on. There were similarities to Avatar like the social aspect of how we treat aliens and there was also the big transformer type giganto robot that is a killing machine that you climb into. That machine was cool and I liked the part it played. A lot of bad guys fighting against each other. I mean a lot, like everybody is a bad guy from another perspective. So it was difficult to watch but not so difficult that I had to turn it off. I will have to watch a bit of UP though before I got to sleep so that the final images in my brain are cartoons in color and not the dark bloody shoot em up kind.

Divergent  0 star rating 03/22/2014
with Robin's friends. Not sold out.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood  4 star rating 07/02/2002 (Released: 06/07/2002)
Proceed with caution. The movie is not for everyone but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Linda hated it! It was emotionally intense so I cried through most of it but that was my release/relief (and nothing new.) It's not too often you can catch a film with numerous and strong female characters.

Domino  3 star rating 05/10/2006 (Released: 10/04/2005)
A different way to tell the story with the flashback kept the pace interesting and moving. A few really good action packed parts with a story that kept your interest to see how it unfolded to get you to the beginning.

Don't Mess with Zohan  2 star rating 12/13/2009 (Released: 06/06/2008)
The trailers looked funny enough to rent a year later. Too goofy with childish humor that made me turn away like a fish in the butt crack.

Down With Love  1 star rating 08/19/2003 (Released: 05/09/2003)
Saw the movie on the airplane on the way home from FLORIDA. I don't remember hearing about the movie. Maybe it was trying to be like Catch Me If You Can with the colors and 60s but the story was not that compelling.

Downsizing  2 star rating 04/29/2018 (Released: 12/24/2017)
This movie was out during Oscar season and I prioritized seeing all of the best picture nominated movies and didn't get a chance to see Downsizing. Then the movie went away quickly. So now that it was available on DVD, borrowed it from the library. Now I knew one of the plot points that involved Kristen Wiig's character, the wife so that was not a surprise but I'm not going to spoil it here. And it happened early on, which made me wonder just what the rest of the movie was going to be about. I still kind of wonder what the movie was about since I couldn't really accept Matt Damon's character as a screw up kind of guy, even though the attempt to portray him as that was there. Once Christoph Waltz's character came in, there were many places to story could go. So what I liked about the movie, using my normal criteria is that you just couldn't predict where the story was going exactly. Yes it did seem a little preachy at times with respect to the environment and the whole reason it was helpful to have people downsize. Once the story was being told primarily in the downsized world, the being small wasn't that visible. Sure here and there references were made, but there wasn't all the fun visuals I was expecting as part of the tiny reality. I guess they would have just been sight gags and not the purpose of the movie.

Dreamer  2 star rating 07/01/2007
Cute family story with good guys and bad guys.

Dunkirk  3 star rating 01/12/2018 (Released: 07/21/2017)
Wasn't sure if the format of the way it bounced between characters had a connection or special meaning. It was easier to watch because it was PG-13 and not R. Seen plenty of war movies that had blood and body parts flying all over. This one still had a lot of death but not as graphic.

Duplicity  4 star rating 08/28/2009 (Released: 03/20/2009)
Red Box rental that was at least a relatively current movie I hadn't seen yet. A lot of trickery or lying that you weren't sure of. It was OK but not recommendable.

Eagle Eye  3 star rating 09/26/2008 (Released: 07/01/2009)
Better on movie channels when you happen to catch it.

Echo Park  3 star rating 07/10/2018 (Released: 04/15/2016)
Recently saw Mammie Gummer as Emily Owens M.D. and remember her from Good Wife. Will have to look for more movies with her. Watched yet another movie that was done in L.A. area.

Edtv  2 star rating 04/10/1999
I like Ron Howard movies. No, it was not as great as the hype was but I enjoyed it.

Eight Below  3 star rating 07/21/2006
Hard to watch

El Camino Christmas  3 star rating 12/11/2017 (Released: 12/08/2017)
Was at first like the guys from Chip's got together to do another movie since Dax Shepard and Vince D'Onofrio were involved. I was disappointed there was not a scene with an El Camino, the car, my first car/truck. El Camino was the name of the town, the location of the events.

Election  2 star rating 12/23/1999 (Released: 04/23/1999)
It might have been better if I had been able to see it in one sitting. I didn't think it was that great. I think it was one of those were the previews were the best parts. It didn't move me in any special way.

Elf  2 star rating 12/20/2003 (Released: 11/07/2003)
The boys wouldn't sit down to watch the end of it. I don't know if it was the suspense or boredom. It was cute enough for the kids. An emotionally drainging one for me. Tears ran down my face.

Elizabethtown  3 star rating 03/07/2006 (Released: 10/14/2005)
I suppose the movie would not have worked if Orlando Bloom didn't try to have an American accent but it was a bit weird watching that and his darkened hair. It was a fun romantic comedy about family, feelings and foreplay. Great for a DVD.

Enchanted  2 star rating 12/30/2007 (Released: 11/21/2007)
A cute movie as you would expect. Lightheartedly funny with a few surprises but sticking to the fairy tale theme. Found the physical appearance contrast between Giselle (Amy Adams) and Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel) to be quite sharp.

End of Watch  4 star rating 11/30/2013 (Released: 09/21/2012)
Intense and tough to watch but well done. Jake and Michael had a lot of chemistry together. (said Patrick)

Enough Said  0 star rating 04/28/2014
Cute enough. Realistic enough. Interesting enough.

ER Season 1  0 star rating 12/08/2012

ER Season 2  0 star rating 12/24/2012

ER Season 3  0 star rating 01/03/2013

Eragon  3 star rating 02/10/2007
Easier than reading the book.

Eureka  4 star rating 09/24/2018 (Released: 07/18/2006)
Season 1-3 were awesome and very entertaining and smart. But by the 4th season it got hard to watch and would impact my dreams with too much hidden motive and conspiracy theories. Still watched seasons 4 and 5 but took longer.

Evan Almighty  3 star rating 06/23/2007 (Released: 06/22/2007)
Great thing to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Fun for the whole family to enjoy with quotes and lessons to be learned.

Everybody Wants Some  1 star rating 04/28/2018 (Released: 03/11/2016)
OMG this movie was slow and boring and looked like it was made in the 1980's. (not just set, so maybe that's a compliment?) This is Richard Linklater's movie (writer and director). He did the movie Boyhood and shot it for 12 years with the same actors to follow how they had grown. Well that was special and unique but didn't make the movie any more interesting than this one. A story just not made interesting. Hard to watch and not be thinking about all the other things you should be doing with your time. ?

Everybody's Fine  2 star rating 03/20/2010 (Released: 12/04/2009)
It was somewhat difficult trying to accept Robert DeNiro in a weaker old man role that couldn't do much. Then I had to deal with how my father is dealing with stuff and what I'm saying to him. Too much baggage to be enjoyable. Sorry.

Everything Must Go  0 star rating 05/12/2012

Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close  0 star rating 02/04/2012

Eyes Wide Shut  4 star rating 07/16/1999 (Released: 07/16/1999)

It was not what I expected but I really liked it. I smiled through most of it. I'm glad I saw it on its first day. I'm glad I didn't read too much about it. What I did read, was probably written by people who had not seen it. I appreciated the secrecy about it. I had a big smile on my face when I came out of the movie and looked at the very long line of people waiting to get in. I wanted to tell them about it. I wanted to give them a thumbs up. I didn't do that but since there was a woman that saw it telling people that she didn't like it, I chimed in that it was good and nobody knew what it was about ahead of time (my reference to the write up being wrong-or far from accurate.) There was another guy standing on the sign making silly noises to drown out what people were saying about it since he was on his way in.

The one thing that I really hated though was the graininess of the picture. It did not have to be that way. Is that a Stanley thing? I found it annoying and unnecessary. Ok, there was one other disappointment and that was the gender biased nudity.

Factory Girl  3 star rating 04/01/2008 (Released: 12/29/2006)
The previews intrigued me with Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol. It was an interesting story to watch, not knowing how much was true. Understandable for the times. Not too obscure but little bits of it to keep it artsie.

Failure to Launch  2 star rating 07/22/2006

Fame  2 star rating 03/31/2010 (Released: 09/25/2009)
I was a big fan of the original Fame and really liked it. It felt like the famous people (Megan M and Kelsey G) were in it just to get people to watch it. The student's stories didn't seem that deep.

Fame  4 star rating 12/23/2017 (Released: 05/16/1980)
Felt it was time to watch the original again. It had been quite a while.

Family Stone  2 star rating 07/07/2006
Fun enough

Fang Family  3 star rating 06/12/2018 (Released: 05/06/2016)
Again, strange to watch and not part of my lifestyle but watching other people outside of their comfort zone as art is possible. Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman as siblings was also a bit uncomfortable but since I like them each on their own, it added to the discomfort of the movie theme. Some unexpected turns and some unpredictable ones too so worth watching.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  4 star rating 12/23/2016 (Released: 11/18/2016)
I am not a huge Harry Potter fan but I have seen enough to know the connection or similarities. Eddie Redmayne is fun to watch and he's getting to the point where he has done so much, I have trouble seeing him as a new character. But that's more about me than him. The beasts were introduced slowly at first so there was more to look forward to. There were enough surprises to hold your attention. I was very pleased with the ending. It was cute and satisfying and something that we really needed. OK maybe not we but I needed. And that is probably why I can rate this movie, the rare 4 stars.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald  3 star rating 11/22/2018 (Released: 11/16/2018)
Was able to see a couple of movies on Thanksgiving Day. I saw the first Fantastic Beasts movie on 12/23/2016 and even then said in that review, that I am not a huge Harry Potter fan and that's how I was going to start this review. The beginning was a lot of fast action going from light to dark which made me wish I was sitting farther back. But I could take in all that was happening. It may have been helpful to see the first movie just before to help out remembering the secondary characters. But it wasn't necessary though to follow the movie. You can pick your favorite beasts and follow all the magic.

Far From Heaven  2 star rating 02/02/2003 (Released: 11/08/2002)
It was a sad movie but very colorful and important. It didn't hit you over the head with morals to the story. Dennis Quaid is not too old for Jullianne Moore but Dennis has that very weathered face.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High  3 star rating 12/17/2017 (Released: 08/13/1982)
It has been quite some time since I saw this movie and had been wanting to see it. Was surprised to see it as an option on the American Airlines movie list. So if you are a parent with young children with their own devices on an airplane, you are hopefully monitoring what they watch. These movies are uncut. I watched it for the details I did not remember and verified the parts I did remember. It is a classic and you may need to be reminded that Cameron Crowe wrote the book and screenplay. (Almost Famous, Jerry MaGuire)

Fear and Trembling  2 star rating 02/11/2006
In Japanese and French, subtitled in English. Life in Japan is very different. How would you cope? DVD cover review by Jami Bernard, Daily News -- "A marvelous cross between SECRETARY and LOST IN TRANSLATION!"

Fences  2 star rating 02/17/2017 (Released: 12/25/2016)
Sorry, just to hard to watch as a in theatre movie. Not enough going on. A whole lot of dialogue. Guess I didn't realize it was a stage play. So it was slow to start and the story had to get interesting and have some suprises. Well there was at least one surprise. Did not like Denzel's character at all. Yes I am glad I a not living in the 50's. Metaphor is still the word for this movie also so maybe it is just me. Everything is a metaphor for whatever you're going thorugh in life. Meaning I could fine relatable circumstances but that is not enough to really like a movie. Not a lot of actors, not a lot of scenery. Seemed unrealistic that neighbors weren't all around listening or chiming in on the massive dialogue. So unrealisitc in that way but that's the art of a stage play I guess. Or at least has be accepted as art.

Ferdinand  3 star rating 12/26/2017 (Released: 12/15/2017)
Cute and fun but Robin knew Coco would be better.

Finding Nemo  2 star rating 06/22/2003 (Released: 05/30/2003)
Why does the Mom always have to die in the beginning? Cute and colorful. For children.

Finding Neverland  4 star rating 02/11/2005 (Released: 11/17/2004)
A great story. So happy to see Johnny Depp get recognized by the Academy. Inspirational with great life lessons. Stiff competition for Million Dollar Baby.

Finished er Season 4  0 star rating 01/28/2013

Firefly  4 star rating 07/26/2007
Not done watching the entire season of the short lived series brought back as a 2 hour movie to finish the stories due to cult audience internet appeal. Cowboys in space with humor, irony and violence. The Star Trek of the decade without the red shirts.

First Man  3 star rating 03/13/2019 (Released: 10/12/2018)
Seemed to attempt to get more into the characters feelings then the Apollo movies. It was a movie worth watching while on the airplane. Helped pass the time and held my interest.

Five Year Engagement  0 star rating 06/01/2013
non violent relationship

Flags of Our Fathers  4 star rating 05/13/2007
Glad I saw it after Letters from Iwo Jima. Must see both.

Flags of Our Fathers  3 star rating 06/29/2007
So many famous people, so little hair. Seemed like a cheesy concept but the moie had many famous people, all quite well played. Was nice to see different genre around hair cut/style.

Flash Gordon  2 star rating 08/04/2015 (Released: 12/05/1980)
I thought I saw this movie before. I was certainly aware of it. It was a classic worth watching but I also had to work very hard to stay awake all the way to the end.

Flash of Genius  0 star rating 08/13/2013
sad but true and showing sticking to your guns when risk is involved.

Flatliners (1990)  4 star rating 12/03/2018 (Released: 08/10/1990)
The 2017 version was good and made me curious abou the 1990 version that I do remember seeing but not enough details. It was interesting to see them. Seeing the older one now I think it still holds up as a good movie. Comparing them, the 1990 version only had one female Dr lead which makes me appreciate even more the 3 women in the updated version. The 1990 version was darker physically with a lot happening at night and using dark blue and dark red for certain sequences. The medical equipment seemed ancient but that makes sense and is the first thing I noted about the new one, how the equipment was so much better. The movie was old enough that they had to use a phone booth a couple of times. I saw the "Illinois Bell" logo and I could tell the steps were to the Museum of Science and Industry. SO it was probably a big deal when this movie was made in Chicago. For Julia Roberts, this movie was after Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman. Her face and lips were so young and smooth. So this group of young actors never became a brat pack but they have had quite some careers and are still going. It's funny that Oliver Platt is a doctor (Psych) on Chicago Med. And when Billy Baldwin talked, the part could have easily been played by his brother Alec, but Alec was a bit too old for this part at the time.

Flatliners (2017)  4 star rating 12/01/2018 (Released: 09/29/2017)
I remember a little bit of the 1990 version with Flatliners with Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon. I liked that movie so figured it was time to see the remake. When I saw Kiefer in the 2017 version, I wondered if it wasn't a remake but a follow up and he played the same characters. I looked up the character names in IMDB and his was not the same. So the movie was good. Definitely had some jump out scares. I like the things I took as updates from a hospital sense and that they had the brain scanner to gather data from the experience and everything they needed in the basement as the emergency backup type of place. Note: Kiersey Clemons was in this movie and Hearts Beat Loud.

FlightPlan  3 star rating 09/15/2007 (Released: 09/23/2005)
When the movie first came out, I wasn't interested in watching it for some reason. It was a thriller and written for Jodi Foster. We are still a little freaked out about airplanes since 9/11 and horribly still realistic with recent news about a women hearing arabic spoken on a plane and causing great concern. The movie was all it said it would be and we are always pleased to see a woman take control in a movie.

Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The  1 star rating 05/27/2000 (Released: 04/28/2000)
The conversion of cartoon to live action was fun to see. The gadgets like the remote control and the roller coaster were cute. But the movie plot wasn't anything that really entertained kids. I could tell Patrick was bored. I think he would have rather seen more goofey stuff like the opening scene with the Brontosaurus at the quarry. He wasn't that interested in the falling in love or Chip Rockefeller trying to marry Wilma for her money.
I enjoyed seeing Harvey Korman.

Florence Foster Jenkins  3 star rating 02/13/2017 (Released: 08/12/2016)
The movie wasn't quite what I expected and was a better story than I realized from just a trailer or two. Even though the story took place in the 20's or 30's it felt current. I enjoyed getting to know the 3 main characters. The movie was a classic "metaphor" for any thing you need it to be. It was heartwarming and different which made it enjoyable.

Fly Boys  4 star rating 08/11/2007 (Released: 09/22/2006)
If you liked Memphis Belle, you'll like Fly Boys. The story seemed familiar but was based on true story. The familiarity came from it being a Dean Devlin movie like Godzilla (also with Jean Reno - gott luv him). I would recommend this movie as a safe bet of enjoyment.

Fog of War  2 star rating 07/15/2007
Interesting to hear the politics of what is happening and relevant now. The most memorable point being you should answer the question you wish you were asked, rather than the question asked.

Footloose  0 star rating 07/29/2012 (Released: 10/14/2011)

For Your Consideration  2 star rating 05/01/2007
Not a big Christopher Guest kind of fan.

Ford v Ferrari  4 star rating 01/27/2020 (Released: 11/15/2019)
I only knew the title and that Matt Damon and Christian Bale were in it. Shelby was a term I was familiar with but knew nothing about the men in the film. So it was a good movie to learn some history. There was a lot of action of fast cars and company politics and competition. SO if those are things you enjoy, then go see the movie. Glad it was nominated and still around so I could go see it. My review I wrote right after seeing the movie: I made assumptions about this movie based on previews and my limited knowledge of Ford and Ferrari. So the movie was very interesting and entertaining and not what I expected. Both Christian Bale and Matt Damon and Christian Bale were superb. I looked up their real life ages and was surprised to see that Matt Damon was older than Christian Bale.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall  1 star rating 10/25/2008 (Released: 04/18/2008)
Easy to forget movie. The advertisements (big billboards) and anticipations were more interesting than the movie itself. Bright spot of entertainment was Aldous Snow character (Russell Brand-catch him in Bedtime Stories)

Four Brothers  3 star rating 03/05/2006 (Released: 08/12/2005)
A modern shoot em up western with a lot of action. The entire movie was intense but most especially the car chase scene in the snow. John Singleton hopefully has a long career ahead of him.

Four Christmases  3 star rating 01/01/2009 (Released: 11/26/2008)
Goofy but fun enough to watch.

Foxcatcher  3 star rating 12/31/2015 (Released: 01/16/2015)
I put off watching thsi movie because it was NOT a best picture nominated movie even though it had 5 Oscar nominations. I knew enough about the story to know it was not an uplifting movie and didn't really want to know too many details even though it was based on a true story. I was not familiar with the story. I watched it to start gearing up for the next set of upcoming Best Picture Oscar nominations that I will be watching very soon. Sort of like catching up on old homework. It was interesting seeing Steve Carell and Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo with unfamiliar behaviors. Especially Steve and Mark. Wow, now I see why they were nominated. Also note that Dan Futterman was a writer. You can look him up on imdb to see why that name is familiar.

Freaks and Geeks Season 1 (18 episodes)  0 star rating 06/04/2013
that 80's show

Freaky Friday  2 star rating 08/08/2003 (Released: 08/06/2003)
I cried for all the Mother Daughter sappy parts. I liked Jamie Lee. Mark Harmon didn't have much of a part. Fun and light for what it was.

Freedom Writers  2 star rating 06/30/2007
Patrick Dempsey didn't have a very large character/part to play. Appreciated the longer journey to success. Good story based on true events.

Friends with Benefits  0 star rating 03/11/2012

Friends with Money  2 star rating 12/15/2006

Front Runner  2 star rating 03/17/2019 (Released: 11/21/2018)
I'm still a Hugh Jackman fan and his hair for the character was a burden to look at but still worth watching when trapped on an airplane for cinematherapy. Reminded me of Chappaquiddick and a bunch of liars for political gain. Double pp and double dick

Frost/Nixon  4 star rating 02/08/2009 (Released: 12/26/2008)
BP:You might consider this a spoiler but since the movie is historical, read at your own risk.
Am I supposed to believe that the success for David Frost of the interview, was due to Nixon drunk dialing?
The movie wasn't as boring as I thought it could be showing just 2 guys sitting across from each other asking questions. It was more interesting than that but still got slow near the end. To the point of I was feeling a bit claustrophobic which concerns me. There was interesting build up of the characters. The sidebar interviews of the characters in the movie, helped explain what was going on, which I appreciated. I guess I can see why it was Best Picture nominated but I don't think it will win.

Frozen  3 star rating 07/31/2015 (Released: 11/27/2013)
Watched the movie on the big screen in Lambeau Field. I missed parts of it due to arriving late and getting popcorn but I would watch it again. Had the extra special connection to the movie, Lambeau Field being called the Frozen Tundra and the little movie that was created that embedded the characters in Lambeau field.

Frozen II  3 star rating 11/28/2019 (Released: 11/22/2019)
Saw this movie with Robin and Ananya and I was able to stay awake for the whole movie which is good for me since it was a cartoon and a musical. I just enjoyed what was on the screen and was not picturing Idina and Kristin singing so I would see the characters. I like a movie with powerful women that save the town. OK.

Frozen River  3 star rating 03/07/2009 (Released: 08/01/2008)
I rented this movie to see Academy Award Nominee Melissa Leo. She kind of looked familiar but I am not familiar with her work at all. But she has quite a history and would you believe 9 more projects in progress for 2009 and one already completed. She is one busy woman. The movie was sad and depressing but also heartfelt. People aren't bad but put in difficult situations some times. The movie felt very indy. It was the first time I watched a movie with the commentary as subtitles. It was interesting and a little distracting.

Full Frontal  2 star rating 02/28/2007
Nothing Special

Fuller House (Season 3)   star rating 09/22/2017 (Released: 09/22/2017)
Binge watched the series in a few days. Just keeping track of what I watched and when. I posted my favorite parts to snapchat to share. I liked Kimmie G as the Beni Hana cook, cracking an egg and making the vomit sound. Glad this show was renewed and it is still clean light-hearted fun which everybody needs once in a while.

Fun with Dick and Jane  2 star rating 12/23/2006
Not as stupid as I thought but not memorable.

Garfield  2 star rating 06/11/2004 (Released: 06/11/2004)
Cute animal movie like Good Dog. Biggest laugh wasn't until the end of the movie with Garfield's dance.

Get a Job  2 star rating 12/25/2019 (Released: 07/18/2016)
Wanted to see Miles Teller and things he has done. Didn't know he was paired up with Anna Kendrick.

Get him to the Greek  0 star rating 02/27/2011

Get Out  4 star rating 01/08/2018 (Released: 02/24/2017)
I knew this was Jordan Peele's big debut as writer and director a while ago but with Oscar season approaching it was getting a 2nd life so I watched it on HBO On Demand. I had to see what it was about myself. It was a more unique story with great actors and felt like it was built off of this cultural myth. It was very well done with some twists and tricks that made it interesting. I hope it gets a best director nomination but it is his first big time in that role so we shall see.

Get Real  3 star rating 07/19/1999 (Released: 09/08/1999)
A fun movie about a 16 year old gay boy that accepts that he is gay and tries to deal with it in school and at home.

Get Smart  3 star rating 06/21/2008 (Released: 06/20/2008)
Action oriented fun. Familiarity with the original TV series made it more fun to see actors we know as agent characters. Don't want to spoil the fun. The best thing about the movie is that it wasn't as stupid as the TV show but still had commonanlity to the show for the recognition. Steve Carrell is just fun to watch. The Rock and Alan Arkin were great in their roles and so were the cameos. I hope there's a Get Smart 2.

Ghost World  1 star rating 06/30/2007
I didn't know it was based off of a comic book. Seemed goofy and too safe. Wasn't over the edge enough for what it was trying to be.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past  2 star rating 10/18/2009 (Released: 05/01/2009)
Saw this more for curiosity probably. Or just to see Matthew Mc get hassled by his past girlfriends.

Girl Most Likely  0 star rating 05/15/2014
Goofy but I had to keep watching. I like Annette Benings NJ accent.

Girl Most Likely  3 star rating 06/14/2018 (Released: 07/18/2013)
It seemed vaguely familiar but not so bad of a movie that I didn't watch the whole thing again. I looked in my list and yes I saw it on 5/15/2014. The era where I wasn't keeping this database up to date and don't have release dates. A disjointed family story with enough diverse characters to keep my interest.

Girl with a Pearl Earring  0 star rating 05/01/2014
wanted to see it again since I saw Tim's Vermeer

Girl, Interrupted  3 star rating 01/21/2000 (Released: 12/21/1999)
If you have been having trouble dealing with life lately and all the thoughts in your head that seem to conflict with themselves, then you might like this movie. It does not give you any magical answers to help you live through the next day but it does remind you that it is up to you, how you live through each day, with yourself. I knew I would like this movie and it was just what I was in the mood for. I have been needing to see this movie and I should probably read the book. Luckily, not everybody has to spend 18 months in a mental institution to figure a few things out. It would really be neat if this movie effects me enough to begin writing down my thoughts again.

Gladiator  4 star rating 02/15/2001 (Released: 05/05/2000)
At first I couldn't handle the blood and guts as well as I could in movies like Saving Private Ryan. But I guess after a while, I got used to it. Joaquin Phoenix should definitely win Best Supporting and Russel Crowe will probably win. The film is an epic like Titanic was. I predict it will win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Glory road  0 star rating 04/26/2014

GLOW  3 star rating 02/15/2020 (Released: 06/23/2017)
I was aware of the series but hadn't really been interested in watching it. Then I heard Brie Larson interviews on Dax's podcast. I do remember Brie from Community. It was interesting to hear about the show so I took a break from NCIS and watched it. It was good to have a break from a violent crime series. The series was interesting and I will definitely watch the 4th and final season when it comes out. It's probably not a show for everyone and there are a lot of characters to keep track of but I do recommend giving it a try at least.

God is Bigger Than Elvis  0 star rating 03/21/2013
Best Documentary 2012

Godzilla  0 star rating 05/24/2014
Too dark. Couldn't distinguish figures. Too much happened in dark places or at night

Going in Style  3 star rating 10/23/2017 (Released: 04/07/2017)
Familiar story about group of old guys getting together to rob a bank because they felt they were justified. There were enough characters to keep the story line going and interesting enough. Nice to imagine them all really being friends and that they were physically and mentally capable of all that. Even Dad said it was a fantasy movie. I got it for him and it kept us entertained for a bit.

Gone Baby Gone  3 star rating 04/11/2008 (Released: 10/19/2007)
I could see the connection with Mystic River but it wasn't quite as graphic and intense. I enjoyed watching all the actors do their jobs. I was trying to figure out what was going on so it wasn't predictable. Probably a great job for first time director, Ben Affleck. But it was difficult to watch and accept everybody being so .... bad or corrupt or just making bad decisions.

Gone Girl  4 star rating 10/25/2014 (Released: 10/03/2014)
Another movie I had to see for myself, and hopefully before anybody would ruin it for me. It was very entertaining. I did not cry. Several people in the audience were laughing and commenting how it was comedic. It was sort of in the ridiculousness of the character's frame of mind. (trying not to give anything away). It was very much a comment on the media and the power it has and how it needs to be handled. Neil Patrick Harris did an outstanding job in playing his small role. It was believeable and I did not see him as Barney Stinson. There were enough surprises to keep my interest. I wasn't sure how it was going to end but was preparing myself for it 2 hours into it, knowing the running time was 2 hours and 25 minutes. It was worth watching. I did not read the book. Went in knowing some people did not like the book and some did.

Good Boy!  2 star rating 10/11/2003 (Released: 10/11/2003)
The kids didn't want to see School of Rock. They would rather see Good Boy! So we saw that. They enjoyed the cute story and we love dogs anyway. It wasn't too long for Robin. I used about 5 tissues. Auntie Rae joined us. The movie was sold out and Patrick and I sat in the first row.

Good Hair  0 star rating 08/28/2012
Chris Rock, fun to watch, explore the culture

Good Night, And Good Luck  4 star rating 02/12/2006 (Released: 10/14/2005)
I had to see it to understand why it got included in the Best Picture category. The B&W, close-ups, cigarette smoke and message of the film had better not get lost.

Gosford Park  2 star rating 02/27/2002 (Released: 12/26/2001)
Will have to see it again.

Gran Torino  3 star rating 07/29/2009 (Released: 01/09/2009)
Did this movie come out too early in the year to be remembered for an Oscar? Are people tried of nominating Clint for his work in movies? Hard to watch but couldn't stay away based on the enticing previews.

Grand Budapest Hotel  3 star rating 01/15/2015 (Released: 03/28/2014)
Got the DVD from the library, the day before the Oscar nominations were announced just in case it was nominated and it was. Because it was a DVD and gotten during the week, did not see it all in one sitting or at a movie theatre on the big screen . So it was interesting and considering how early in the year the movie was released compare to the others, somebody must have reminded the voters that it existed.

Gravity  0 star rating 02/25/2014
First movie I ever watched on Amazon. But it was better than going to a theatre at 9:15pm at night and paying a lot more than 3.99. Now I accomplished my goal of seeing all 9 best picture nomiated movies.

Green Book  3 star rating 02/14/2019 (Released: 11/16/2018)
Ignoring the controversy and the based on actual events, because a lot of movies are and then there's dramatic license inserted to make it a "better" story - which I take to mean a better story to tell - I enjoyed the movie. It was still a movie about putting two very different people together in a situation and giving them a chance to be open and learn about the other so that they can accept each other for who they are. Nothing wrong with that message. Which is why I can look beyond any other negative message that others may see.

Green Mile, The  4 star rating 03/10/2000 (Released: 12/10/1999)
It was a very good movie where some but not all events were predictable. I suppose I should be able to distant myself from the dealings of death in the same way I did when I saw Saving Private Ryan and Thin Red Line last year but this movie was different. I was not able to distance myself.The movie was emotionally draining to watch and left me feeling sad. You knew it was going to be a long movie and some might have felt that it was dragged out but every portion had a purpose. In my opinion, it has a better shot at the Oscar than Cider House Rules.

Greenfingers  2 star rating 06/27/2008 (Released: 09/14/2001)
Kind of goofy movie. Plenty of story to hold your interest.

Grey's Anatomy Season 4  0 star rating 03/28/2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 5  0 star rating 04/02/2012

Guess Who  3 star rating 02/03/2006 (Released: 03/25/2005)
Light hearted and funny enough to rent.

Hacksaw Ridge  4 star rating 01/27/2017 (Released: 11/04/2016)
Understand that I have seen saving Private Ryan and Thin Red Line in 1998 as part of my best picture movie nomination goal even back then and think this movie had even more blood and gore and many more flaming flying bodies than I would care to see in any movie. But yes it was a good story to tell and was glad there was real life footage at the end of actual people. I don't think it will win best picture but it was ok that it was nominated. It would have been hard to imagine if you were just told the story of his bravery. Watching what he went through was a picture you could not deny.

Hairspray  3 star rating 09/14/2007 (Released: 07/20/2007)
Hilarious and wonderful. Robin called it a Dance-ical. John Travolta in a fat suit and dress dancing around in hi-heels. Uplifting and fun to watch. Soo many stars. Enough overtone jokes for the adults. Remakes hardly ever get a fair shake. This one was worth watching.

Half Nelson  2 star rating 04/13/2007
Druggy hard to watch.

Hamilton  4 star rating 07/04/2020 (Released: 07/03/2020)
Did see the Chicago version live but wanted to see the original cast (2015) and there were a few additional surprises that I was not aware of. For example, the actor that plays Dean in Station 19 (Grey's Anatomy spinoff) Okieriete Onaodowan was a pleasant surprise to see him sing and play two characters. This example is beyond the actors I was already familiar with like Daveed Diggs and Lin-Manuel Miranda. And seeing Renée Elise Goldsberry in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist recently even gave her a chance to sing. Watched the whole movie, appreciated the subtitles and did not fall asleep.

Hancock  3 star rating 02/14/2009 (Released: 07/02/2008)
I was glad to see the unexpected part that I won't spoil. It was a different kind of superhero movie. It was fast and held your attention. A lot of action and enough character story lines to keep you interested. The whole family watched it together even though there was consistent language that's not used around our house.

Happy Tears  0 star rating 02/21/2011

Hard Candy  4 star rating 03/09/2008 (Released: 04/16/2006)
Yikes!! An unforgettable movie done so well it will blow your mind. It's not easy keeping an audiences interest having almost the entire movie shot in and around one house. There's not much that can be said without giving away spoiler's so I won't provide details. It's about turning the tables on a predator. Oops, just gave away the first one.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  3 star rating 11/15/2002 (Released: 11/15/2002)
The movie was suspenseful and frightening for younger ones as the critics have said. Patrick was shaking at parts but I think it was a combination of his excitement to be there and fear of Harry getting killed although he knew that would not happen or there wouldn't be any more movies.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  3 star rating 07/13/2007 (Released: 07/11/2007)
I don't care that a lot of details were left out from the movie that were in the book. It was an interesting movie that I was able to follow along more than earlier ones in the series. I was interested in seeing what happened to the characters.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  3 star rating 06/04/2004 (Released: 06/04/2004)
A bit too much for Robin (5) but Patrick enjoyed it. He has not read the book but could still follow pretty well. The kids are getting older. Since I had to leave with Robin a few times, I couldn't really follow it that well.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  3 star rating 11/21/2001 (Released: 11/16/2001)
It was an adventure movie for kids that maintained the important theme of courage and working together utilizing the diverse strengths of each team member.

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire  4 star rating 11/24/2005 (Released: 11/18/2005)
I have not read the books and am not a big HP fan. Brought the kids to see it in IMAX. People say you get a lot more details to the story in the book. However, even in my imagination I don't think I could picture it in any way near the way it was presented on the screen. It was like seeing is believing. The momentum of the movie was rivetting and there are not many things that keep Robin in one place for 2 1/2 hours.

Hart of Dixie Season 1  0 star rating 07/19/2013
interesting characters, easy addiction episode after episode

He's Just Not That Into You  3 star rating 08/22/2009 (Released: 02/26/2009)
Liked the people in it but story was boring.

Hearts Beat Loud  4 star rating 11/29/2018 (Released: 06/08/2018)
I saw Nick Offerman on a late night show talking about this move a few months back. It probably had limited release because I couldn't find it around and just waited it to go to DVD was a good plan since I rented this movie from the library. It was a very musical movie. Lots of secondary actors with famous people like Toni Collette and Ted Danson and Blythe Danner. That and the music made for a nice movie to watch and a love story in a few different ways.

Heathers  3 star rating 06/14/2018 (Released: 03/31/1989)
Always good to visit an oldie once in a while. I confuse this movie with Mean Girls and was waiting for Tina Fey's name to come up in the credits but never did. I don't confuse it with but reminds me of "Pump up the Volume" with Christian Slater and I liked that movie better. Heather's was like an imagined dream and I was waiting for Winona Ryder to wake up from it.

Hell or High Water  3 star rating 01/15/2017 (Released: 08/26/2016)
a good true movie. The story develops scene by scene and event by event. Leaves you guessing and involved in the characters and the story and what drives them. From the start, had a western orchestra soundtrack. had to see this one with the expectation of Oscar nominations.

Hello, My Name is Doris  2 star rating 05/20/2017 (Released: 04/01/2016)
Probably not for everybody but I enjoyed it. Of course you have to like Sally Field but who doesn't? I didn't really know where the story was going to go in the end but that doesn't mean there were too many surprises either though. Maybe it was refreshing because at the time of watching the movie, I was deep into a binge watching of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". Max Greenfield: I hope he thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to work with and kiss the superstar Sally Field.

Her  0 star rating 02/16/2014

Hidden Figures  4 star rating 01/22/2017 (Released: 01/06/2017)
Of course it was a good story. It would have been nice to see the backstory or childhood glimpse of the other 2 main female characters. Lessons learned are that you do have to speak up for yourself sometimes but at the right time and it's ok to do more than is expected in order to be sure you have a chance. The movie was sad but also inspirational and a great reminder of how the world can be better still.

Hide and Seek  2 star rating 01/07/2007

High Fidelity  3 star rating 03/31/2000 (Released: 03/31/2000)
I think my expectations were too high. It was a good movie but it wasn't hilarious or anything. It had a few good laughs and some tender moments. Jack Black was the best character. There were a lot of stars that had only a few scenes.
The high school kids sitting next to me almost ruined it for me. They did not like the movie and were getting obnoxious. 17 year olds couldn't really appreciate the reality of the John Cusack character, Rob Gordon. They probably think they have life all figured out. They will learn, in time.

History of Violence  3 star rating 04/15/2006 (Released: 09/23/2005)
Deep story with showing multiple character developments per character. It was not just about violence, but people. Of course you do have to endure the shown violence, it was deeper than that.

Hitchcock  0 star rating 06/30/2013
Good but not great. Was almost a movie about the woman behind the man tha we never heard. Even though Anthony Hopkins had a ton of makeup on to look like Hitchcock, he still sounded like Hannibal Lecter. I did not see the movie as far fetched or historically accurate either. It was someone's interpretation of this man's experience in making the movie Pshycho.

Hitman  2 star rating 09/27/2008 (Released: 11/21/2007)
Seemed similar to Transporter movies. Too much violence to let my 13 year old watch. I rented it to see if I would let him watch it and decided against it. Interesting enough story to follow and hold my interest. Not repulsive.

Holiday  4 star rating 05/09/2007
Loved it.

Hollywoodland  1 star rating 02/25/2007
Boring. Could barely get through it.

Holy Rollers  0 star rating 10/09/2012
Jewish drug smugglers

Home Again  3 star rating 10/05/2018 (Released: 09/08/2017)
I did not know much about the movie and thought it was related to Sweet Home Alabama but it was not. It was a good movie to watch on the airplane since that's where I was. And I had even looked up the entertainment options before I got on the plane so I did not waste any time searching and not be able to see the whole thing. Can't say that I like the casting of Michael Sheen with Reese but since they were not happily married, guess it didn't have too much impact or distraction. Good to see a mature woman with younger men for a change. Story and her family background was interesting and liked seeing Candice Bergen as her mother.

Homeland Season 1  0 star rating 10/07/2012
Emmy winner Best Drama

Hoodwinked  2 star rating 01/13/2006 (Released: 01/13/2006)
Animated story of what really happened with Little Red Riding Hood. It was imaginative and humorous. The kids enjoyed it. Favorite character was the squirrel.

Hoot  3 star rating 05/12/2006 (Released: 05/05/2006)
A family story that we had to go see because Patrick read the book. His review was that it was a good movie and so was the book even thoug there were differences.

Horrible Bosses  0 star rating 03/10/2012

Hotel for Dogs  3 star rating 01/18/2009 (Released: 01/16/2009)
Fun movie for dog lovers who will be able to find at least one dog, they can identify with. For us it was Shep, who has some herding issues that makes him run around things. That's our Shep. I liked the different gadgets setup for the dogs. They were creative and really from the dogs' needs perspective. So going just for the cuteness of the dogs is enough. If you are a real dog lover that is.

Hotel Rwanda  3 star rating 03/19/2006 (Released: 12/22/2004)
I avoided renting this movie, figuring it would be hard to watch. It wasn't easy to watch but it was more important to watch it than avoid it. Listening to the "Making of" showed how much effort and care was taken to make it a viewable movie with a love story while still honestly portraying what was happening. Excellent and purposeful movie.

How Do You Know  0 star rating 01/29/2012
ReeseWitherspoon, OwenWilson, Paul Rudd, JackNicholson

How to Build A Girl  2 star rating 08/21/2020 (Released: 05/08/2020)
Watched it to see Beanie Feldstein's work.

Huff Season 1  3 star rating 07/18/2006
Wish there was more on DVD.

Hugo  0 star rating 02/19/2012

Hunger Games  0 star rating 03/25/2012

Hunting Party  2 star rating 06/29/2008 (Released: 09/14/2007)
Not as suspenseful as you would like it to be.

Hyde Park on the Hudson  0 star rating 09/02/2013 (Released: 08/31/2012)
Safe from violence, politically interested in an old time sort of way

I AM  0 star rating 05/06/2012

I Am Legend  1 star rating 04/02/2008 (Released: 12/11/2007)
If you liked Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow, then you'll probably like this movie also. For me though, it was not enjoyable to see all the rabid people and Will Smith being so alone. Much too graphically disturbing people and scenes. Home Page Slide Show Trivia Answer: This movie was shot in New York and the Tour Guide said these doors (2nd picture in home page slide show) were in the movie I Am Legend. This link verifies it:

I AM NUMBER Four  0 star rating 06/15/2013
the kid from Magic Mike

I am the Cheese  3 star rating 07/25/2007 (Released: 11/11/1983)
Caught my eye at the library as a family movie I thought Patrick might like since he likes cheese so much. Interesting story that you need to watch all the way through and I don't want to spoil. Robert Wagner tries to help a boy cope with his past. Not as intense as Ordinary People but reminded me of that a bit.

I don't know how she does it  0 star rating 08/19/2012

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry  1 star rating 05/30/2008 (Released: 07/20/2007)
The previews to this movie were better than the actual one. Yes it had a meaningful message and it was kinda funny but only in a way that they are the kind of jokes you would hear out of Adam Sandler's mouth. Worth watching if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

I Used to Go here  2 star rating 02/08/2021 (Released: 08/07/2020)
Filmed in Carbondale, IL. Gillian Jacobs (from Community) was the star. It was different, but kind of slow.

I'll See You in My Dreams  3 star rating 06/13/2015 (Released: 05/15/2015)
Slow moving but enjoyable because I like all of the actors and know them from other stuff that I also enjoyed. Martin Starr didn't look like a geek (for once) with that beard and I don't typically like beards. I saw a lot of previews on imdb beforehand so I knew who was in it and that made me want to see it. Sam Elliot was a treat to see. Had a few laughs, used 3 tissues. I have watched Mary Kay Place from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman to The Big Chill, Big Love and enjoy every one of her roles. Blythe Danner's character was drinking so much she seemed drunk acting most of the movie. They all looked dressed up with lots of makeup except Rhea Pearlman. I don't know how to dress that nice now so I can't expect to know how to dress that nice when I am their age either. Some classy ladies that know how to have fun. Way to go. The movie is not for everyone. I thought I saw a young couple walk out in the middle.

I'm Not There  2 star rating 05/13/2008 (Released: 11/21/2007)
I would think that trying to impersonate would be rather fun. I was surprised to read that only Cate Blanchett was the only one doing the full on re-enactment. No wonder she got all the rave reviews for her performance then.
Not being a Dylan fan, it's not the kind of movie I would be totally into. However, that does not mean I wasn't able to figure out the basis of it being the many lives or personalities he has gone through in his life. This is one DVD rental where they provide Intro info that would be helpful to read before you see the movie. Considering all the time bouncing and character changing around, I was still able to pretty much follow along. It's a very artisitic piece of movie that all Dylan fans should revel in.

I, Tonya   star rating 01/06/2018 (Released: 12/08/2017)

Ibiza  3 star rating 06/11/2018 (Released: 05/25/2018)
I enjoyed the movie as a way to imagine what life would be like if I was young and reckless and love could by found by chasing a cute guy. I watched it to see Gillian Jacobs, who I ha just spent so much time with watching "Love". If you can't let go and have fun, then watch a movie where they do and have that kind of fun.

Ice Age  2 star rating 03/15/2002 (Released: 03/15/2002)
It was fun for the kids to watch.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown  3 star rating 05/01/2006 (Released: 03/31/2006)
Cute enough for the kids. New and interesting action different from the first one. Especially with Scrat.

Iceman  0 star rating 12/01/2013
Michael Shannon and Winona Ryder and girl from Hart of Dixie. Bloody violent

Ideal Husband, An  3 star rating 07/23/1999
It was OK. I felt like something was a bit out of sync with the clothes or characters but maybe I'm unfamiliar with the late 1800s. Maybe I was still stuck in the 1600's with Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth.

Identity  3 star rating 04/15/2008 (Released: 04/25/2003)
Definitely suspenseful and had a tone of Psycho but with a lot more characters. I got sucked into the story just like you were supposed to. I followed all the clues and details and suspects. I was not disappointed with the revealing of the situation in the end. There were some parts that were too slow but the deleted scenes helped. It was hard to watch but sticking through it to the end, I was not disappointed. That was the key to me liking it, if you can handle the suspense and killings.

Ides of March  0 star rating 04/03/2012

Idiocracy  2 star rating 08/18/2020 (Released: 01/25/2007)
Since I listen to Dax & Monica's podcast, and it is mentioned, I figured I would watch it. I don't remember which streaming platform we already subscribe to that had it, but I got to see it.

If I Stay  3 star rating 05/03/2015 (Released: 08/22/2014)
I was somewhat prepared for the content of the movie. Spoiler Alert: I knew people were going to die. Going out for a drive on a snow day made for very irresponsible parents. The purpose of a snow day is to stay home and be safe. But just like a Disney movie, tragedy in the beginning is required to make the story. My cello player friend commented that no real cello player would carry their cello on their back, while riding a bicycle. I was glad Chloe's character didn't just lie in bed for the remainder of the movie and she got to act and run around and scream and cry. There was enough that I did like about the movie though. I stayed interested.

IF I Were You  4 star rating 01/16/2018 (Released: 01/10/2012)
I loved this movie. Had not heard of it. Happened upon it when couldn't sleep. The story is about a woman that realizes her husband is cheating on her and befriends the girlfriend. The twists and turns were unpredictable (definition of great movie for me). The story was never corny and always seemed realistic and genuine. I like Marcia Gay Harden but have always loved Aidan Quinn. His role is small in this movie but worth waiting for. I find it difficult to remember the title, "If I Were You". It felt like the write was bringing in their own experiences but I don't know that. What I do know is that I will look for other movies by Joan Carr-Wiggin.

Imagine That  3 star rating 10/18/2009 (Released: 06/12/2009)
DVD rental worth watching with your young children. Kind of like Dr. Dolittle.

In Cold Blood (1967)  3 star rating 03/01/2006 (Released: 12/14/1967)
I expected a cheesey old movie but it was quite good. The scene transitions were quite startling, which was surprising, literally. I did not read the book, but it must be quite intense, since a movie is never as good as the book. I rented this movie (on DVD) because of seeing Capote and how it was used as an example for exquisite lighting effects. It was quite timeless and I recommend it.

In The Bedroom  2 star rating 03/17/2002 (Released: 01/19/2002)
The story seemed familiar. The movie spoke to me with all the visuals but I was also on the lookout for the possible tragedies. After the tragedy, each scene still had its meaning to convey the characters and what they were going through. The dialogue was not new but the visual scenes provided better insight for me than the dialogue.

In the Land of Women  2 star rating 02/13/2008 (Released: 04/20/2007)
A strange movie that seemed more like a dream sequence of someone with a huge ego than reality. It was a decent enough DVD to rent and watch with actual movie stars. But still seemed a bit off.

In Time  0 star rating 12/26/2011

Inconvenient Truth  3 star rating 12/29/2006
A Classic To Remember.

Incredibles 2  3 star rating 06/26/2018 (Released: 06/15/2018)
I liked the beginning with Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter explaining/apologizing for it taking so long to make the 2nd movie. So it was a big screen cartoon with familiar voices. Expectations were met and guessing who the real bad guy was, wasn't too hard. I saw Sophia Bush on a late night show so I knew she was in it but couldn't place Catherine Keener's voice until I saw the credits at the end. I could have swore it was Scarlett Johansson but I was wrong.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  3 star rating 05/26/2008 (Released: 05/22/2008)
It is what it is and would meet the expectations of anyone that was alive and saw the first one, Raiders, in the theatre when it came out. Action and adventure with humor with a little bit of buggy gore. The end was a bit too alien for some younger tastes but what do you think is going to happen when Speilberg and Lucas get together.

Inglorious Basterds  2 star rating 02/14/2010 (Released: 08/21/2009)
I didn't like it at first. There was a lot of stories going on and I don't know what or if anything was based on real events or not. I was waiting for the laughs. But of course it's not the topic of jokes. But just looking at Mike Myers (very small part) (I saw his name in the opening credits so knew he was coming) you are waiting for the laughs. But there were none. I had to be reminded because I did forget it was a Quentin Tarantino movie. (Extreme violence) Since I watched the movie on DVD, I was able to lookup (IMDB) actors during the movie. The movie star woman was in National Treasure. (Diane Kruger who is from Germany and is fluent in French, German and English. Wow that was a perfect role for her.) The story was told in chapters. There was a lot of captioning since much of the movie was not spoken in English. But if you're a subtitler, it's not a problem. (A subtitler is someone that prefers to use subtitles so they capture greater detail of the content. They are typically better readers. And non subtitlers (CAPTIONS OFF) people would argue this point and say subtitles are a distraction from the movie itself and find it annoying and has nothing to do with reading capabilities. So back to the story, there was a great deal of graphic violence, blood spurting everywhere (except onto the camera lens ref:District 9). I make the effort to watch all best picture nominated movies so I stretch my mind in what I expose myself to. I did sit through Saving Private Ryan and Thin Red Line in 1999 so it's what I do. But you can decide for yourself if you want to see that or not. I would say I liked the middle of the movie.

Inherent Vice  2 star rating 09/11/2015 (Released: 01/09/2015)
It was a strange movie but that's what I expect now when a moving has Joaquin Phoenix plus since the Writer and Director was Paul Thomas Anderson I knew what I was getting into. It wasn't real exciting or suspenseful. The story line intertwined enough to keep you interested. I understood what was going on but was waiting for somebody to turn out to be a ghost or something. Guess that was my way of coping with the strangeness.

Inkheart  1 star rating 03/06/2009 (Released: 01/23/2009)
Although I have been quite the Brendan Fraser fan in the past, I went to see this movie because it had a start time that worked with the schedule for me and a couple of friends. Portions of it were dramatically violent like the Mummy movies were. Aspects were quite predictable that I won't go into so I don't spoil it. Oh what the heck, it wasn't that good. I knew the daughter would also have the silver tongue powers early on in the movie, I mean come on, she's his daughter and it's a movie. It's like the predictability of an illegitimate child suddenly appearing "17" years later or however much time has passed in a movie. So the movie was kind of stupid in a difficult situation with a simple solution that was only used at the very end when needed, just to keep the suspense up. It might be scary for younger kids, like the one sitting behind us that was chatting it up out loud because he was too young to even be in a PG evening movie. But what do you expect, his father was honking out noises at unexpected times where only he found it to be funny.

Insecure Season 4   star rating 08/20/2020 (Released: 04/12/2020)
I also watched Season 5, the final season.

Inside Out  2 star rating 12/05/2015 (Released: 06/19/2015)
I think since Monster's Inc I have trouble enjoying cartoons because I picture the actors who voices I hear. I guess it was cute and about life lessons but it was not my favorite. Spoiler Alert: Sometimes in life, you just need to be sad.

Insomnia  3 star rating 08/03/2002 (Released: 05/24/2002)
I made it through the movie without crying, go figure. It was suspenseful but also violent.

Inspector Gadget  1 star rating 08/14/1999 (Released: 07/23/1999)
Patrick said he liked it but it didn't really hold his interest. He was checking out other seats in the theater. I thought it was a waste of an hour. But at least Patrick wanted to see it, in the theater and stayed for the whole thing.

Interstellar  2 star rating 04/03/2014 (Released: 11/07/2014)
Not having good audio and no subtitles really ruins a movie for the detail oriented person that I am. Other people said it was a good movie so I was curious about what that meant. I considered stopping the movie and waiting to rent it rather than watch it on the airplane but I had to keep watching it once I started. I would have liked to see Wes Bentley more. I shouldn't really review the movie since I missed a lot of the dialogue. Most of the premises seemed familiar like other movies so it wasn't that unique or special. Sorry.

Into the Wild  4 star rating 04/02/2008 (Released: 09/01/2007)
Almost inspiring to watch and explore the world along with him. Almost learning the lessons of life along with him. A kid thinking he had the world all figured out and how to make his life better. Whether you consider him successfuly is your opinion. I think he was running away and had a lot of anger.

Into the Woods  1 star rating 04/03/2015 (Released: 12/25/2014)
Now that it is available on Blu-Ray DVD am seeing it advertised a bunch again. I figured with the singing, I wouldn't miss as much dialogue (since yes I saw this on the airplane ride back). I am not really into musicals. I enjoyed seeing Christine Baranski, she was fabulous. And now I know something else the guy from the Late Late Show (James Corden) has done. These four movies where the ones I was most interested in watching to help pass the time on the airplane.

Invincible  4 star rating 01/06/2007

Iron Lady  0 star rating 06/27/2012

Iron Man  3 star rating 10/22/2008 (Released: 05/02/2008)
Much better than I had expected. A little bit predictable but an amazing hit for Robert Downey Jr. The scene testing out the jet boots was the funniest. But overall for comic book movies, it was pretty funny. Doesn't compare to the complexity of X-Men but was good on a single character level.

Iron Man 3  0 star rating 02/01/2014

Irresistable  3 star rating 06/26/2020 (Released: 06/26/2020)
Saw this movie on it's opening day because we purchased it to watch at home. Knew that it was written and directed by Jon Stewart starring Steve Carell so figured it was worth it. It's still a different mind set to pay 19.99 for a movie that you are renting and won't stick around (expires) but by the time you go to the theatre, it would be easy to spend more than $20 anyway. This way it was safe to watch and you can make your own popcorn. The movie took a while to get into. Steve Carell's character was very sarcastic and combining that with Steve Carell where you would expect everything out of his mouth to be sarcastic (because of the characters he usually plays) was a bit off for me. Meaning, I was doubting myself as to whether or not I was getting his jokes and sarcasm. I can tell you at which part of the movie I figured out what was "going on" but I won't spoil it for you so you'll just have to watch it. It's a political statement or to be more accurate a comment on the state of political affairs in general. As you would expect from Jon Stewart.

Isle of Dogs  3 star rating 03/25/2019 (Released: 04/13/2018)
Not for everybody, for sure. You may have to be a Wes Anderson fan. Just like with animated movies, the voices are so familiar it takes effort to focus on the character in front of me and not imaging the actor. I enjoyed the story and the adventure. Disappointed it took me so long to get around to seeing it. Enjoyed the trailers way back when, before the movie came out. Maybe I should go back and see more or see some again. Like Bottle Rocket (1996).

Isn't it Romantic  3 star rating 02/18/2019 (Released: 02/13/2019)
Fun movie to watch with your sister. Although, since I saw several previews, many of the most funny parts weren't a surprise so that was lost on me but not on my sister. I'm sure there were many references to classic romantic comedies but I felt like I only caught a few. Maybe when it comes out on DVD, they will have an extra or the version where the actors talk over the movie and will identify every scene and romantic comedey reference. I haven't watch a whole mover over again while listening to the director or actors talk through it. Do they still do that? But getting back to the review, and my criteria of predictability, just when you think they are going to go with the classic rom com move, they don't so that was fun and unpredictable too. Visually, colorful and enjoyable to look at a beautiful Hemsworth and Priyanka. Lots of music and am glad there was room for singing.

It's Complicated  2 star rating 04/28/2010 (Released: 12/25/2009)
The previews when this movie came out made it seem funny enough to rent but not necessarily pay $9 to see it. So I waited and paid $1 and picked it up from the library the day it was released to DVD. I like being the first to view the library DVD. Well I watched it while I did other stuff on the computer - multi tasking - so maybe I didn't give it the attention I could have. It was kinda funny. Steve Martin's part wasn't big enough in my opinion. I like to watch him more than Alec Baldwin. My favorite movie with Alec Baldwin is "Married to the Mob" but I digress. Most of the clips were funnier than in the actual movie except for one. And that was the Alec Baldwin lying in bed in front of the computer. That whole scene was funnier than you saw in the previews and it was funny in the previews. Rent it if you have nothing better to do. The movie is due to sex and drugs by old people.

Italian for Beginners  2 star rating 05/05/2002 (Released: 01/18/2002)
I actually like subtitled movies because I miss less and can read it. It was interesting. The camera shots were a bit too bouncy like a documentary. It had it\'s funny moments.

J Edgar  0 star rating 07/22/2012

Jarhead  3 star rating 11/04/2005 (Released: 11/04/2005)
Unsettling but significant eye candy moments. Was it 100% accurate? Doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned. It's about how Swofford (author) (and the screenwriter) felt about it and that's enough for me. It was believable without making political statements to slap you in the face.

Jim and Andy Documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond  2 star rating 12/21/2017 (Released: 11/17/2017)
- Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton Enjoyed watching it, understood the premise. It wasn't bad, just couldn't give it 3 stars.

Jobs  0 star rating 04/19/2014
Lots of thoughts about it.

John Lewis: Good Trouble  3 star rating 02/03/2021 (Released: 07/03/2020)
Inspirational documentary everyone should see.

John Tucker Must Die  3 star rating 01/19/2007
I cried.

Jojo Rabbitt  4 star rating 01/22/2020 (Released: 11/08/2019)
It was a tough competition this year but I was rooting for Taika Waititi so at least he won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is one where no trailer could really show you what the movie was about. And I can see how this movie would be difficult for the younger people to understand. And making a comedy about Hitler is not an easy task. The entire movie needs to be seen before you make judgement and know that Taika played Hitler and that's the way it needed to be.

Joker  4 star rating 02/04/2020 (Released: 10/04/2019)
This was the last best picture nominated movie I saw in preparation for the 2020 oscars. It my have been that my expectations were low and I had heard other people's opinions but it seemed to be a very well made movie. It was along the lines of an origin story but they didn't go too far back to get the message across. I'm glad there was more of Joauqin outside of the clown makeup then with the makeup. Yes it was part of the story but the build up of his character was best viewed as Joaquin. Seeing his bones and thin body as part of the character was difficult to watch among other aspects that were difficult to watch. And then when he was full into the character the music just seemed right. The music was another character in the movie that kept it in motion. Because it's Gotham, unbelievably weird stuff can happen and it's still not too strange for Gotham. It was interesting to learn that Joker won the most Oscar nominations. And Joaquin already a lot of the best actor awards so it was not a surprise that he won the Oscar also. Frances Conroy as the mother was perfect casting.

Jon Don  0 star rating 09/28/2013

Journey to the Center of the Earth  2 star rating 12/28/2008 (Released: 07/11/2008)
It was like Ice Age with real actors doing the stunts. It was just the right length of time or it would have gotten too silly. Played the DVD extras for a bit. It wasn't a deep movie but good enough for kids.

Joy  3 star rating 01/28/2016 (Released: 12/25/2015)
Not in the best mindset to see the movie but still had high hopes. The jumping around of time told the story better and was not confusing but it still left me a little off somehow. I was pleasantly surprised to see Isabella Rossellini and could not recognize Virginia Madsen behind those goofy glasses but enjoyed seeing her also. The sad news is that there will always be people just waiting to steal from you or take from you and even people close to you that just don't know how to encourage and support in a way that helps. So that's why it is necessary to forge ahead with your own goals and path. Now I wondred how the sister Peggy felt about how her character was portrayed in the movie. Turns out, that was a fictional character entirely created by David O. Russell. OK so a villian was added to the story to make it more dramatic and interesting as movies do sometimes. And Joy actually has kept her private life very private and only revealed certain information over her inventive career. Can't blame her for that. Good for her. I also like to make stuff and find happiness in that. However, I am not willing to take on the level of risk to pursue in a way that brings great financial success. So for now, I will just continue with the "joy" of making stuff.

Judd Apatow: The Return  3 star rating 12/21/2017 (Released: 12/12/2017)
Judd doing standup. Good to see him in that environment.

Julie & Julia  4 star rating 08/30/2009 (Released: 08/07/2009)
I guess the bouncing back and forth in time was part of the purpose but wasn't that necessary. Or at least it was to keep the present day story interesting enough. Enjoyed seeing Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

Juliet, Naked  3 star rating 09/18/2018 (Released: 08/17/2018)
I selected this movie because I like Rose Byrne, Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd) and Ethan Hawke. I thought it would be more upbeat and just a chance to take a break from my own life and enjoy a movie. It was a good choice. It was funny and entertaining and that's all I needed.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  4 star rating 01/01/2018 (Released: 12/20/2017)
I am giving this movie 4 starts, not because I think it will an Oscar but because it was fun, I laughed and was not disappointed. Yes the trailers have some funny parts but they were all at the beginning and not the only ones.

Jumper  1 star rating 03/22/2008 (Released: 02/14/2008)
Time travel movies interest me. This was more of a change location movie but still sci-fi enough. It was about as good as Ghost Rider... exciting enough to watch.. but nothing to write home about. I was confused about the purpose of the white hair (powdered?) on Samuel L. Did it have a purpose? During the first fight scene, it got messed up and the white powder was visible on his skin. Was that on purpose? And I missed having subtitles (saw it in the theatre). Subtitles clearly show me how to spell invented words like -- Paladins - so it doesn't take me the whole movie to figure out what they are saying well enough to repeat it. The scenery for all that jumping wasn't spectacular either, I'd rather watch the travel channel.

JuneBug  3 star rating 03/17/2006 (Released: 08/05/2005)
Wanted to see the story since Amy Adams was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar. The story was familiar about a dysfunctional familiar yet different. Worth renting the DVD. Better unspoiled.

Juno  4 star rating 01/11/2008 (Released: 12/05/2007)
Juno (2007) PosterExcellent movie that makes you laugh out loud with it's witty rhetoric and matter of fact approach to life. It's one of the rare movies I would like to see again to catch the jokes or whatever. It made me laugh and teenage kids applause. There was the actual and very rare audience applause at the end of the movie. I can understand if you don't want to see the movie because of the teenage pregnancy subject matter, but if you can't laugh during this movie, then you are taking life too seriously.

Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom  4 star rating 06/26/2018 (Released: 06/22/2018)
Popcorn for breakfast on $5 Tuesday at an 8:30am showing. At least there a significant amount of people this time. I had been influenced by all the advertising and appearances of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard that I wanted to see this version even though I had not seen the previous. A lot of action where you wait and see how they get out of it. So that was the suspenseful part. The storied carried through well. Meaning it wasn't just repetitive but progressive.

Just Mercy  4 star rating 02/01/2021 (Released: 01/10/2020)
Excellent movie and reminders of the real world and our role. Michael B and Brie!!

Justified (Season )  0 star rating 08/04/2012

Justified Season 4  0 star rating 02/09/2013

Kate & Leopold  3 star rating 01/13/2002 (Released: 12/25/2001)
A romantic comedy involving an old favorite, time travel and a new favorite, Hugh Jackman.

Kate and Leopold  4 star rating 08/10/2006
Own it.

Kidding  2 star rating 02/13/2021 (Released: 08/31/2018)
Not sure how I watched this unless there was a free Showtime opportunity. Not sure how many episodes I watched. That's what happens when I don't immediately write my reviews and update this database in a timely fashion.

King Kong  2 star rating 01/29/2006 (Released: 12/14/2005)
Patrick's Review: 1st Hour: Creepy, 2nd Hour: Violent 3rd Hour: Sad

Not being a real Peter Jackson or Lord of the Rings fan, I went to see Jack Black and King Kong swing like a monkey from the Empire State Building. I was not disappointed by Jack Black and King Kong but I didn't need to see all the violence with the dinosaurs and iguanas. The only good part of that was watching King Kong juggle Ann Darrow.

Kings Speech  0 star rating 02/26/2011

Kingsman:The Secret Service  3 star rating 12/19/2015 (Released: 02/13/2015)
Not real unique but still fun to watch. I realized that when it was on again and I wanted to stand there and watch some of it, even though I knew what was going to happen. There were enough surprises to keep it interesting. Don't miss Mark Hamill in the beginning. Sometimes it's nice to jump right in the story and not be told what's going on.

Kinsey  3 star rating 04/18/2018 (Released: 01/07/2005)
I can't believe I had not seen this movie a long time ago but I don't remember seeing it and it's not my my movie list here so I may not have seen it. So it is technically a period piece so it wouldn't make sense to say the story held up but that's what I feel like saying. It was still a good story but seems like not enough time to understand the characters or details enough since felt like a lot was missing. But that's always going to be the way with a movie based on real events. Not a movie for prudes.

Knives Out  4 star rating 01/14/2020 (Released: 11/27/2019)
It was kind of like a Clue movie in that it was a murder mystery with a bunch of characters and you had to figure out how it all played out. There were plenty of big movie stars and that helped keep the movie interesting in my opinion. They all played big characters so I enjoyed that and watching Jamie Lee Curtis and Don Johnson and Michael Shannon and Toni Collette.

La La Land  4 star rating 01/29/2017 (Released: 12/25/2016)
The beginning of the movie was not that interesting but once the romantic story started and they were at the pool party and she made a song request, the story became interesting and captured my attention. This movie should win some song Oscars for sure. It has good odds for winning Best Picture but is not a sure thing. (Hidden Figures did win SAG award for Best Ensemble) There is stiff competition from Hacksaw Ridge also.

LA VIE EN ROSE (Môme, La)  3 star rating 02/29/2008 (Released: 06/15/2007)
A French movie with subtitles about the life of singer Edit Piaf. Rented it because Marion Cotillard won the Best Actress award. She did an amazing job with the help of makeup. It was a sad story to watch, very dark. The story line jumped around in time and that was done well because it added to the story, without confusing the viewer.

Labor Day  0 star rating 06/06/2014

Ladder 49  3 star rating 10/01/2004 (Released: 10/01/2004)
It helped to be prepared to know the movie would be reflective on his life after being trapped in a burning building. It still had to just be the highlights of his life but it was enough to get a feel for what it was like for him. It does explore the emotions of a firefighter in a very internal sort of way. Quite intense and a lot of puffy eyes coming out of there.

Lady Bird  4 star rating 12/22/2017 (Released: 11/03/2017)

Lady in the Water  2 star rating 07/28/2007
I was surprised M. had a larger part than in his previous movies. There was quite a bit of ironic humor and cartoon like horror. I spent too much time worrying about the unexpected twist at the end (if there would be one) rather than enjoy the story. It wasn't cryptic or surprising enough. Overall theme of everybody having a purpose was not missed.

Lake House  3 star rating 10/27/2006
Intense but worth it.

Larry Crowne  0 star rating 01/26/2012

Lars and the Real Girl  0 star rating 04/29/2008
Pleasant. Tasteful almost to the point of fantasy where everyone is actually nice. It's a story about mental illness, not what you would expect.

Last Vegas  3 star rating 09/03/2017 (Released: 11/01/2013)
I must have found this movie by following the Dan Fogelman link on imdb. Dan Fogelman is the writer of currently popular TV show "This is Us". Last Vegas was kind of like "Going in Style" a bunch of old guys and seeing what they are up to or capable of. I am getting older. I get it. Even though he has a grey beard, I still didn't like seeing Kevin Kline in the movie with the other 3 guys but only because I like to continue to think of Kevin Kline as younger then the rest of the guys. (Which he is but not that much younger than Michael Douglas.)

Last waltz  0 star rating 04/25/2014

Late Night  3 star rating 09/13/2019 (Released: 06/04/2019)
Fun to watch.

Lego Movie  3 star rating 01/02/2016 (Released: 02/07/2014)
A good family night movie for all to see. Fortunately, I wasn't too distracted by the voices where I would picture the actors. Then it became a game to guess the actors. There was a story to follow and it was cute.

Lemony Snicket's:A Series of Unfortunate Events  2 star rating 12/26/2004 (Released: 12/17/2004)
The kids seemed to like it. Wasn't comfortable for me, a mother to sit and watch kids in peril over and over.

Les Miserables  0 star rating 01/19/2013
not my kind of thing. Everybody doesn't have to love it.

Letherheads  3 star rating 10/17/2008 (Released: 04/04/2008)
Pleasant to watch. It was fun to see George Clooney's character interact with Renee Zellweger. The previews did show a lot of the good parts but didn't ruin it. This is an example where the preview was actually right on where if you liked the previews, you would enjoy the movie. I like older time movies with a strong female character also. That's a rare and special treat.

Letters from Iwo Jima  4 star rating 02/16/2007
Glad I saw it.

Libertine  2 star rating 07/30/2006
Not very good.

License to Wed  2 star rating 04/07/2008 (Released: 07/03/2007)
Fun movie to just sit back and enjoy. Robin Williams keeps it rolling and the deleted scenes were best deleted. Be sure to catch the "Ask Choir Boy" on the DVD.

Licorice Pizza  3 star rating 03/23/2022 (Released: 12/25/2021)
"Licorice Pizza" tried to be about too many things. What bothered me is that I was around in the 1970's but felt like I wasn't "getting" the messages but maybe that's because I wasn't around LA in the 1970's. The interesting things about the movie that I did not know until I read the "trivia" section on IMDB just before the movie started included: Cooper Hoffman (lead male role, film debut) is Philip Seymour Hoffman's son. Leonardo DiCaprio's father has a scene and Alana Haim's (lead female role) entire family is in the movie playing her family. It would be misleading of me to describe the movie simply as a 15 year old boy that falls in love with a 25 year old woman. But the bottom line is that I did walk away from the movie feeling good and in reality, that's an important part of going to a movie for me.

Life of Pi  0 star rating 01/18/2013
Artsy extremes. Colorful fantasy like Avatar at times.

Like crazy  0 star rating 06/28/2012

Lilo & Stitch  2 star rating 07/30/2002 (Released: 06/21/2002)
It wasn't exactly what they made you expect but it was decent.

Limbo  3 star rating 06/28/1999
I don't want to spoil it for you but if you are like me, you will appreciate knowing two things about the movie, before you see it. It has a plot twist near the middle and the end leaves you hanging. I would have liked to have known more about the characters and why they did things. I liked it well enough to try and rent some other John Sayles movies. You can get what it's about from the web site, I'm just here to give you my opinion.

Limitless  0 star rating 02/28/2014
Bradley Cooper

Lincoln Lawyer  0 star rating 07/14/2011

Lion  4 star rating 12/26/2016 (Released: 12/25/2016)
This story is one of those that you can say "needed to be told." Half of the movie was the little 5 year old boy and his journey while the other half was getting to know the 25 year old man. I expected the Nicole Kidman part to be small. But her in in may have brought more people to see the movie. The movie has already been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards and I expect it to gain some Oscar nominations. It was a good story. If there are aspects you don't understand around how it could actually happen, then I would explain that as cultural and country differences that we may not be exposed to or understand the gravity of the situation. We shall see what a movie can do for Street Children of the world.

Lions for Lambs  2 star rating 04/19/2008 (Released: 11/09/2007)
I liked how all the stories intertwined and the banter rhetoric tried not to pick sides. It was still making a statement and got you to think but overall it was still not well received.

Little Miss Sunshine  4 star rating 02/18/2007
Everyone should see it.

Little Women  3 star rating 01/28/2020 (Released: 12/25/2019)
Period pieces and literature are not my favorite things. But I enjoyed watching a cast of talented women and showing aspects I assume were never seen before where they stand up for themselves and speak their mind.

Living Out Loud  2 star rating 04/22/1999
Didn't seem very believable. It was interesting. But it was one of those where the previews were better or showed the best parts and left me disappointed.

Long Shot  3 star rating 06/20/2020 (Released: 05/03/2019)
I am keeping busy at home and not really watching that many movies. But I am more open to see movies and prefer to laugh when possible so looking for comedies (new) on HBO (on demand) so figured would give Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen a try. Expectations were low, just wanted to be entertained and have a few laughs and pass the evening time. This movie met that criteria.

Longmire  4 star rating 09/13/2015 (Released: 06/03/2012)
When binge watching on Netflix, it's good to alternate between comedy and drama. Started watching Longmire and it is a great replacement for Justified now that that series is over. The setting is in Wyoming but apparently filmed in New Mexico. Either way I like to see other parts of the United States even if it's fake. It is a typical crime and police story. Something bad happens in the beginning. A bunch of people are brought in or figured to be guilty. The seasoned detective can hold up to a fight or bad weather better than anybody and is the smart guy that figures it all out in the end.

Longmire  3 star rating 11/28/2017 (Released: 11/17/2017)
Wow, Season 6 appeared. Unexpected. But happy to finish up a series and see what happens to characters. Not quite on board with who the new Sheriff would be but it could work as a new series. Hopefully will continue seeing the actors in other stories like seeing Katee Sackhoff. Or maybe that was a rerun of CSI that I saw her in or an episode of Flash.

Lord of the Rings:Return of the King  1 star rating 02/01/2004 (Released: 12/17/2003)
Just not my kind of movie. Sorry. I did not like it. A great epic that cost a lot of money but no entertainment watching constant battles.

Lost in Translation  3 star rating 02/15/2004 (Released: 09/12/2003)
Not a lot of dialog and no subtitles. A movie that made you think. Always refreshing. The audience got quite a few laughs from Bill Murray. Geez he's looking old, but aren't we all. I enjoyed the movie and the music and the scenery.

Love  2 star rating 06/09/2018 (Released: 03/09/2018)
It took quite a few episodes to actually get into it and care about the characters. There are many but you don't lose interest on the main characters. I just kept seeing Judd Apatow's name as being associated with it but by the end, felt like Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs are the ones to watch or the ones that I have been seeing and didn't know it. It was a great series to watch, even if it is out of your comfort zone. I hope to see more of Claudia O'Doherty which I could do easily by going back and seeing movies she has already been in. I wish Community was streaming on Netflix or Amazon so I can watch that series and see people that are now more famous then when that show was out. (Gillian)

Love, Guaranteed  2 star rating 09/05/2020 (Released: 09/03/2020)
Lame and predictable but better than watching a violent movie. I like Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr and Heather Graham that were in it.

Lovecraft Country   star rating 08/25/2020 (Released: 08/16/2020)
Too violent for me to continue watching. It was wild and anything could happen so things can seem normal and then you see people dealing with monsters. Requires a certain mood to be able to endure. The series was well advertised though so I had to see what it was about.

Lucky Number Slevin  4 star rating 09/29/2006
Better then I had expected.

Lucy  3 star rating 03/26/2016 (Released: 07/25/2014)
Scarlett Johansson, I know she's not Charlize and I can picture each of them but their different names have trouble coming to me sometimes. Lucy, a movie worth catching on a movie channel, especially when you can rewind to see it from the beginning and in one sitting. It was helpful to have Morgan Freeman sort of narrating as the movie progressed, understanding the onnection carried the less brainiac audience. Luc Besson, the director (Fifth Element) set this movie at a very good pace of suspense and progression. Scarlett Johansson was easy to watch through her internal transformation and having the really bad guys as part of the plot added to the action.

Mad Max: Fury Road  4 star rating 01/17/2016 (Released: 05/15/2015)
Epic and difficult to watch but action packed. Not much dialogue. A ton of actors. Even though there wasn't much dialogue, glad I watched it with subtitles on. That way we at least got to see some of the characters' names. I supposed you could say the movie stayed true to the Mad Max Franchise, hired a lot of people from Australia and was much more intense to keep up with the intense times and expecations of moviegoers. What I also liked was the way of the wars were raw and non techno like the polecats as a way to attack another vehicle. Like others, I was surprised it made it to so many Oscar nominations. Not necessarily because of the quality of the movie but for one, it is a "franchise" movie and for two, it was released in May. So 2 more Best Picture Oscar nominations scratched off the list to see. Looking forward to a movie filled month and a half.

Mad men Season 4  0 star rating 06/09/2012

Mad Men Season 5  0 star rating 12/09/2012

Magic Mike  0 star rating 07/05/2012

Magic Mike XXL  2 star rating 12/04/2015 (Released: 07/01/2015)
Disappointing. It took too long for the movie to get to the good dancing. I guess I like their old routines to 80's music. It just wasn't as "fun" and exciting or even romantic like the first one.

Magnolia  2 star rating 01/16/2000 (Released: 12/17/1999)
I think I need to see the movie again. There was a lot to catch and even though I think I caught a lot, there is a lot more to catch. So my first impression was that I did not like the movie but I am reconsidering that with the statement that I need to see it again. There might be a couple of possible oscar nominations for any of the supporting actors but I doubt the movie itself, will be nominated for best picture. I do believe that even if you are done with your past, your past may not be done with you. And I also believe that weird things do happen. More insight with spoiler.

maid in manhattan  2 star rating 01/02/2003 (Released: 12/13/2002)
It was a romantic story with some comedy. I expected to see more of J.Lo's famous posterior but I guess that would have been too obligatory. It was movie night with Moms and a good movie for that. But I think I would have had more laughs if we saw The Hot Chick.

Mama Mia  2 star rating 01/13/2009 (Released: 07/18/2008)
With the way it was getting nominated for Golden Globes, I thought it could have been another hit like Chicago. But it was not and probably because none of the primary characters actually known for their signing. So even if they did sing well, it seemed out of place. And this is coming from someone that fast forwarded through a lot of the singing parts. I'm not a fan of musicals anyway. The reason I did give it 2 stars is because there were enough actors in it that I enjoy watching anyway.

Man of the Year  2 star rating 10/14/2006 (Released: 10/13/2006)
There was more drama than I was prepared for. Fortunately Robin Williams can pull off both quite well. Christopher Walken is always a treat to see. I was satisfied with the ending.

Man on the Moon  3 star rating 12/22/1999 (Released: 12/22/1999)
If you dislike Andy Kaufman, you probably won't like the movie. I enjoyed the movie and felt that I got some insight into his life. I didn't mind the "creative license" they used to make the movie more interesting and to make it a movie. I appreciated the uniqueness the movie attempted to maintain within the respect for Andy Kaufman's type of humor. There were minor time related things that they didn't bother trying to keep accurate but that was ok too. Andy Kaufman Home Page

Manchester by the Sea  4 star rating 12/24/2016 (Released: 12/16/2016)
Remember "Room" from last year. A really really sad movie and not just sad, but frustrating all to heck because of that "no way out" feeling? Well that was this movie. The year's representative of how difficult life can be. (And the kind of sucky year it has been.) And like "Room", this movie sticks to you like glue that is difficult to shake off.
Review 2: I watched Casey Affleck on SNL and he said it was really really sad and he was oh so right, not just making an opening monologue joke. I knew the basis of the story and not the details. They unfolded in frequent flashbacks without much of a scene separator like you were in his mind and it worked. You couldn't want to imagine all that was going on in his head but you had to. The story just wasn't the predictable kind of story in a way that you would expect so that made it a really good movie also. It's not easy telling a story in a way that has not been done before. Definitely the "feel sad" movie of the year. I loved seeing Kyle Chandler in it. That was a pleasant surprise. Smaller parts fit really well in the story. Definitely some Oscar nominations coming this way.

Manhattan  0 star rating 06/09/2012
not very good.

Margaret  0 star rating 11/05/2012
uncut, scenes needed to be deleted

Margin Call  0 star rating 07/31/2012

Marigold Hotel  0 star rating 07/24/2012

Marley and Me  2 star rating 04/18/2009 (Released: 12/25/2008)
My first RedBox rental. I held off from watching this earlier, understanding the movie covered Marley's entire life. But I like dogs and enjoyed the funny seens. I thing they dragged the end out a bit too much. We all know it happens, just get it over with and move on. There was nothing better to do so it was worth watching.

Marriage Story  2 star rating 01/25/2020 (Released: 12/06/2019)
I started watching this movie and then it was nominated for best picture so I had to finish it. One of the promo ads has Adam Driver's hand over his cheek like Tina Fey and his hand looked huge. And seeing the clip over and over where he hits the wall got to look so weird and fake over time. I'm glad Scar Jo was in more than one movie so she could have better odds but she still didn't win an Oscar. I guess I just don't know how to enjoy a well written movie about divorce and LA life style. That's on me.

Marshall  3 star rating 04/24/2018 (Released: 10/13/2017)
Was interested in the story and Chadwick Boseman before he was "The" Black Panther. It felt like the majority of the movie was courtroom scenes. It was dramatic and enlightening and a very small look into the life of Thurgood Marshall. Maybe there will be more films in the future about his life.

Martha Marcy May Marlene  0 star rating 06/14/2012 (Released: 12/21/2011)
Very disturbing and difficult to watch. I do not recommend this movie. It is NOT family entertainment.

Mary Queen of Scots  3 star rating 12/22/2018 (Released: 12/21/2018)
For a period piece, it sure had a lot of current themes. Like fake news that people believe and you just can't recover from. And although it is advertised as Sisterhood, there wasn't a lot of character in person interaction between them. You had to get the underlying meanings of everything with their old English words and communications being written or brought on with a messenger. And you had to rely on people's faces and reactions. So within that, there were twists and turns and some were unexpected by me but I am not a history buff and don't even like period pieces. But seeing this is the start of the efforts to see every Oscar nominated Best Picture before the Academy Awards.

Master and Commander:Far Side of the World  2 star rating 02/28/2004 (Released: 11/14/2003)
Not a movie I would choose to see but I did because of my yearly goal to see all Best Picture nominees before the Oscars. I completed that goal. I enjoyed watching Russell Crowe. The story was good and hearty. Lots of blood and battling. Couple scenes were just too hard to watch.

Master of None  4 star rating 12/31/2015 (Released: 11/06/2015)
I already liked listening to Aziz after listening to his book Modern Romance so watching his series, Master of None was the next logical step. I probably had a bit more insight into the scenes and topics in the show that were covered in the book. I like his questioning and open to new things attitude and how it shows that is a good thing. At first I didn't know it was a Series but was glad there was more than one to watch. Very insightful and humorous and plain enjoyable. I really like the fact that the people that play his parents are his parents. They did it so they could spend more time with him.

Meet the Patels  3 star rating 01/22/2016 (Released: 09/11/2015)
After seeing Ravi Patel in Aziz Ansari's show and as a chef on the new TV show "Grandfathered", there was no hesitation on watching "Meet the Patels" on Netflix. I appreciate these guys sharing their life and culture and parents with us. I really wanted to watch the whole thing at one sitting but there wasn't enough time. I had to watch it over a couple of days. The show made me think about my own family traditions and the fact that I am second generation and it made me wonder about other people so I asked at the next non family social event what generation other poeple were. The results were interesting. Anyway, back to the story. I can understand the parent's perspective of how their traditions have been successful for them and the idea and importance of having your kids follow those same traditions. And Ravi wanted to believe it too and gave it his best shot. In the end, like any good movie, he went with his heart.

Melinda and Melinda  2 star rating 07/03/2006

Memento  1 star rating 05/04/2001 (Released: 03/16/2001)
I was desperate for a movie once again and I have given a lot of movies 3-4 stars in that situation but I just can't do it this time. I did not like it. I wanted to see Mummy Returns and watch the good guy save the day and get some tension release with that but instead I watched a backwards movie that annoyed me throughout. Here's what I think. Ever since "The Sixth Sense", people have tried to recapture the wonderful surprise ending trick but they just aren't M. Night Shyamalan. (Hey I just went to IMDB to look up some names and saw a one line review that it is this year's Sixth Sense. See what I mean. I don't think it is!!) Here's why. The reverse order was annoying, intentional to add confusion, and was the only way they could show it to have the twisted ending. The movie would be stupid and average if showing in order. And, having Joe Pantoliano (Teddy) as the good guy in the end, well that was just plainold manipulative. Have you ever seen that actor in a "good guy" role? If you did it certainly wasn't a memorable role. The "surprise" ending just wasn't worth what you had to go through to find it out. It was not natural and "artistic" like it was for the Sixth Sense.

Men in Black 3  0 star rating 12/29/2012

Men In Black II  2 star rating 07/30/2002 (Released: 07/03/2002)
Nothing new or exciting really.

Men Who Stare at Goat  0 star rating 07/24/2011

Miama Vice  4 star rating 04/13/2007
Gotta love Colin.

Michael Clayton  3 star rating 02/04/2008 (Released: 10/12/2007)
I prefer to not know much about the movie before I see it and just let it play out. Try to catch the details you think will be important to the main story. The music by James Newton Howard was a character of it's own that played a role in the story. It's those things that made it a good story that I don't want to ruin for you.
George Clooney's character was not Oscar worthy compared to the other nominated roles even though I haven't seen those movies yet.
The movie felt like a typical plot line but enough things were different to make it interesting. It's a good solid movie I could recommend.

Midnight in Paris  0 star rating 02/06/2012

Miles Ahead  2 star rating 07/05/2018 (Released: 04/22/2016)
The movie covers a short span of his life with flashbacks and they are easy enough to follow with the change in his appearance. I didn't really enjoy watching the movie but I can't deny some creative cinematic aspects that intertwined his music through so many scenes, I wasn't even realizing it. Maybe I would have to be a fan of his music to fully enjoy. I like the music well enough, I just don't know it all like a fan would.

Milk  4 star rating 01/23/2009 (Released: 12/22/2008)
BP:I was around in the 70's and do remember Anita Bryant in the news and the popularity of San Francisco for gay people. But I wasn't aware of Harvey Milk. I probably heard something about an openly gay political person being killed but that was about it. So if you didn't mind seeing the love story of Brokeback Mountain, didn't flinch seeing Tom Selleck and Kevin Kline kiss in In and Out, then you could probably handle this movie. I think Jake G and Heath helped make this movie not as big a deal. Plus it's historical. The coolest cinematic effect that stood out in the movie was the scene shot in the reflection of the whistle. That was cool. I wasn't judging Sean Penn's imitation of Harvey because I don't know his mannerisms. But Sean Penn's nomination for Best Actor is worth of the performance. I can't say the same about Josh Brolin. I realize that feeling is partly because the character was so strange but still. Josh did a great job in No Country for Old Men so it's more of a comment on the character than the actor. The love scenes were not very long, shot close up or in partial darkness. But that's just my assessment.

Million Dollar Baby  4 star rating 01/29/2005 (Released: 12/15/2004)
I don't think I've cried so much since I saw Green Mile. I was glad to see it before I saw too many previews or spoilers. It really wasn't a boxing movie, not to say there wasn't a lot of punching and blood. Clint's Best Actor Oscar nomination was a surprise to the predictors but it was a very powerful character that couldn't be overlooked. Poor Hiliary is so good at playing a poor girl. The lighting contrasts were a part of the mystique and meaningful. I don't want to spoil the movie but also don't want you to be expecting a typical feel good movie either. I guess if you remember and know who directed it, you won't be disappointed.

Minus Man, The  2 star rating 10/13/1999 (Released: 10/08/1999)
It wasn't that great of a movie. It's about a (non violent) serial killer and it has few stars in it like Janeane Garofalo and Mercedes Ruehl. The main character is played by Owen Wilson. Remember that name because you will see him in more movies. But for me he reminded me a whole lot of Jay Mohr.

Miss Potter  3 star rating 04/06/2008 (Released: 12/29/2006)
I guess this movie didn't make it big on screen but it was a fun movie to watch and learn about the life of Beatrix Potter. I went to the library and got some of her books to get the kids interested in watching the movie. It's a family fun movie and teaches you about the way of life in the 1890's.

Miss You Already  3 star rating 10/15/2017 (Released: 09/25/2015)
Well you knew from the start that somebody was going to die. I like Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette so wanted to see them as girlfriends and see which one was nicer. It was Drew's character in my opinion. If you want a synopsis, you can always go to

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol  0 star rating 07/22/2012

Mona Lisa Smile  3 star rating 01/14/2004 (Released: 12/19/2003)
The movie was much deeper than the previews led me to think. I had difficulty with a few things but that could have been part of the intent or charm. For example, Julia Roberts seemed out of place (not in the time period) and Dominic West did not seem like an Italian Soldier. But that's just it. They were acting. But also you knew there was a lot more to their stories but just didn't get the info form the movie. Basically I am saying I couldn't figure out all the characters and that's ok. It left me wanting more.

MoneyBall  0 star rating 01/23/2012

Monster's Ball  1 star rating 02/09/2002 (Released: 12/26/2001)
I sometimes like movies that are not mainstream but this one did nothing for me. Yes there was prejudice and crime but I couldn't accept the character's acceptance of the apparently easy changes. The emotions did not seem real.

Monster's Inc.  3 star rating 11/03/2001 (Released: 11/02/2001)
I enjoyed the movie. I had trouble getting past imagining Billy Crystal and John Goodman's actual faces when I heard their voices.

Moon  4 star rating 11/24/2018 (Released: 07/10/2009)
My friend's 3D Printer is named Sam Bell and I didn't understand why and I claim to be a movie buff. So to fix that, I had to see the movie "Moon". The movie had remnant feelings of "Gravity" (2013) and "The Martian" (2015) and "Multiplicity" (1996) with Michael Keaton. My favorite line from "Multiplicity": You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it's not as sharp as...well.. the original. So true and appropriate and was said in a different way but still addressed in "Moon". I don't feel I am spoiling too much here since first of all, the movie came out in 2009 and I watched the trailer for it today and the official trailer shows Sam Rockwell's character, Sam Bell, asking why the other guy looks like him. So if you like Science Fiction movies and Sam Rockwell and missed this one, it's definitely worth the (library) DVD rental or if that is archaic to you, currently available on Netflix.
It's the kind of movie that makes you think about isolation and behavior and manipulation. It was the kind of movie that sticks with you.

Moonlight  4 star rating 02/04/2017 (Released: 11/18/2016)
An interesting approach to tell a story about one life by using 3 different actors just like taking 12 years to make a movie using the same actors was more unique. A movie that told a story without a lot of details and passes over chunks of time leaving you to figure out what happened or pick up clues from the conversations what happened. Actor wise it was easy enough to follow but I still felt like I missed some information because I did, but for other reasons too.

Moonrise Kingdom  0 star rating 05/27/2013

Morning Glory  0 star rating 07/02/2011

Mostly Martha  3 star rating 07/27/2007 (Released: 04/18/2002)
The German version of what just came out as No Reservations. A nice story that inspired me to eat and cook better food. I am interesting in seeing the recent US version to compare line for line differences since it's so near in my memory.

Mother!  2 star rating 01/05/2018 (Released: 09/15/2017)
I could not watch the whole movie. Robin finished it later and explained that it was somewhat biblical references. For me it was to nasty to keep watching.

Mud  0 star rating 09/06/2013
I liked it.

Mummy Returns, The  3 star rating 05/06/2001 (Released: 05/04/2001)
Action packed (bugs too) adventure with corny dialog and a few laughs where the good guys win in the end. Just what I needed.

Mummy, The  3 star rating 05/07/1999 (Released: 05/07/1999)
It had suspense, adventure, a lot of action and some stoogeness. Was it like Raiders of the Lost Ark? Yes, but that doesn't mean it was bad. I'm just wondering if it will be a blockbuster movie because of all the other retro comebacks like Star Wars. What I liked about the movie, (other than watching Brendan Fraser in action) was that at least the damsel in distress was intelligent and wasn't screaming all the time.

Munich  4 star rating 03/03/2006 (Released: 12/23/2005)
The movie was bloody, intense and political, yes but the strongest message yet. I don't know how it compares to historical reality but seemed realistic. I can't say I understood every detail but certainly walked away affected. Unfortunately, not positive effects, but effects, nonetheless. Very bloody. Caution. Now I have seen all best picture nominated movies. I predict Munich to win Best Picture. My favorite was Walk the Line, but not nominated for Best Picture.

Music & Lyrics  2 star rating 06/09/2007 (Released: 02/14/2007)
Cute enough romantic comedy with musical entertainment. Light.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding  3 star rating 11/10/2002 (Released: 04/19/2002)
The movie has been out for 30 weeks and is number 6 of top grossing movies this week. This is the perfect movie for the typical movie goer that wants a few laughs and something they can relate to. The large cast includes enough personalities or relationships that there is something for everyone.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2  4 star rating 04/10/2016 (Released: 03/25/2016)
I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" from an OnDemand download and then decided to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" that same evening at a movie theatre since it was playing nearby. That was the best way to see MBFGR2 because all the consistencies stood out. For example, the first scene in both movies was the same and represented the same, Toula being in a rut. I was surprised to see John Stamos and Rita Wilson in the movie. (Did you know Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were producers on the first movie?) I would bet that both of those people WANTED to be in the movie just for the fun of it. They were small roles and didn't have that much value to the entire movie, just one predictable joke. They were not NEEDED for the star power. But I bet they had fun being part of the project. There were so many faces from the first movie, I'm glad they didn't wait too long to create the 2nd movie. It was charming and fun. I've always enjoyed watching John Corbett (Northern Exposure). Aspects of the movie hit home in several ways. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, there's something for everybody. The only disappointment was that the movie was supposed to have taken place in Chicago but was filmed in Canada. I laughed and cried and enjoyed watching the movie. Even though it was not at a Best Picture to win an Oscar level, I still want to give it a 4 star rating.

My Boy Jack  0 star rating 05/28/2012

My idiot brother  0 star rating 07/02/2012

My Sister's Keeper  3 star rating 01/02/2010 (Released: 06/29/2006)
Have a box of tissues nearby. Very strong family dynamics to figure out. I'm glad the entire story wasn't given away in the trailers.

My Sister's Keeper  2 star rating 12/18/2009 (Released: 01/27/2002)
OK so I accidentally rented this old Hallmark story instead of the recent release. But it wasn't that old of a movie and still a typical heartfelt family movie. Very different story.

My Week with Marilyn  0 star rating 04/04/2012

Mystic River  4 star rating 02/20/2004 (Released: 10/08/2003)
My favorite kind of movie. Introduces characters, leads you to believe certain things but if you pay real close attention, and follow all the clues, you will learn many things and then finish off the rest with your imagination. A movie filled with some "big dramatic and suspenseful guns", Tim Robbins(Arlington Road), Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon(Wild Things).

Nacho Libre  2 star rating 11/18/2006
Jack Black in tights.

Namesake  4 star rating 12/21/2007 (Released: 03/09/2007)
A cultural movie all should see to open their minds to life in other countries and their traditions. There was no moral to the story that beats you over the head. Just good storytelling insight into the Indian culture. I heard about this movie from seeing DVD previews. I recognized Kal Penn from House MD and he was Kumar in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.

Napoleon Dynamite  2 star rating 10/17/2004 (Released: 06/11/2004)
Quite the goofy movie but probably a cult classic now and forever. It was funny and refershingly different. Be sure to stay beyond the credits to see the final scene that was added. I almost missed it. Now I'll have to go back to staying for the credits all the time again.

National Treasure  3 star rating 12/10/2004 (Released: 11/19/2004)
Didn't waste any time getting into suspenseful and exciting scenes. Clean adventure movie that I enjoyed watching. Makes history interesting. A feel good movie if you need one.

Nebraska  0 star rating 02/16/2014
realistic and sad with funny moments. An old person's fantasy movie.

New In Town  3 star rating 07/30/2009 (Released: 01/30/2009)
Romantic Comedy with the kind of ending you expect to see with that kind of movie.

Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist  0 star rating 12/04/2012
Kate Denning saying Caroline a lot. Rich Jewish Girl

Night at the Museum  3 star rating 12/27/2006
Family Fun

NightCrawler  3 star rating 03/27/2015 (Released: 10/31/2014)
Saw it on the Airplane without captions and a lot of background noise so not the best way to see a movie but was glad I had the chance. It was one I wanted to see before the Oscars but did not. I took the positive spin and would call it an entrepreneur's inspiration movie that anything is possible if you work real hard and research and pay attention to what is going on around you. Yeah sure there was some creepiness to the character but it didn't bother me because I expected it to e a lot worse.

No Country For Old Men  3 star rating 02/01/2008 (Released: 11/21/2007)
You should know going into it that there is a lot of violence and gore and yes it can be difficult to watch. The visuals tell the story (and I don't mean just the blood). There is very little dialog. You have to pay very close attention and work through the accents to catch everything. It was a challenge to watch and pick up the inferences and that made it very compelling.

No Reservations  0 star rating 05/09/2008 (Released: 07/27/2007)
I have had this movie on hold since I watched Mostly Martha, the original. So in that case I watched for differences. The biggest one is that the young girl didn't leave and then the Aunt have to go and get her.

North Country  3 star rating 04/23/2006 (Released: 10/21/2005)
A Norma Rae type movie that was worth watching the fight, not really providng enough character background, possibly since there were so many. The back and forth in time worked out and wasn't over done to explain the story.

Not Yet Rated  2 star rating 07/22/2007
Interesting information about how the Motion Picture Rating works and how/why it exists. More people should see this movie. It took some guts to make and put on the shelf.

Notebook  2 star rating 04/21/2007
Probably didn't cry as much as people talked about it.

Ocean's 11  3 star rating 02/16/2002 (Released: 12/07/2001)
It was all too unelievable at first but by the end, it didn't matter and I enjoyed the movie.

Ocean's 11 (1960)   star rating
So the first difference I needed to learn between this 1960 version and the George Clooney one is that the number eleven is NOT spelled out for the 1960's version. And now that I know that, I should fix that point in my movie review list. I had not seen the 1960 version in it's entirety that I remembered. I happened to find it on XFinity for free, ending that day so watched it with my dad, while in Florida. Great characters that he could recognized helped maintain his interest. I loved seeing Shirley MacLaine as a young woman. My favorite line was when Sammy Davis Jr said: I knew this color would come in handy one day. I won't spoil the ending. There was plenty that was different than the current version. And I don't mean the part where somebody had to be near the land line phone when a call was made.

Ocean's Eight  4 star rating 06/08/2018 (Released: 06/08/2018)
The movie followed the Ocean's 11 (2001) model as one would expect. If you weren't familiar with that film, nothing is lost. It was still a great movie with surprises on it's own. The reference or appearance of characters from the 2001 version just wasn't as special if you weren't familiar with them obviously. The action and twists and reveals were in line with Ocean's 11. The glamorous gowns show in trailer's were as much as you would see so not a main event of the story and really no explanation other than a comment that they would like to dress up and show up at the Gala. Fun to watch. Hope it holds up like all the other Ocean movies and there will be an Ocean's 9.

Off the Map  4 star rating 02/05/2006 (Released: 03/11/2005)
Excellent story, intriguing and inspirational. Highly recommend to anyone. A family living in New Mexico lives off the land with very little income. They are visited by an IRS agent to audit their taxes. A unique story worth watching.

Okja  3 star rating 07/02/2017 (Released: 06/28/2017)
Even though Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton didn't have as much screen time as you would think, it was still an enjoyable story. Don't get hung up on the world resource message or cruelty to animals and it's just interesting enough. I liked the beginning that established the close relationship between Mija and Okja. Just let the movie flow and see what happens. Or not, and say it's like King Kong level of a movie.

Old Dogs  3 star rating 12/27/2009 (Released: 11/25/2009)
Fun enough to watch with 11 year olds.

On a Clear Day  3 star rating 01/31/2007
You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

On the Basis of Sex  3 star rating 01/21/2019 (Released: 01/11/2019)
Here's my review before seeing the movie: Great movie based on context and content. Everyone should see it. RGB did amazing things that everyone should know about. After seeing the movie version: I want to see more about her life. It was good that a certain time frame and a couple of cases in her early career were focused on for the movie. Wouldn't want anything glossed over. But I want to learn more. Maybe I should see the documentary on her life. Wait, I already did. The documentary left me with a better impression of her accomplishments. This movie covered only a snippet of her continuous long life. Armie Hammer was so tall and kind and such a good daddy for the time.

Once  2 star rating 03/27/2008 (Released: 06/13/2007)
Maybe if you like music and write your own this movie will be inspirational to you. I rented it because of the Oscar winning song which was nice to hear. But there wasn't much dialoge. It was a subliminal musical that got boring to me after a while. Sorry.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  3 star rating 01/21/2020 (Released: 07/26/2019)
I stayed to watch the credits to the end in case there was more to see and there was. I liked seeing Kurt Russell since he is Old Hollywood like no other. But Leo and Brad almost sounded like they were trying to sound like Kurt. There were many more movie stars than I could catch, but to name a few I liked seeing Timothy Olyphant. What you may not realize from the clips is that some of the scenes were from the tv show/movie within the movie. And wow- Anna-Katt (Julia Butters) from American Housewife has been in a lot of stuff. She is growing up. I hope she has a safe and healthy career.

Ondine  0 star rating 11/17/2011

Only the Brave  3 star rating 04/05/2018 (Released: 10/20/2017)
Based on a true story has been my latest area of interest. Even if its hard to watch, kind of grounds you as a reminder of the different kinds of people that do exist. I enjoyed Josh Brolin and Miles Teller and happy to see a Stults brother. Watch the DVD extras to see more about the actual guys that were portrayed. Felt like they were much younger than the actors. Even Taylor Kitsch is getting older since his Friday Night Lights days.

Oscar and Lucinda  3 star rating 03/25/2008 (Released: 12/31/1997)
This movie has probably been on my rental list for quite a few years and I happened across it at the library. I enjoyed watching Ralph and Cate looking 10 years younger because they were. I'm not big on period pieces but that is what Ralph and Cate do best anyway. Cate being the strong woman role while seeing love and sexuality without the hot raw sex, was refreshing cinema. A movie that holds it's own over the years (typical with well done period pieces anyway) that is a good rental.

Osmosis Jones  3 star rating 08/11/2001 (Released: 08/10/2001)
I realize it is typecasting from Caddyshack but there isn't a more appropriate person than Bill Murray to play Frank. There were only a few truly gross out parts. Other than that, the inside action of Frank was very clever.

Outside Providence  3 star rating 08/25/2000 (Released: 09/01/1999)
It is a Farrelly Brothers movie and I enjoyed it. I wanted to see it after seeing the previews with Alec Baldwin. The drug usage in the movie wasn't so bad and it reminded me of the 70's and that's when the movie setting took place. It was somewhat predictable but I still enjoyed it.

Outsourced  0 star rating 11/14/2011

Palm Springs  4 star rating 07/11/2020 (Released: 07/10/2020)
After watching this movie I felt that it was an excellent movie and everybody should watch it because I said so. But then I changed my mind. Here's the path to how I got to watching this movie. It was 3:15am and I woke up and the brain started churning. This is typical and I struggle to get back to sleep so I put on a podcast to help with that. I listened to Fresh Air and the Colin Jost interview. I found the interview pretty interesting and believe I stayed awake for most of it. Or which is more likely, I dozed off and then was awoken near the end and was awake again. So I heard the end of the Colin Jost podcast. Then after that podcast, there was a second part that reviewed the movie Palm Springs which I had heard nothing about but have been to Palm Springs. So I started listening to that review but the reviewer was giving away too much of the plot. So all I needed to hear was what platform the movie was being delivered on so I could check it out. I might have gone to the JustWatch app in the mean time to see where the movie was playing and found it was on Hulu. So I started watching the movie on Hulu and the movie review faded out. The next morning I finished listening to the movie review podcast and I changed my mind about the movie. And that's why, in a nutshell, my movie reviews are more about me then a synopsis of the movie. I prefer to not know much about a movie so it unfolds in front of me and I am taken by surprise or having fun figuring out what is going to happen next. Now if you have made it through this much of my review or you have seen any marketing for the movie, you already know the premise and I won't be spoiling anything. If the opposite is true then stop reading this. The movie follows GroundHog Day time loop and that was enough to get me to watch it. It's called a romantic comedy but also Sci Fi and a few other things. So although it was like a lot of other movies, there wasn't one just like it. So I liked it for it's uniqueness with familiarity. Deciding whether or not a movie is good or not (for me) all depends on how you feel afterward and what mood you were in to start. So for the ability to help me make it through the night and bring me into the daylight morning, and surprise me while creatively repeating the same day over and over I give this movie 4 stars. I didn't disagree with the reviewer Justin Chang that said "I will say that the movie doesn't entirely avoid a tired gender dynamic in which a smart, determined woman has to expend a lot of emotional and mental energy just to get her boyfriend to want to move forward." So that's why I take back the need for everyone to see it. I can't promote it. Like the video that was forwarded to me about an old lady being approached by a stranger and offering her a bottle of wine if she showed him her boobs. yes I laughed or at least chuckled at the ridiculousness of it but I would not forward it. Good thing I only have a couple friends that might even read this entire review.

Parasite  4 star rating 01/20/2020 (Released: 11/08/2019)
Continuing on my quest to see all Best Picture nominated movies before the Oscars continues on successfully. I had no idea what the story was about. The story built upon itself over and over and turned into a mystery of sorts. Of course the subtitles did not bother me and I prefer having them. I appreciated the suspense and the fantasy aspects. The fantasy aspects allowed you to wonder what was real and what was not. This helped with the mystery and suspense as it unfolded all the way to the end. I am really surprised it was able to win both Best Picture and Best International picture. That is only one of the historical aspects. Also, I didn't realize it was the same director as Okja and I liked that movie too. I highly recommend watching Okja. Still available on Netflix.

Party Down (Series Season 1)  0 star rating 06/12/2013
Didn't finish.

Passengers  1 star rating 03/05/2010 (Released: 10/24/2008)
The movie was one hour and 20 minutes long. That was plenty. This movie was recommended to me by a co-worker and I was told it had a big twist at the end. That in mind I was thinking about all the actual possibilities and how I swore I would never get caught in that trap again like The Sixth Sense did to me. So it wasn't that much of a twist at the end. And the story itself was rather strange. It was like things were left out on purpose just to drag you in. One of the actors was Clea DuVall (Bob's daughter) and I had just seen her on TV in an episode of Private Practice. David Morse is always creepy lately. He gave away his story near the end.

Passion Fish  3 star rating 09/14/2009 (Released: 12/11/1992)
Maybe I saw it when I was trying to see every John Sayles movie but didn't remember it well enough. I wish I could see more of Mary McDonnell.

Patch Adams  4 star rating 07/10/2020 (Released: 12/25/1998)
This night was an attempt at a Robin Williams film festival. I remembered the movie but confuse it with Awakenings (1990) where Robin Williams also plays a doctor but if there's no Robert DeNiro then, no confusion. So it's important to watch the movie from the beginning and enjoyed seeing Monica Potter but couldn't really buy her in a romantic relationship with Robin Williams. But everybody's a little bit damaged and could use a special friend to help them in life. It all seemed a bit unbelievable but it is based on a true story and when it was over, I looked up the Gesundheit Institute on Google Maps and found it. A good movie but still a reminder that life can be quite sad since both Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman left us too soon.

Pay It Forward  2 star rating 10/14/2000 (Released: 10/20/2000)
It wasn't as sappy as it could have been but it was rather predictable and I don't like that in a movie. And the extent of the tragedies in each person's life was rather extreme in my opinion. I thought it was going to be a "feel-good" movie and it was even reviewed as a "feel-good family movie." But it did not make me feel good. I didn't bring enough kleenex. You would think I would know better but I forgot to grab some. So I had to get by with one kleenex and a napkin. It was probably about a 10 kleenex movie though. And I left with a headache rather than a burst of energy to pay it forward.
The process of paying it forward was a bit more complicated than you might expect also. It wasn't too complicated to understand or anything but it had requirements to be something big.
The characters didn't seem to be very consistent and tried to hard at not being just tragic. I won't tell you how it ended but it was not a good ending.
If you want to hear more specifics about why it wasn't that great of a movie than read JoBlo's review.
I went to the Sneak Preview of this movie so that I could form my own opinion and there are a lot of movies coming out (since it is nearing the end of the year) and I have high expectations that they will be better than most. This one disappointed me. Maybe next time I won't try and be the first and go for something that I think will be better worth my time.

Pee-wee's Big Holiday  3 star rating 04/02/2016 (Released: 03/18/2016)
After seeing Paul Rubens on Jimmy Fallon and hearing him talk about Joe Manganiello being in the movie, I wanted to see it. So after watching a couple of "The Ranch" episodes on Netflix, wanted to sit back and relax and watch something else. I made it through the whole movie. The beginning sequence was very clever like a human Rube Goldberg machine. It was a familiar format but not exactly predictable which made it hold my interest. There were a cast of characters that seemed like they have been working with him for a long time. They were also interesting to watch. You just didn't know what they were going to do. And it was good clean fun.

Penelope  3 star rating 04/01/2008 (Released: 02/29/2008)
Cute movie to see with the young kids and was impressed with the lesson explained by the young child in the end. It was deeper than expected.

People Like Us  3 star rating 03/31/2018 (Released: 06/29/2012)
Worth watching late at night when trying to find something to help pass the time. An interesting story.

Perfect Pitch  0 star rating 10/12/2012

Phantom Thread  2 star rating 01/26/2018 (Released: 01/19/2018)
I went to see this movie even though when I saw the previews, it looked boring and I had no interest in seeing it. But just like war movies not being my first choice to see, I go beyond my comfort zone to see all Best Picture nominated movies. If I don't go see the movie, then I can have no opinion. Then once I see the movie, I have an opinion based on the action of seeing the movie. The movie was boring to start and I did doze off a few times and did not feel like I missed much. It was not a "normal" movie and on the initial surface I would say the movie was about this dressmaker guy that liked to keep a live mannequin nearby to try on his dress designs. It was the kind of movie where you would like to talk to people afterwards to verify your impression but then if you do that, you will hear someone else's impression. I guess if the relationship between the two main characters was normal, then there's nothing worth making a movie about it then. Outside of the (once again) large age difference and mannequin wife (not even being mentioned as wife so you didn't know if his new mannequin even was his wife,) she had her ways and new what she wanted and how to get it. The preview showed a bit of how the dressmaker added hidden pieces to the dress but that did not end up being significant part of the story, so the purpose was minor (lost opportunity). I did not like the movie but you knew it would at least end up with a nomination in Costume Design.

Philomena  0 star rating 01/19/2014
with Robin and Olivia

Pirates of the Carribean 3  3 star rating 06/03/2007
Too much yackety yack dragged it on.

Pirates of the Carribean DMC  3 star rating 07/21/2006

Place Beyond the Pines  0 star rating 09/27/2013
cinematic wonderfulness. If you are going to ride like ligthening you are going to crash like thunder.

Planet of the Apes  2 star rating 07/27/2001 (Released: 07/27/2001)
The ape acting and makeup were very good considering the challenges. The ape behavior was more intense then previous POTA films. There were a few "predictable" surprises, as I would call them. But maybe you just can't provide enough newness to something that has already been done in 6 movies, 1 series and 1 cartoon. Well maybe not for someone my age. This could be all new for the younger generation and they may enjoy it a great deal.

Pleasantville  2 star rating 04/22/1999
A decent movie.

Please Stand By  3 star rating 07/07/2018 (Released: 01/26/2018)
A young autistic women with amazing drive and focus for what she believes in was awesome.

Precious  4 star rating 02/20/2010 (Released: 11/20/2009)
Going in I knew it would be a sad movie and it was. I guess I can understand why it was nominated for best picture. The acting nominations are defintely well deserved. Typically I wouldn't go see this find of movie (family voilence) in the same line that I wouldn't go see a war movie. They are just content that I don't get enjoyment out of viewing and going to the movies is a good thing when you are entertained. But there can be a variety of reasons someone may go to a movie. And in the same way war movies are based on true stories, so wsa this movie. The content was all realistic scenarios no matter how sad and difficult to watch. And that may be why it should be watched. I'm not one to give the spoilers or synopsis. It was a movie worth watching because it's an Oscar Best Picture nomination and an insight to part of America we would rather not think about.
I also liked seeing Precious' fantasy world that helps keep you in balance when difficult times are in front of you. (And getting the chance to do those things gave the actress a chance to have some fun while playing a character in a very dark and difficult situation.
It seemed like Sunkist had a little product placement. I stayed for the credits and was glad I did to see that Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey were Nurse John and the social worker. I sort of recognized Lenny but didn't place the name and I did not recognize Mariah without all her make up and stuff. Not seeing a bunch of previews but did see Gabourey on the Leno show did help with the experience.

Premium Rush  0 star rating 03/22/2013
Previews best parts

Premonition  3 star rating 04/20/2007
Cinematic license to do things out of order.

Preservation Road  2 star rating 05/10/2008 (Released: 10/12/2007)
Not the movie to watch when you're already having an allergy attack and sneezing with a runny nose. Went through half a box of Puffs Plus. I probably rented this one because of who was in it, Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo. Both very strong actors playing the part with real intensity where you wouldn't want to find yourself in either situation. The stories about a hit and run accident and how the families that happened to be intertwined, dealth with it.

President's Analyst  0 star rating 02/01/2014 (Released: 12/21/1967)
60's all the way with James Coburn

Pretty Baby  3 star rating 10/20/2018 (Released: 04/05/1978)
After listening to Brooke's book about her mother, I wanted to see her first movie and what the end result was after hearing what Brooke had gone through in making it. Brooke's role in the movie was disconcerting and I don't feel comfortable sharing my review.

Prime  3 star rating 10/17/2006
Hard not to watch.

Prometheus  2 star rating 03/16/2016 (Released: 06/08/2012)
It felt like a combination of several other movies like the Abyss and Armageddon. It was like Star Trek or a horror movie in figuring out who was going to die first. Maybe it was the familiarity with those movies that kept me watching for the fact that I was on an airplane looking for something to help pass the time and if there is a screen right in front of me with movie selecttions, I was going to pick a movie I had not seen yet. I guess Charlize Theron didn't get top billing because she didn't have as much screen time as other main characters. I was waiting to see Guy Pearce and then after watching the credits, realized it was the old guy character so I couldn't tell through all the aging makeup. Typical Guy with the unique face but can still have so many different appearances and play different characters. He is one of the undervalued actors. Anyway, the movie was Eh, ok that is supposed to make you think deeply about where we came from and what's really in the outer spaces.

Proof  3 star rating 03/18/2006 (Released: 03/20/1992)
Don't confuse this 1991 film with a young Russell Crowe and the 2005 Proof with Gwyneth and Sir Anthony. It was a very interesting story show perspectives and aspects of life we may not have considered before. Multilayered and sometimes unpredictable. A real story.

Proof  3 star rating 12/24/2006
Complicated but interesting.

Public Enemies  2 star rating 01/30/2010 (Released: 06/18/2009)
This movie has come up in conversations recently to build the interest in renting it. The movie was filmed partially in Chicago and there were people that people we know were in it or cars of people that people we know were in it. I probably didn't actually see the whole thing since I fell asleep a few times. So it wasn't that interesting of a movie. I made an effort to try and keep track of who was at least the famous ones but there were a lot of characters. Not that much in time for character development and since some are historical figures, there's that you can go back to. Many scenes were dark and too close up of shots for me to catch all that I felt the need to. The R rating was for the blood spurting out scenes but not nudity or bad language you typically hear in other R rated movies. In summary, I would say that it is a thin movie when it comes to character development and scenery. But that wasn't the purpose of the movie. If you want to see shoot em up and lots of kinds of guns close up and pretend that a bad guy was one of the good guys because he's Johnny Depp, then there's that.

Pursuit of Happyness  3 star rating 04/04/2007

Pushing Tin  4 star rating 04/23/1999
I don't know how accurate the movie was about the lives of Air Traffic Controllers but it was a good movie. It had some comedy, action, drama and suspense. John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton were decent rivals. Cate Blanchett reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer in Married to the Mob with the attempt of a New York accent. It is so hard to believe that Cate Blanchett was Elizabeth. She's just one of those women who's appearance can change so easily I guess.

Quinceanera  4 star rating 02/23/2007
Low budget but works.

R.I.P.D.  0 star rating 07/21/2013
Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges in a combo movie of MIB and Ghostbusters and Mumm. But hey, got out on a Sunday afternoon and did something, the aka cheap vacay.

Race  3 star rating 06/01/2018 (Released: 02/19/2016)
A really good story.

Rachel Getting Married  3 star rating 03/12/2009 (Released: 10/03/2008)
It was interesting to see what else Anne Hathaway was capable of and it's funny how I keep forgetting that she does not play Rachel. Even though I am not a drug addict, everybody has their own additions in one way or another and can be reminded or learn things from this story. Like getting tired of starting over again and again but that is what we have to do to keep moving forward in our life. The movie had the cinematic effects that made it feel real and like you were just watching a home video. There were so many characters, too many to get deep enough character development but you could still read stories on people's faces. It's good to remind ourselves once in a while the very serious issues that other people deal with to keep the satisfaction of our own lives as a true accomplishment and should not be taken for granted.

Racing Stripes  1 star rating 03/25/2005 (Released: 01/14/2005)
Story with talking animals just wasn't enough to keep Robin in his seat. He said he liked it better than the Incredibles but he sat better for the Icredibles. Probably because it was more action packed. I think he lliked this movie better because it had free refills on popcorn and icee.

Ray  3 star rating 02/02/2005 (Released: 10/29/2004)
Entertaining movie to watch. Covered most of his earlier years. Jamie Foxx was excellent as most critics have already stated. It felt like you were watching Ray. Don't think it will win best picture though since it's a biography but then again so is Aviator. An account of somebody's life isn't usually a best picture pic.

Ray Donovan (Season 1)  4 star rating 08/12/2014
The Showtime formula that works. A character that does really bad stuff but somehow you can't help but like or feel emphathy towards. Dexter, Weeds and most of all, the Sopranos. Ray Donovan is Boston Sopranos set in LA. Binge watching works best but caution on your emotional reactions in real life. You can get caught up. Jon Voight was amazing. You just don't know which way you're going to go with liking his character. I predict that when Mark Wahlberg is Jon Voight's age, he can create a similar show and play the grandfather that you're just not sure about.

Ray Donovan (Season4)  4 star rating 08/23/2017 (Released: 10/29/2017)
Binge watch and after a while forget, and then remember to get the next season. Fun to watch Liev Schreiber. Lots of violence and drama but that's what it is for.

Ray Donovan Season 5   star rating 04/05/2018 (Released: 08/06/2017)
Feels like every season I watch, I want to stop but can't. Just have to see how he gets out of situations. This season jumps around in time to try and catch you up with what happened over the summer and it seemed lame at first but it was purposeful and was a way for the Ray character to deal with moving forward. So once again, a year from now, have to remember to look for Season 6 at the library ( since I don't get Showtime)

Ray Donovan Season 6 & 7  4 star rating 04/19/2020 (Released: 10/19/2018)
This show is so hard to watch and stop watching at the same time. It is so unbelieveable and unrelateable and yet I want to see what happens to the characters. I saw the opportunity of getting free Showtime during the covid-19 pandemic, which had an expiration date so I watched 2 seasons in a weekend. It felt necessary to watch a lot more TV on a weekend and make it feel different than the weekdays when they all blend together more than ever before. So now I am caught up since I don't get Showtime. I used to get the DVDs from the library, watching a season behind.

Ray Donovan Season Two  4 star rating 12/25/2015 (Released: 07/13/2014)
It's addictive. Binge watch.

Real Steel  0 star rating 08/03/2012

Rendition  2 star rating 05/23/2008 (Released: 10/19/2007)
Intense, difficult to watch and a bit average. There is a plot/story for you to figure out what is going on sequentially that came together and made sense. It was interesting to learn about rendition and helps with understanding what it is when you hear other references to it in life.

Requiem for a Dream  3 star rating 07/16/2007
The cinematography blew me away. A true artist knows how to use a split screen and effects like that without being cheesey and actually adding meaning to a movie. The drug use didn't bother me too much because of the quality of the film and the acting.

RGB  4 star rating 10/20/2018 (Released: 09/14/2018)
I guess I did not know it was a documentary and am not typically a fan of documentaries. Butin this case, it was a good thing. I did not have to try and figure out what was embelished to make it a better story. It was a good life story and I wanted to watch it and have everybody watch it with me. The most amazing thing to me that I admired was her ability to make the progress and accomplishments she did without raising her voice. That needs more words to explain. She knew the law or learned the law well enough and was able to put into words indisputable fact. And I'm sure there was more than that also. She had to stay firm and persistent and confident and did have supportive people around her like her husband that believed in her. She seems to be a great role model for everyone to follow to get things done and make them right.

Rock of Ages  0 star rating 11/10/2012
Goofy and dirty

Rocketman  3 star rating 08/30/2019 (Released: 05/31/2019)
Enjoyed the music and the historical aspects as Elton wants us to see them.

Rocky Balboa  1 star rating 12/23/2007 (Released: 12/20/2006)
Yo Rocky, you're old. Was waiting for his face to look better after training for the fight. Didn't happen. Watched it for sentimental reminiscent value I guess. It was a Rocky movie. Nothing more really needs to be said.

Role Models  3 star rating 09/19/2009 (Released: 11/07/2008)
Not the genre for my age group but had to see it for myself so I would understand the humor that parodies it. Jane Lynch is fun to watch no matter what she's a part of. From Criminal Minds to 2 ? Men.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.  3 star rating 04/20/2018 (Released: 11/22/2017)
This movie was not based on a real person but it seems like it could have been. So this was a creative story that was not what I was expecting. I like and respect Colin Farrell and it was interesting to see his contrast to Denzel's character. Watching the DVD extras helped explain the story also. At times I felt like I didn't know enough about being a lawyer but didn't let that take away from the wonderful storytelling.

Room  4 star rating 01/19/2016 (Released: 11/25/2015)
A story that needed to be told. Makes me want to crawl into bed and cry though. It's better to not watch any previews or clips. Just sit back and watch the intense story. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were great!!

Rumor Has It  3 star rating 12/28/2005 (Released: 12/25/2005)
I laughed, I cried, but it wasn't theraputic. Shirley McClaine got the biggest laughs. She is the female Jack Nicholson. It was a better story than I had expected. The weirdest thing is that the movie was set in 1997 and there were the little nuances reminding you just how long ago that was. Cell phones were bulky. But of course from a technology perspective, 1997 was a time things were different. There were 3 actors in the movie that were also in Six Feet Under. Even though it was weeknight and the movies were crowded with kids off from school, the attendance for this movie was an older crowed

Run Lola Run  3 star rating 09/26/1999 (Released: 06/18/1999)
It was a bit like Sliding Doors. I almost felt like I had control over predicting what would happen. In a sense it was the type of movie that could satisfy the variety of moviegoers. Some who like a happy ending and some who don't.

running with scissors  0 star rating 08/26/2011

RV  2 star rating 10/22/2006
Not my favorite kind f movie.

S. Darko  0 star rating 05/04/2014
Expectations were low. It was trying to copy a one time classic.

Sahara  3 star rating 02/18/2006
Action Packed adventure similar but different. No problem watching Matthew's six pack abs. Steve Zahn was a great partner for him, not realizing Steve's actually a couple years older than Matthew. Watched the deleted scenes and all deleted for good reason.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen  0 star rating 11/15/2012
non violent

Sarah's Key  0 star rating 10/22/2012
multi languages

Saving Mr. Banks  0 star rating 06/21/2014
Mary Poppins story with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson

School of Rock  3 star rating 10/03/2003 (Released: 10/03/2003)
Just what the DR ordered. I laughed and amazingly did not cry. Joan Cusack nailed it as the tightly wound principal. Jack Black's passion for rock showed through over a cliff. The kids were awesome in their own stereotypical way. Yes I will let my kids see this movie, probably tomorrow. There was no violence which is worse than poor language. The message for them is to not be stifled by the man. 8^)

Scooby Doo  2 star rating 06/16/2002 (Released: 06/14/2002)
It was the first movie we all saw together, our family of 4. I think Shaggy was the best cartoon character but they all were good in their character. I won't spoil who the bad guy turned out to be.

Scoop  3 star rating 01/13/2007

Sea Inside  0 star rating 02/18/2013
Best Picture Foreign Film

Secondhand Lions  4 star rating 09/19/2003 (Released: 09/19/2003)
I thorougly enjoyed this movie because I didn't know what was going to happen next. That is one of the reasons I like to see movies when they first come out. The previews did not give away the good stuff. Even though there were flashbacks within a flashback, it was not difficult to follow. I liked the feel good stuff even if it was sappy. It had a different feel than all the other junk on TV and in movies. It was pleasant to watch with kids and I can safely recommend it to my parents. It was a pleasant surprise to see Christian Kane. The swashbuckling was a fun digression and since I recently rented the Count of Monte Cristo and enjoyed that, it followed suit.

Secret Lives of Dentists  3 star rating 09/01/2009 (Released: 07/22/2004)
I fell upon this movie looking up Denis Leary after a stretch of Rescue Me DVDs. Sounded interesting but it was a very weird story. I had trouble getting into the heads of either dentist.

Selma  4 star rating 02/15/2015 (Released: 12/25/2014)
Another emotionally draining movie.

Seven Pounds  2 star rating 01/02/2009 (Released: 12/19/2008)
The premise of doing something good to make up for something bad you've done was not new. Appreciated the way the details were not revealed in the previews (I should not have read the synopsis in the movie guide leaflet.) The movie left things for the audience to figure out and that's what held your interest. I thought it could have been too depressing to watch but I guess that's a matter of your perspective. I'm going to let the movie sink in some more.

Seven Psychopaths  0 star rating 03/31/2013
A lot of violent splatter

Shape of Water  4 star rating 12/30/2017 (Released: 12/08/2017)
Different and interesting and an "origin story".

Shattered Glass  0 star rating 11/21/2012

Sherlock Holmes  3 star rating 03/31/2010 (Released: 12/25/2009)
Why do I enjoy watching Robert Downey Jr now? I like his comeback even better than John Travolta's. It's even bigger in a sense of from how far down he came. The previews were good but I still didn't get out to see it in the theatre. I liked seeing how a scene was going to go explained by him and then having it happen of course much faster than you could follow anyway. Jude Law doesn't do much for me but he was ok as a sidekick. It was just fun interesting old time action.

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows  0 star rating 12/15/2012

Sherrybaby  3 star rating 03/30/2007
Intense. Must see for Maggie G fans.

Shoot 'em Up  2 star rating 05/11/2008 (Released: 09/07/2007)
It is what it claims to be. Constant shooting in a variety of locations that keep your interest. So much shooting and blood, it became cartoon like even though the movie makers don't like it being referred to in that way. But the way the blood spurts out and the speed things are done, there's no better explanation. There was even a story line and plot to figure out. Action and adventure taken to the riduclousness level for entertainment. Not classy, just action oriented.

Shopgirl  3 star rating 08/26/2006
Steve Martin simple fun.

Shrek  2 star rating 06/02/2001 (Released: 05/18/2001)
It was a cute movie since my 6 year old enjoyed it. Your typical bodily function jokes. It was a true fairy tale with colorful characters, literally.

Shutter Island  0 star rating 08/28/2012

Sideways  2 star rating 02/20/2005 (Released: 10/22/2004)
My expectations were low. The positive things I have to say about it are: I haven't heard people laughing out loud at a movie theatre like that for a while now. Even if they were laughing at people's stupidity.
The good thing about watching movies about people's pathetic lives, make you feel better about your life. Oscar wise, Thomas Haden Church was still stupid Lowell or Ned. I have never liked the characters Paul Giamatti playd before so this wasn't much different.

Signs  2 star rating 12/30/2002 (Released: 08/02/2002)
It was not easy to watch because it was very suspenseful. But of course I had to stay and watch the whole thing.

Silver Lining Playbook  0 star rating 01/13/2013
Cray Cray

Silverado  4 star rating 05/06/2016 (Released: 07/10/1985)
There is something very special about watching a movie and listening to the soundtrack played live by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  3 star rating 08/19/2005 (Released: 06/01/2005)
I had been wanting to see the movie since it came out but didn't make it. Saw it the cheap show and had hoped to see it with a friend. So instead I saw a movie about really good friends, all alone, without any friends. Do I not know how to be a good friend? Are my expectations of friends too high? I cried a lot during the movie for multiple reasons. It was part of my detoxification release process. The movie itself was fine. The roles were not a real stretch for the actresses. I could not see them other than what I already know them for, Joan of Arcadia, Rory Gilmore, Ana Garcia as a Real Women with Curves.

Sixth Sense, The  4 star rating 08/16/1999 (Released: 08/06/1999)
I won't ruin it for you. Bring your kleenex. It was a very good movie. Better and scarrier than BWP. It was a little slow in the first half.

Skyfall  2 star rating 05/17/2016 (Released: 11/09/2012)

Slaughterhouse 5  4 star rating 04/24/2007
A Classic I had never seen.

Sliding Doors  4 star rating 06/01/1998 (Released: 04/28/1998)
First movie I saw with Gwyneth Paltrow and I didn't realize who she was. She had a British accent. The movie premise really stuck with me. How different would life be with just the change of a moment.

Slumdog Millionaire  4 star rating 01/24/2009 (Released: 12/05/2008)
BP: The theatre was quite full and with many older couples. The things that I had heard in advance were that the life depicted in India was basically true and that the movie was worth watching to the end. (The end was upbeat.) It was tough to figure out at first just what is going on but that's also what helps make it a good movie. You have to just watch and pay attention and with time, details will come out to explain what's going on with the time jumping around. For some reason, it wasn't difficult for me to watch little kids in bad situations. Usually that gets to me. But when I make it my goal to see all the best picture nominated movies, I just go. Movies like this stretch my experiences beyond my safe little world. I see how other people live and what it takes to survive. I heard of the movie from Meredith Viera on the Today show and wanted to see it since then. Was glad to see it nominated for Best Picture. Don't know that it would be enough of an accomplishment to warrant Danny Boyle getting Best Director, but you never know.

Smart People  2 star rating 10/16/2008 (Released: 04/11/2008)
Again, easy to forget. The previews made it look more interesting than it really was. Watching pathetic dysfunctional families isn't that entertaining unless there are enough laughs. This particular one did not have enough laughs. Ellen Page needs more and better opportunties to shine as an actor.

Snoop  0 star rating 02/18/2013

Snow Dogs  3 star rating 01/20/2002 (Released: 01/18/2002)
Disney movies are good for the soul sometimes. Of course it isn't reality but it was enjoyable to watch.

Snowden  3 star rating 02/07/2017 (Released: 09/16/2016)
Interesting to see the details as portrayed in the movie. I like Joseph Gordon Leavitt and because of his voice change efforts, saw him as a character rather than himself which helped. I think I understood better what Snowden was trying to do but there's no slam dunk either way when it comes to opinions on privacy. It was a movie worth watching on DVD from the library.

Solo: A Star Wars Story  3 star rating 03/07/2019 (Released: 05/25/2018)
Couldn't get enough Donald Glover after watching Community on Hulu so rented this movie. I remember the posters all over L.A. when we were there at that time. Critics didn't think much of it so finally got around to watching it when I was ready to it would be better received and not in the afterglow (lack of) from critics. There were parts of the movie that were really good and not predictable with a lot of action and some that weren't. So maybe it was more of an editing thing that could have made a better movie. Fun to watch Donald Glover in his role as Lando. When is the Lando movie coming out? Maybe I will have to see Magic Mike XXL and look for Donald Glover then.

Someone Like You  2 star rating 08/09/2006

Something Borrowed  0 star rating 07/16/2011

Something New  3 star rating 01/22/2016 (Released: 02/03/2006)
Simon Baker was more recently in the TV show "The Mentalist" and I liked him in that so I watched this movie becaue of his name recognition. Actually, there were a lot of names I recognized like Donald Faison and Blaire Underwood and Alfre Woodard. I guess 10 years ago wasn't really that long ago. I probably have seen parts of this movie before but in general I did not remember seeing it. Simon Baker was his charming self, even though he was still using his American accent. The story had tones similar to other movies but I was glad to see the female character, Kenya McQueen (played by Sanaa Lathan) did not lose her job or her drive for her job just because she had an interesting and more carefree man in her life that she ended up spening a lot of time with. This film must have had a lot of edits or deleted scenes since at the end, I saw John Ratzenberger, who I assumed was playing Simon Baker's father, but never saw him earlier. He was uncredited and listed that way on imdb. It was a fun romantic movie showing different perspectives.

Something's Gotta Give  3 star rating 01/01/2004 (Released: 12/13/2003)
The movie was funny and my favorite thing-unpredictable. I wasn't interested in seeing it at first but then when I read Keanu was in it also, I figured it was worth seeing. I was cheering for him. I couldn't exactly relate to Diane's character and I'm glad about that.

Soul Surfer  0 star rating 07/10/2011

Southpaw  2 star rating 02/07/2016 (Released: 07/24/2015)
A very sad movie to watch and unfortunately, (once again) I did not get to watch it all in one sitting, which just spread out the sadness. Jake's performance was impressive, knowing how hard he had to work to get that boxing fit body, but seeing it beat up so much, took away from that beauty. All the quirky things I didn't like about the story, I attributed to the character he was playing and how someone acts or thinks that had a rough and tough life growing up "through the system". I realize how low the character had to go after being successful, in order to have the strength to rise above once again. It wasn't a new story.

Space Cowboys  3 star rating 09/30/2000 (Released: 08/04/2000)
You didn't have to be over 60 to enjoy the movie.
It's not like I really expected it to be totally believeable or anything. But I'm not a member of the space program so I didn't have to worry about what was realistic and what was not.
I enjoyed the diversity of the 4 main characters. They each had their unique qualities that made them interesting. I don't usually go for the common portrayal of older men and much younger woman but for some reason, it was more acceptable in this scenario. And you still had Clint Eastwood's character as a married, loving husband.
The storyline of the movie was not unique ( Armageddon, Deep Impact) but I still wanted to watch the entire movie to see what happens.

Spectacular Now  0 star rating 02/07/2014
as a mom, I hated it. Too much drinking and driving.

Speech & Debate  3 star rating 08/29/2020 (Released: 04/07/2017)
High school stories (not musical but comedy or drama) are my favorite kind of stories to watch. This one has Sarah Steele (Marissa Gold from The Good Wife and The Good Fight) as a high schooler. And there were also plenty of my other favorites such as Kal Penn and Janeane Garolfalo so was worth watching to see them.

Spider-Man  3 star rating 05/05/2002 (Released: 05/03/2002)
It was as expected. A compelling story with enough character development. Willem the villian was perfect. I was not disappointed.

Spiderman 3  3 star rating 05/19/2007
A bit of a disappointment but not too bad.

SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The  3 star rating 11/24/2004 (Released: 11/19/2004)
If you like the cartoon, you'll enjoy the movie. The David Hasselhoff parts are indescribable. You'll have to go and see it. Wasn't like it was gripping or enthralling. Mostly just SpongeBob and Patrick scenes.

Spotlight  3 star rating 01/24/2016 (Released: 11/25/2015)
Surprisingly suspenseful. I loved seeing all the great actors (lots of my favorites) working together. The movie was similar to the "The Big Short" in the idea that people that felt empowered enough, could do bad things and get away with it for a very long time. The problem gets bigger until some some hard working people that are willing to take on the risk, speak up and out. It was interesting to see how important that newspaper is or was when it comes to getting a story out when the legal system or some other powerful system is hiding it. I have not thought about real journalism in that way for a while now. So much is just internet and TV noise and social media is just opinions. But sometimes, as the right resource, the media/printed news was still needed. Probably more so 14 years ago then it is now. It made me think about how a story like this would get noticed in this different social media climate. I followed the link on and read more about the phases and learned a little bit of that answer. There are ways online to reach out for people that need to report instances or need support. The movie references SNAP and I am familiar with SNAP from watching "Ray Donovan", played by Liev Shcreiber, another one of my favorite actors that was in Spotlight. It was a well done film and glad it was nominated for best picture. And like "The Big Short", it was bad and big but not "everybody" was affected in the worst way. It doesn't mean you need to sell all your investments and keep the money under your mattress and it doesn't mean you should stop going to church. Just be smart, look for the good in people while still keeping an eye out for the bad. Be open, informed and aware.

Spy Kids 3-D  2 star rating 07/25/2003 (Released: 07/25/2003)
It was sort of hard to watch with the glasses. Good thing the whole movie didn't require it. It kept the boys attention, even Robin (4 yrs) for the whole movie. Too bad the story was quite lame.

St. Vincent  4 star rating 10/24/2014 (Released: 10/24/2014)
Enjoyable to watch! I laughed, I cried, and I didn't mind. I enjoyed all the characters and they were some real characters. Chris O'Dowd was hilarious. Naomi Watts was fun. Bill makes it look effortless. It was funny how here and there, members of the audience had a few outburts of laughter or noises at various times. Nice to see Melissa McCarthy not acting stupid in a movie. I think everyone just enjoyed watching Bill Murray be a goof. Of course they did because NOBODY left the theature until the credits were done. I don't think I have EVER seen that happen before. Oscar worthy? That would be nice.

Stand Up Guys  0 star rating 08/29/2013
need quotes from funeral. Other one was what are we going to do: Kick Ass or Chew Gum. I'm all out of gum. Christopher Walken, Al Pacnino and Alan Arkin smaller part. Song by Bon Jovi about old habits die hard. Movie for old men that like to think they still got it.

Star Trek  4 star rating 11/22/2009 (Released: 05/08/2009)
This is the first Blu-Ray DVD I purchased. I knew we would like the digital download. The story kept my interest and suspense. It didn't matter too much that it was a back story about James T. Kirk. It was a decent movie on its own.

Star Trek Into Darkness  2 star rating 11/09/2013 (Released: 05/16/2013)

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith  2 star rating 06/12/2005 (Released: 05/19/2005)
Gross, funny and sad. That was Patrick's review of the movie. We all knew what was going to happen but had to see how. Plenty of battling scenes and gadgetry and scenery to keep it interesting.

Starting out in the evening  0 star rating 04/26/2008 (Released: 11/23/2007)
Not that memorable of a movie or the title wasn't really helpful in remembering it. A kind of flat story with Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under as a grad student and Frank Langella as an old time author. Thinking of the two of them together is kind of horr(or)ific if you know what I mean. It was interesting enough to keep watching but not pleasant.

State of Play  3 star rating 09/27/2009 (Released: 04/17/2009)
It was difficult to remember what the movie was about just by the title. The movie didn't feel unique but it had it's suspenseful moments.

Step Up  0 star rating 07/06/2012

Stepmom  2 star rating 04/11/1999

Excellent dialog. I could see both perspectives of the mother and the stepmom. I have always liked Ed Harris back from Swingshift and The Right Stuff. I couldn't decide if I liked his character or not.

How much longer will Julia Roberts be able to play the "younger woman"? I guess as long as there are older, woman like Susan Sarandon. Real life ages: Ed 48, Susan 52, Julia 31.

Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life  4 star rating 09/21/2018 (Released: 09/21/2018)
I did not watch this on Netflix (well actually I started watching this on Netflix and stopped early on, realizing they could be on tour and I should save it for the live version and I did. Saw them perform in Green Bay Wisconsin at the Resch Center. If you want to see what it was like, you can watch the Netflix version. I appreciated the opportunity to get out and see a couple of famous guys live on stage.

Stick It  3 star rating 12/25/2007 (Released: 04/28/2006)
Expectations were low and they were exceeded. The visual colors and special effects added a little more to the entertainment of the movie. Outtakes and deleted scenes were fun to watch.

Story of Us  1 star rating 10/28/1999 (Released: 10/15/1999)
I had heard there would be a lot of bickering in the movie and that didn't really bother me too much. I really didn't like how the film was laid out. With the sort of interview segments and flashbacks and snipets. It's not that it was hard to follow or anything, it just didn't add anything to the movie. I also didn't see any of the actors as anyone other than themselves. Bruce was going through his divorce with Demi during the filiming of the movie and that had to be difficult. I know it was a big requirement of the movie, but I didn't really see the kids being gone for a whole summer a very realistic situation. I would recommend American Beauty over this one.

Stranger Than Fiction  3 star rating 03/14/2007
Fun enough to watch.

Stronger  3 star rating 04/06/2018 (Released: 09/29/2017)
I always enjoy watching Jack Gyllenhaal but it didn't feel right having him play such a real character. He did the best he could but it made the movie unrealistic even though I know it was based on real events. Maybe there wasn't enough time to truly see the character he was playing before the traumatic event impacted his life. It was still worth watching. It felt like Costco had an advertisement for being a good company though.

Stuck in Love  3 star rating 10/18/2014 (Released: 04/11/2013)
Yes it was a tearjerker. I was searching Netflix for a movie since I couldn't sleep. Found one and didn't like it so I tried this one. It was somewhat predicatable but it was real and a family story. I was glad to find a movie I had not seen yet. I like to look up the actors on imdb so I learn about newer actors. The most interesting thing about this story was that Phil Collins daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son (small part) were in it.

Sully  3 star rating 02/24/2017 (Released: 09/09/2016)
A good solid movie that played out as expected where you keep going back to see the details of the incident in sort of flashbacks throughout the movie. There was just a woosh should when you went back and forth but it wasn't difficult to follow. You got to see first hand the emotional journey afterwards and life long passion for flying and safety evolve. The insight was appreciated. Watching how the NTSB handled things felt very strange. It is understood that it's the first time a pilot and co-pilot survived to tell the story and defend their actions against a computer simulation. I hope lessons were learned by this failure of the NTSB and they won't be repeated. Worth the DVD rental.

Sunshine Cleaning  3 star rating 06/12/2018 (Released: 04/17/2009)
One may criticize the way Netflix makes suggestions based on movies/shows you have already seen, but with sooo many movies out there, it is helpful to narrow down the selections. This was a good and interesting movie. Hardship and struggle and situations I am fortunate to not be familiar with, but a downright good story about people. Remember when cable came along and we felt like there were just so many channels and so much to see? Well there are even more now and with Netflix, and Amazon and Hulu and the rest, there is more content then you could have ever imagined. IT's a good thing, we just need help finding the ones to watch. Hope I helped.

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street  2 star rating 05/20/2008 (Released: 12/21/2007)
The first 45 minutes was the story build up and no blood. After that, the movie was not suitable for the queasy. More blood was pumped out beyond reality but it was still difficult to watch. I'm not a good judge of singing ability but enjoyed watching Johnny and Helena sing.

Switched at Birth Volume 1  0 star rating 01/10/2013

Swordfish  2 star rating 08/08/2006

Take Shelter  0 star rating 09/14/2013
hard to watch, ending could have gone either way

Take the Lead  3 star rating 10/01/2006
Enjoyable to watch.

Taken  4 star rating 05/23/2009 (Released: 01/30/2009)
The previews became very familiar scenes and took a bit away from the movie. But there were a few more good lines that stick with you. Very suspenseful and Daddy goes all the way to save the day.

Talented Mr. Ripley, The  3 star rating 01/08/2000 (Released: 12/25/1999)
The movie was suspenseful and violent. Even though things constantly happened, it still seemed slow. I was afraid I saw too many previews but the extra info probably allowed me to catch the importance of foreshadowed events. The violence may bother some but it did not bother me. I'm not sure why. It might be that I have become too desensitized from seeing violent movies. Side notes: I was interested to hear Jude Law's American accent. To see a similar movie but with less violence, see Gattaca(1997), with Jude Law.

Tarzan  0 star rating 06/18/1999 (Released: 06/18/1999)
Patrick bailed out on me. I didn't go see it. We have the CD and that is excellent. We now (10/8/1999) also have the Junior Games CD of Tarzan and it is pretty good. Not to mention all the clothes and bendable figures of Tarzan that Patrick has. I have purchased the Video since them but still have not seen the whole movie. It was quite a tear jerker but in your typical Disney genre of parents getting killed.

Thank You For Smoking  2 star rating 05/09/2006 (Released: 03/17/2006)
Wasn't really sure what it was about or how it would play. It showed a satirical perpsective that didn't insult smokers. I thought that alone was surprising.

The Accountant  2 star rating 04/04/2017 (Released: 10/14/2016)
Was recommended as a good movie (by someone that lives in Plainfield). There was plenty of action but a lot of blood and violence. Still watched to see where the story went. There was a story but not a lot was explained even though the movie started with the story of the Accoutant at a young age. Since it was set in IL, had a few fun references to areas of (Plainfield) even though I doubt any of it was shot on location or in the Plainfield area. IMDB said the location was Atlanta Georgia.

The Air I Breathe  2 star rating 07/16/2009 (Released: 12/13/2007)
Difficult to follow along or understand the message.

The Avengers  0 star rating 06/01/2012

The Aviator  3 star rating 02/05/2005 (Released: 12/17/2004)
I'm not that familiar with Howard Hughes' life so the movie was all the info I had to go on. The actresses (Jean Harlow, Ava Gardner, Katharine Hepburn) were flawless with their makeup and hair. It felt like it started out slow but it was an epic. But the movie just didn't move me.

The Banger Sisters  3 star rating 11/24/2002 (Released: 09/20/2002)
Somehow this movie got to the cheap theatre quickly. I have no complaints. It gave me more than I expected and that is pleasant. Goldie drove an El Camino!! That won me over of course. I enjoyed having the additional relationship with Geoffrey Rush (Harry) to watch. That was another added bonus.

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart  3 star rating 01/10/2021 (Released: 12/12/2020)
I enjoyed the story and it was interesting to hear about history with details more than I was aware of.

The Big Kahuna  2 star rating 07/15/2000 (Released: 04/28/2000)
The movie was pretty much all dialogue and Kevin Spacey was Mr. Dialogue. I enjoyed the movie and watching guys talk or visualize their thoughts. That is rare to me and I appreciated the opportunity to view it. Part of my movie viewing experience at a theatre includes my observations of the people around me. There was one couple that left in the middle. I guess they didn't think it was worth their $1.75 or their time.
The guys behind me were talking and being annoying. I don't think they liked the movie. Or, if one of them did like it, they couldn't admit it to another guy. They expected/wanted Danny DeVito's character to kill himself. But I knew that wasn't going to happen. The movie showed that he thought about it but that doesn't mean he would do it. We all have a lot of baggage in our heads to deal with. A lot of people just don't usually admit it or talk about it.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not one of the last ones to leave the theatre since I usually stay for the credits. But I got the feeling that the people that remained in their seats were waiting for more. Not more as in, oh that was so good I want more, but, hey is that it? I thought there would be more.

The Big Short  4 star rating 01/16/2016 (Released: 12/23/2015)
At first I thought the characters were going to be inspirational and a reminder that when I know I am right, I should stick to my beliefs no matter what. But after getting the gist of what they had to endure, it wasn't that inspirational after all. It was still very risky. It was an exiciting and sad movie. I did appreciate and like the way they explained the technical jargon in a way that was entertaining and unique throughout the movie. Analogies are the best way to explain something techncial to a general population. What do you call the comments/text displayed at the end of a movie to give you just a little bit more of information? Everything we saw and no matter how terrible it was, it could all happen again and it probably will. So yes everybody should see this movie to remind them of the realities of the world.

The Big Sick  4 star rating 08/01/2017 (Released: 07/14/2017)
I can't believe I only had one tissue with me and I somehow made it last because I didn't want to get up and miss anything. I even asked people around me if they had anything like even a napkin from popcorn but only one person heard me ask. I laughed out loud along with the periodic tears. Once again, either it was a good movie or I just needed a movie for the entertainment value and get out of my own head for a couple of hours. I had seen at least one preview and the snip was not that accurate of a representative. I like that the movie was based on reality, and written by the 2 people that lived it. I have been enjoying Kumail's acting since he was in Franklin and Bash. Just because he was playing himself doesn't mean it was easy acting. What he said in an interview and what I liked was that both writers would remember a situation a certain way but the perspectives were very different. So both perspectives had a chance to be told in the story. I loved Holly Hunter's character also in the story. It was sharp and loving and just fun to witness. I am so glad they (Kumail and Emily) shared their story.

The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man  4 star rating 01/31/2019 (Released: 03/10/2018)
Watching this movie was great as long as you watch it all the way through to get the messages and lesson learned. The message was better than any podcast or cinematherapy I have had/heard in a long time. Yes we don't have the celebrity factor that he does but we could all do a little better to improv our lives a little bit more and be in the present. Then we become people others want to be around. Thanks Bill and Tommy, I hope you both continue to make movies.

The Blind Side  4 star rating 12/05/2009 (Released: 11/20/2009)
It was more enjoyable knowing it was based on a true story. A very good balance to capture the interest of all ages.

The Book Thief  0 star rating 06/14/2014
Sad yes but not as sad as I expected and a good wartime movie.

The Boss Baby  3 star rating 10/22/2017 (Released: 03/31/2017)
I picked this movie (from the airplane options) because I was listening to Alec Bladwin's book, "Nevertheless" so I figured I would continue the Alec Baldwin theme. It must have been a good story since I stayed awake through the whole thing. It was a cute enough story and kept me entertained and passed the time.

The Brave One  0 star rating 05/09/2008 (Released: 04/14/2007)
I did not need to see the jumps/intertwinings of sex and the results of the violence in the beginning and in two different ways.

The Breakfast Club  0 star rating 10/17/2012
referenced in perfect pitch, it was time to see it again. Didn't really hold up for an adult that much.

The Butler  0 star rating 02/08/2014
too long, too much implied the butler influenced the presidents. Fun to see stars as presidents though. with makeup for it

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe  2 star rating 12/29/2005 (Released: 12/09/2005)
Kids enjoyed the adventurous story. There were way too many unique animal characters (CGI) in fleeting moments. They weren't on screen long enough to appreciate the diversity. Of course I don't like watching children in danger or peril, but you know they will be ok.

The Circle  3 star rating 12/03/2017 (Released: 04/28/2017)
Listened to the book and meant to see this as soon as it came out but it became less important. Watched on Amazon Prime once I realized the movie was available. All of the sex parts were ignored in the movie version. Good for Emma Watson. I remembered enough about the book and got to see how the other technology scenes were portrayed on screen. It did NOT seem like a futuristic movie at all. It was probably too on point to reality that would rather be ignored to be an extremely popular movie.

The Company  0 star rating 07/03/2012

The Constant Gardner  3 star rating 03/09/2006 (Released: 08/31/2005)
Jumps right into characters without knowing much about them. Allowing the story to reveal who they are and what they are up to. At first the jumping around in time was a bit much but it worked out throughout and showed you can jump around in time without the cheesey fade in/out effects to show it. Nice to see a movie where they acknowledge the audience is intelligent enough to figure out what is going on.

The Core  2 star rating 03/13/2009 (Released: 03/28/2003)
A movie like many others before except with a female lead taking over. Sorry, but it didnt' seem all that believable, not that it's supposed to be. It was like Armageddon and those other movies where a crew goes off on a mission to save the world and they all probably won't return back.

The Danish Girl  4 star rating 04/22/2016 (Released: 01/22/2016)
This was a very poignant story that showed the progression of finding and being your true self. I thought this movie was better than Carol. Looking forward to continuing to watch Eddie Redmayne's career.

The Dark Knight  2 star rating 12/20/2008 (Released: 07/18/2008)
I didn't love it as much as my 13 year old son did. Heath Ledger was very creepy yes and the fact that he's dead made it even creepier. I liked the way the batmobile turned into the batcycle and rewound to watch it in slow mo. Many things happened very fast and I could watch it multiple times to catch more. I looked for city landscapes that looked like Chicago. 2 face was disgusting but still couldn't look away.

The Debit  0 star rating 09/24/2011

The Departed  4 star rating 02/19/2007
Worth it.

The Descendants  0 star rating 02/11/2012

The Edge of Seventeen  3 star rating 12/30/2016 (Released: 11/18/2016)
Yes the story has been done many times before but it was just quirky enough to be enjoyable at certain times. It was rated R but didn't really need to be made that way. It would get more audience if it was lighter on the language. I liked Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit and is one you should keep watching.

The Family Man  3 star rating 12/27/2000 (Released: 12/22/2000)
Some aspects were predictable but it was overall enjoyable. There was something that just made the "glimpse" of his life with the kids seem so authentic.

The Fault in our Stars  0 star rating 06/07/2014

The Favourite  3 star rating 12/30/2018 (Released: 12/21/2018)
EVen though the movie was not about "old ladies", there was one nearby that had the scent of one and that added to the ambience essence of the theatre. My own personal mind games created by a "dine in" theatre. (Not enjoyable) Why I don't like Period Pieces - I'm not from that period and don't know what's authentic to the time. Seems more and more are period piece from dress and language but not from theme or attitude.

The Fifth Element  4 star rating 07/09/2007
How did this one get by me? It was pure entertainment with so many references to other movies I wanted to watch it again. Now that I have seen it, wil probaby catch other movies referenceing it. Great color and perfection. Should be seen by all, Bruce Willis fans or not, for the pure entertainment.

The Fighter  0 star rating 02/19/2011

The Final Cut  3 star rating 10/16/2004 (Released: 10/15/2004)
My kind of movie. Hey and no kleenex required.
Once I read the synopsis for this movie, I knew I had to see it. I'm a techno geek and have big multimedia plans for my funeral (well, in my head anyway). I've gotten used to Robin Williams being a creepy person and sad endings so I was prepared for this movie. I was not disappointed. It seemed a bit short but yet covered enough. It was deep or maybe as deep as you wanted it to be or would let it be. I found it very interesting that it was not trying to be set in the future. Meaning the surroundings didn't seem like they were trying to be from a time ahead, they were more incognito. That's almost the creepy part. Even the futuristic aspect, that a recorder can be implanted in you before you are even born may not be all that futuristic. That premise and how people feel about their privacy now is what makes it so thought provoking. It's not out of the question to be possible technology wise, but would people want it? The concept raises many questions and both sides were presented in the movie. The ironic moral of the story is that things may not always be as you remember them, so don't let them haunt you. And yet, if that's the case, then we're all off the hook.
Sin-eater: I remember that from a Night Gallery episode from my childhood that was back in the cobwebs but a high impact at the time.

The Florida Project  3 star rating 04/16/2018 (Released: 10/01/2017)
This movie was on my leftover list of things to see after the Oscars since Willen Dafoe was nominated for his role. The movie felt raw and real (since filled with a lot of kids and not so famous people except for Willem). So in this case I would say, don't watch the DVD extras. It takes away the feeling of the movie being real. It told a story well enough that it makes me want to see more movies by the Director, Sean Baker. I felt really bad for the kids. So maybe just another reminder of what other people's lives are like.

The Flying Scotsman  3 star rating 05/31/2008 (Released: 12/29/2006)
An inspiration movie to get you going on your bicycle. It should become a classic like Breaking Away. Funny how the movie never mentions bipolar specifically but that is the challenge that needed to be faced. Note Johnny Lee Miller who I've enjoyed watching on the TV Show "Eli Stone" recently (2008) and I will have to watch "Hackers" again sine I own it. JLM was in that with Angelina Jolie and JLM was actually her first husband.

The Founder  3 star rating 04/28/2017 (Released: 01/20/2017)
Have been wanting to see this movie with my dad since he is the one that took me to McDonald's for a shareholder's meeting one day while I was in High School. Saw "The Founder" was listed On Demand so got the movie from Redbox. The movie did not disappoint. Not saying it should win an Oscar but I enjoyed the story and details no matter how true they were. All of the actors did a great job, no matter how small the role. Lots of stars as far as I was concerned. Great to see Nick Offerman who I will be seeing in a few weeks as the U of IL graduation commencement speaker. Very excited to see that. Got to see the McDonald's brothers' story and Ray Kroc story. Provided enough details to leave it up to the viewer to decide which side they felt more respect towards. Follow up after watching that movie was Undercover Boss TV show was appropriate. Didn't need the in between personal details of Ray's life. Was provide just enough glimpses to see what happens. Glad Michale Keaton played Ray because he's the kind of guy you just want to like no matter what they did anyway.

The Fountain  2 star rating 07/05/2007
Too strange for maintream I thought. Difficult to watch. Didn't hold interest and repetiveness didn't help. In the end I did understand the concept and message.

The Gift  4 star rating 08/29/2015 (Released: 08/07/2015)
As time progresses, it's got to be more and more difficult to make a movie that hasn't been seen before. The best thing about a movie, in my opinion is that it is not predictable. I don't like Horror Movies but this was a Mystery, Thriller that held up it's end of the bargain. Jason Bateman being in the movie is kind of what brought me in. I recognized Busy Philipps in her small role. It was better to not be familiar with the rest of the actors so I only saw them as their role. As the story develops, you learn more about the characters. References are made and you just have to wait it out to see what happens. No spoilers here. Joel Edgerton was Gordo and now I will take notice of what Joel (and his brother Nash) will be doing. He was very busy being the writer and the director as well as Gordo. I look forward to seeing more from him in any role. Looking him up in IMDB he has already accomplished a lot and his appearance is so differenet for each role, it is amazing. I recommend seeing the Gift as a Mystery/Thriller.

The Glass Castle  4 star rating 04/19/2018 (Released: 08/11/2017)
A well told story performed by a group of talented people with the task of portraying the same person through different stages of their life. This is one where watching the DVD extras helped tell the story of real people. Again, difficult to watch at times but worth watching. And this was another after Oscars leftover I wanted to see. Brie Larson and Woody Harrelson are great in this movie.

The Good Fight Seasons 1 and 2  4 star rating 03/27/2019 (Released: 02/19/2017)
Was not going to get yet another monthly streaming service from CBS All Access so waited until the show came out on DVD and got it from the library. Saw the first 2 seasons. Enjoyed binging on them. They were like a movie or hbo since they could swear on the show. There were enough twist and turns and drama to keep it equivalent to the Good Wife with that extra level of dialogue I just mentioned.

The Greatest Showman  4 star rating 12/20/2017 (Released: 12/20/2017)
Saw the 8:45am showing on the day of release and was in the theatre all by myself. My first thought was that the music was too loud and overpowered Hugh's voice so I was disappointed. Not sure if that was an actual issue or not. It was just the right amounts of songs and dances. Not enough time to get into all of the characters. If PT Barnum was played by anybody other than Hugh Jackman, he might not have appeared as likeable as he was. Now I like Zac Efron's voice and will enjoy seeing Zendaya in more movies now. IT was a big musical and is likely to be nominated for best picture Oscar.

The Greatest Showman  4 star rating 12/20/2017 (Released: 12/20/2017)
This is not a typo. I saw this movie twice in one day at different theatres. I believe this is a first for me. I really wanted to see the movie and had no problem seeing it again the same day. That is very different for me. I did catch things that I missed the first time but more because I wasn't looking at the movie screen then just missed the detail.

The Green Hornet  0 star rating 02/25/2012

The Grey  0 star rating 08/03/2012

The Guardian  4 star rating 04/06/2007
Liked it a lot.

The Guilt Trip  3 star rating 10/13/2014 (Released: 12/19/2012)
It was better than I expected. Had a few things that were different. I was not frustrated like I am with usual road trip movies where bad stuff just keeps happening. Seth and Babs were actually good together. Worth watching.

The Half of It  4 star rating 05/10/2020 (Released: 05/01/2020)
Check out the writer and director Alice Wu. I will check out her 2004 movie, "Saving Face" currently playing on Amazon Prime next. Teen drama worth watching even if you aren't a teen. I don't like to ruin movie plots so read the synopsis on imdb if that's what you need.

The Happening  2 star rating 06/13/2008 (Released: 06/13/2008)
If you are a fan of Night, then you know what you are getting into and you will probably like the movie. However, I cannot recommend the movie to your mainstream movie goers. There was no big surprise for me in the end. Then again the only one that surprised me was "The Sixth Sense" and I was just mad and didn't want to be caught off guard again. Watching people kill themselves is not the kind of entertainment I'm interested in. There wasn't as much graphic gore shown as there could have been but there was enough. It had a purpose and moral to the story and it went kinda fast. But I did not walk out feeling like I was there and I didn't want to be there. Maybe when it comes out on DVD there will be more insight explained but I dont' think there's a deeper message that I didn't get. Characters were short lived and unexplained. I read on person's really bad review just before I went to see it and hoped they were wrong. I wanted to see it first before I heard anything from anybody and that's why I went and saw the first show on opening day. Guess I shouldn't have read any comments on imdb that morning either. However, the opinion of it not being very good will be common. The small audience there was, had a few laughs but were not impressed as far as I can tell.

The Hate U Give   star rating 03/30/2019 (Released: 10/19/2018)
I knew nothing about the movie before watching it. Now when I see the word THUG, I assume it is a reference to The Hate You Give. It was an informative movie for me and provided the ability to gain some perspective, even if it is theatrical.

The Help  0 star rating 01/20/2012

The High Note  4 star rating 01/10/2021 (Released: 05/29/2020)
Thought it was going to be basic but it just got better and better throughout with unexpected turns and that’s my basic requirement for a good movie. I won’t spoil it. You just watch it. Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1  2 star rating 11/21/2014 (Released: 11/21/2014)
This movie was not on the top of my list to see, but it was a night out with people to the Studio Movie Grill where they can server you dinner and wait on you which I have not tried before. I wasn't missing some connections to the previous movie in the beginning because it has been so long since I had seen it. I hear the mockingjay part is the least favorite part because they are not in the Games or the Capitol. I did not cry and I did not fall asleep which means it did not move me or bore me. It would have been nice to see more of Gale or at least heard his name mentioned more frequently.

The Hurt Locker  4 star rating 01/10/2010 (Released: 03/17/2009)
I guess wars will never stop so movies about wars will just continue on. It's amazing that the director of this movie was a woman. Yes there are a lot of different kinds of people in this world and you need that. What kind of person is willing to risk their life on a daily basis and walk right up to a bunch of bombs? I wouldn't want to work with him. I wish there was no need for him and there are others jobs that would make him happy.

The Hustle  2 star rating 03/03/2020 (Released: 05/10/2019)
Rebel Wilson is funny so I wanted to see the movie to see her. Anne Hathaway is funny too but in a different way. The movie was entertaining. A few unexpected turns is typically enough to keep me entertained.

The Imitation Game  4 star rating 12/28/2014 (Released: 12/25/2014)
Best Picture Oscar worthy. The movie provided the historical years of when things were taking place at first and then left it up to us to figure out which time period the scene was from. That was not difficult. Don't know how historically accurate it was but certainly an interesting story told in a chronologically creative way. A few parts were predictable or at least I was hoping that Keira Knightley would come in as an intelligent women that could hold her own against the men. You didn't have to be an engineer to enjoy the movie but I would expect engineers to be a bit more thrilled by it.

The Incredibles  3 star rating 11/14/2004 (Released: 11/05/2004)
Cute and some good family laughs.

The Irishman  0 star rating 01/25/2020 (Released: 11/27/2019)
I was calling this movie The Italian. It took me FOREVER to watch this movie. Good thing it was on Netflix so I could stop watching it whenever I wanted to. I didn't need to see the old guys looking younger with CGI. We all know what they looked like younger because they were in the movies then and they didn't look like they did when they were younger. They just looked like they had wrinkles and sags airbrushed out which is basically what they did. (when you see the side by side before and after pictures). I had no interest in seeing a Godfather type movie even if it was by Martin Scorsese. The fact that it got 10 Oscar nominations and zero wins says I am not alone in the crowd that didn't like the movie as much as you would think. Maybe they tried too hard to get into the Oscars and should have just left it as a Netflix movie. And the fact that who, Al Pacino has never worked with Scorsese before being a surprise, is more about people not knowing/remembering that the Godfather movies were done by Francis Ford Coppola.

The IT Crowd Season 1  0 star rating 09/18/2012
British Series with Chris O'Dowd

The IT Crowd Season 2  0 star rating 10/17/2012

The IT Crowd Season 3  0 star rating 10/25/2012
my new friends Moss and Roy and Jen

The IT Crowd Season 4  0 star rating 10/27/2012

The Judge  3 star rating 06/20/2015 (Released: 10/10/2014)
Didn't expect too much from the movie based on earlier reviews. Was looking for the cliche things of going back home and lots of angry people that are holding onto their baggage from a long time ago. I'll watch that drama because it's their drama, not mine. I like the actors and actresses like Vincent D'Onofrio and Vera Farmiga (who looked great and young by the way) compared to other roles she has played. There were a few unexpected explanations for understanding why things played out that way which made it worthwhile to watch. I would recommend the movie for a slow evening at home.

The King  1 star rating 01/10/2021 (Released: 11/01/2019)
I really don't remember much about this movie. I remember it's existence because it has Timothee Chalamet and that his picture was used in a lot of the promos but his part was not that large.

The Last Kiss  1 star rating 02/09/2007

The Layover  2 star rating 01/02/2018 (Released: 08/17/2017)
I set Table 19 to record and this movie recorded instead. The Layover.

The Light Between Oceans  3 star rating 01/15/2018 (Released: 09/22/2016)
Lots of sad times in life to deal with and I can understand why they kept the child. Fastbender character had a big struggle between what was good for his wife and what he is allowed to do for her. I had to fastforward through the end to get the movie back.

The Little Things  2 star rating 02/10/2021 (Released: 01/29/2021)
I remember the story but couldn't really get into the characters. At the time of watching it, I thought it was stupid.

The Lone Ranger  2 star rating 07/31/2014 (Released: 07/03/2013)
Knowing it did not get good reviews, I tried to find the positives and found a few cinematic aspects that seemed unique. But it was long and too violent for my tastes. I did appreciate the beginning storytelling idea from the Wild West Side Show. The scrolling credits at the end were too difficult to read with white letters over the scenery.

The Lucky Ones  3 star rating 03/14/2009 (Released: 09/26/2008)
The previews looked interesting when it was first coming out. Portions of the movie really stuck with me. But I couldn't remember the name of the movie without looking it up. It seems like I know Rachel McAdams' name more than face. That could be a good thing and not be typed into one kind of character. All the main characters were really good and easy to watch, it was the enlisted soldier content that was hard. It showed a perspective that all need to see though. So it's a movie that makes you think about others and their difficult situations.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)  3 star rating 12/29/2018 (Released: 09/23/2016)
Picked up this movie after listening to Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio on Dax Shephard's Armchair Expert Podcast. Vince talked about how he used a high pitched voice even though his character was big and rugged and nobody had the guts to tell him not to do it that way. Vince thought it was funny and ironic. Vince and Dax worked on Chips together. Of course I liked Chips but it was not a box office success. But back to Mag 7, I was not a big fan of the 1960 version with Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson but I was definitely aware of it. The updated version had a lot of actors I was interested in watching so I did. It was worth watching the many characters and the little character development or backstory they had time for.

The Martian  4 star rating 01/06/2016 (Released: 10/02/2015)
I'm glad time progressed quickly to keep things moving. I was surprised by several aspects but that's hard to say without giving spoilers. It's winning awards and I also figured I had better see it at a theatre before it gets to DVD and to start seeing movies likely to be nominated for an Oscar. Kristen Wiig's character seemed out of place for me but that's probably because I had recently seen "Welcome to Me". I like Jeff Daniels but the role wasn't anything special for him.

The Master  0 star rating 10/16/2013
hard to watch all the way through

The Meddler  3 star rating 07/07/2018 (Released: 06/03/2016)
Not as bad as I thought it could be. Could have seen more of J.K. Simmons.

The Monuments Men  3 star rating 07/26/2014 (Released: 02/07/2014)
Period pieces are not my favorite and I'm not into knowing actual history about war but luckily I was interested in watchting all the actors involved. Including Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin (to see how much English he would speak), Bob Balaban, Matt Damon and sure George, Clooney. It was kind of like a "Ocean's 12" or call it, "Stokes 8" where they band together because of certain skills and try to get something back from the bad guys.

The New World  2 star rating 04/20/2007
Long but watched to see Colin.

The Old Guard  3 star rating 07/17/2020 (Released: 07/10/2020)
Like a Marvel movie. A lot of action and violence but at least women were included in positions of power.

The Other End of the Line  0 star rating 07/08/2012
like outsourced

The Pacifier  3 star rating 03/04/2005 (Released: 03/04/2005)
Family Fun entertainment. Not over intelligent or unpredicatable but compared to what's out there lately, it's the better choice if you want to go see a movie for a few laughs.

The Perfect Storm  3 star rating 07/29/2000 (Released: 06/30/2000)
Even though you knew how it ended, it was very suspenseful.
Yes, you wonder where the cinematic value line was drawn in the sense of what was added for the cinematic experience vs. what actually happened. But that is true for most movies based on actual events.
Of course nobody really knows what happend on the boat. The opportunity for that interpretation added to the interest of the movie.
It is true there was no character development. I guess the time was put into showing them on the boat and dealing with the storm.
But you could read your own sub story lines. Like there was a thing between George Clooney and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's character. They had some sort of close relationship merely by the commonality/connection of their work and how much they loved it. And Sully must have dated Murhp's ex wife or something to cause the tension between them.
Even though it's only a matter of 6 years, it was nice to see a woman with a younger man rather than the opposite.
And the guy from the TV Show, Grace Under Fire, William Fichtner He was buff. You probably weren't supposed to like his character but he had something about him even without much character development that made you want to keep an eye on him.

The Pink Panther  1 star rating 02/26/2006 (Released: 02/10/2006)
Goofy Steve Martin slapstick as expected. Some excessive crude humor for a PG movie. The boys thought it was funny. I didn't understand why Clive Owen was in it as 006. I was expecting to see more of him.

The Post  0 star rating 01/15/2018 (Released: 12/22/2017)
These events were not something important to me being a young child when they ocurred. Certain aspects of the movie seemed to be overly embelished with women like when they were coming out of the courthouse.

The Power of OZ  0 star rating 07/04/2013
fun enough, nothing special

The Prestige  3 star rating 01/19/2007 (Released: 10/20/2006)
Enjoy watching Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

The Problem with Apu  3 star rating 11/21/2017 (Released: 11/19/2017)
It took a bit to catch on to the documentary but all the better to grow to get there.

The Professional  0 star rating 10/20/2006

The Proposal  3 star rating 10/17/2009 (Released: 06/19/2009)
Entertainingly funny. Not earth shattering, some family dynamic to add to the humor.

The Queen  4 star rating 01/26/2007
Don't Miss It.

The Ranch  2 star rating 04/02/2016 (Released: 04/01/2016)
I did not exactly Binge watch this but it didn't take long to get through the 10 episodes. I wanted to see what it was like so I could form my own opinion and then I was a bit confused between the laugh track and the dramatic effects so I actually seeked out other people's opinions to see if it was getting good reviews or not. And then the review I read, at the end said April Fool's so I was really confused. Reading other reviews, I guess my impressions were not that off base of what others were saying. Sam Elliot is cool and awesome as always. It's good to see Debra Winger working. Ashton and Danny were just goofy like on That's 70's Show but older and raunchier because they are on Netflix. And even though they admit/explain that they are immature, it's not that pleasant or fun to watch. Adding in all the drinking and driving, I wonder if Denver or Colorado doesn't like that careless portrayal. Yes their farm boy southern accents go in and out and are too big of actors for me to see them as typical farm boys. I see them as their 70's show characters because they are together. It's even hard to see them as brothers. But I still watched all episodes. Netflix can do better though.

The Ranch Part 4 (Season 2)  2 star rating 12/17/2017 (Released: 12/15/2017)
It's not the best show but I enjoy watching Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. In this part, Kurtwood Smith showed up as a neighbor and Maggie Lawson (Psych) as a new love interest but I won't say for who and spoil it. Same as before, too much drinking and swearing but entertaining enough to pass the time.

The Raven  0 star rating 10/28/2012
first one to rent

The Reader  4 star rating 01/30/2009 (Released: 12/12/2008)
BP:I had not read any synopsis or reviews of the movie going in. I had to see it because it was nominated best picture. And I had not heard of it before that. It took place in Germany and jumped around in timeas like a flashback. That was ok. Just be sure you pay attention to the dates and locations. Be prepared to see a lot more of Kate Winslet and a young boy than in a typical movie. What was interesting about the movie, being more than just a love story is the historical significance of the events. It wasn't an upbeat movie but there were 2 particular points of audience chuckling. That made it kind of cute. The only thing out of place was that it was not in German. I guess I would have to go to Germany to see that version. You can read a summary on a movie website. I don't like to give too much away. I did have a few questions while watching the movie, but just details. I knew what was going on and also figured out early on why she was having him read to her. The amount of time spent reading seemed unrealistic but I guess it was possible.

The Revenant  1 star rating 02/20/2016 (Released: 01/08/2016)
I saved this movie as the last one to see to accomplish my annual goal of watching all Best Picture nominated movies prior to the Oscars. I knew The Revenant would be difficult to watch with all the gore and stuff. It was actually more difficult than I anticipated and I did not like the movie at all. It was too over the top and Leonardo's character should have died multiple times over. The story plot wasn't even that interesting or consistent. The wide angle scenery and photography were pleasant but not enough to make up for all the other gore and violence that had to be witnessed. And don't get me started on the role of women in this movie. And the 1820's is no excuse. With all those men gone on an expedition, who do you think did the heavy work back at home? But that wasn't part of the story. Audience reactions were interesting. I don't know that they were any more prepared for it than I was. I actually don't want this movie to win Best Picture.

The Rocker  3 star rating 02/27/2010 (Released: 06/12/2008)
I thought the movie would be a lot dumber than it was. It was kind of like School of Rock with an adult acting like a kid around kids. There was an awful lot of SNL people but it was refreshing to see Christina Applegate and Jane Lynch is never a problem. So if you have nothing better to do or want to take a break to watch a coming of age type musical movie, the go for it. I'm not particularly a Rainn Wilson fan, but I could look beyond that. Be sure to watch the extras with Pete Best, the drummer that left the Beatles just before they hit it big. That was the main premise of the story. The music was also surprisingly good.

The Rookie  3 star rating 04/28/2002 (Released: 03/29/2002)
It may have been the best G rated movie I have ever seen. I didn't bring enough Kleenex of course but I survived. Following your dreams is a good thing with a good lesson showing you may have to give somethings up but you won't get there unless you try.

The Royal Tenenbaums  2 star rating 12/30/2001 (Released: 12/28/2001)
It wasn't the greatest movie but it did provide a couple of hours of comic relief.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  0 star rating 01/11/2014

the Sessions  0 star rating 08/21/2013
Helen Hunt full frontal

The Skeleton Twins  3 star rating 08/04/2015 (Released: 09/11/2014)
It takes an adjustment to watch very funny people play very serious characters. But that is all on me. They were very interesting characters that you wanted to understand and learn more about. It was sort of a sad movie but also about the usual baggage and relationships you deal with in life and learning how to hold on to the good parts.

The Spy Who Dumped Me   star rating 04/12/2018 (Released: 08/03/2018)
It is what it is: A Spy Comedy with 2 Female leads. I enjoyed seeing them going through the car chase with motorcycles and even though they acted like they didn't know what they were doing, they were always successful in getting away, except when they weren't and they had to continue to improvise. I like Mila and Kate McKinnon is very funny with any character she plays. Was happy to see Hasan Minhaj, since I watch Patriot Act and have been following his career since hew as on the Daily Show. Also watched the DVD extras and saw their home base was Budapest so that made me think of Kyle who is in Budapest at the time I saw the movie.

The Stepford Wives  3 star rating 06/11/2004 (Released: 06/11/2004)
It was quite a few good laughs. Don't think it would have made it without the big star names. Different enough to be interesting.

The Theory of Everything  4 star rating 01/16/2015 (Released: 11/26/2014)
Eddie Redmayne's performance as Stephen Hawking was even better than I expected. It seemed physically intense and natural at the same time. We would like to see it win the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score (Johann Johannsson). This is the kind of movie where it is important to judge it based on the quality of the cinematic experience and not the accomplishments of the person the movie is based on. I didn't need to see the rewind at the end and I didn't find the color grainy portions to add much value. The whole movie didn't provide an HD quality as it was. It was good to learn more about Stephen Hawking and his earlier life to be amazed at how long he has lived, let alone his accomplishments that I'm sure I don't really have a grasp of either.

The Transporter  3 star rating 02/24/2006 (Released: 10/11/2002)
Action packed, how's he going to get ouf of this one? kind of movie. But I kept seeing the main character as Bruce Willis.

The Trial of Chicago 7  4 star rating 10/30/2020 (Released: 10/16/2020)
Best Picture nominated movie with a lot of movie stars. I enjoyed seeing Sacha Baron Cohen as Abbie Hoffman instead of an made up character Sacha usually plays. It was intense and interesting.

The Tuskegee Airmen  3 star rating 02/05/2021 (Released: 08/26/1995)
Not the documentary. Lots of movie actors we still know today. At least with an old period piece, it can't feel "out of date" in the sense that we know today of present day movies done in the 1990's. Sad to watch, lots die. Be prepared.

The Virgin Suicides  3 star rating 02/13/2001 (Released: 04/20/2000)
I liked the movie as much as I thought I would when it first came out and I wanted to see it. I didn't cry when they committed suicide, I cried during other moments like when Lux and Trip won Homecoming Queen and King and when they communicated through record albums back and forth on the phone. Those got to me.
Kathleen Turner looked very dowdy but she played a very good part. I have always liked James Woods and he did a wonderful job also. Hats off to Sofia Coppola and congratulations on her marriage to Spike Jonze. I hope they get a chance to work together in the future.

The Visitor  3 star rating 03/28/2009 (Released: 04/18/2008)
This movie was on my list to see because of Oscar nominated Richard Jenkins. It was a sad but interesting story. Not exactly uplifting but you could say inspirational. A movie worth watching one evening.

The Vow  0 star rating 08/25/2012
Not as sad as I thought it would be

The Vow (Season 1)  3 star rating 01/07/2021 (Released: 10/18/2020)
Super intense and really confusing as to whether it was real or made up because there was so much video. But it is real and intriguing and disgusting at the same time. But kind of why you can't look away form movies like Waco too. Stay strong and don't be led astray by others.

The Way  3 star rating 05/30/2015 (Released: 11/19/2010)
I heard about the movie a while back. It sounded boring but I like Martin Sheen and somewhat interested in Emilio Estevez's work. The story reminded me a lot of "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon. But you didn't see Martin Sheen go through the physical struggles of such a long journey at his age which is quite different than Reese's age. But I get that wasn't the point of the story. It was not exactly a journey for himself. Meeting other characters along the way added some color. Watching the movie was something to do but I can understand if it went straight to video.

The Way Way Back  0 star rating 11/26/2013
keep watching, it gets better

The Weather Man  2 star rating 04/28/2006 (Released: 10/28/2005)
Waited for DVD release since it didn't look too exciting in the trailer. A decent life lesson family story that would have been even lesser if not for big names like Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine.

The White Contessa  0 star rating 08/28/2011

The Wife  3 star rating 01/07/2019 (Released: 09/28/2018)
It was better than I thought it would be. Meaning it wasn't sad and desperate like I thought it could be.

The Wrestler  2 star rating 02/11/2009 (Released: 12/17/2008)
Some parts were predictable and some were not. I did have to cover my eyes for some parts that I knew were coming. It was quite a role for anyone to play. Marisa Tomei has quite the body and I enjoyed seeing both aspects of her character's life in the movie.

There Will Be Blood  4 star rating 02/10/2008 (Released: 12/26/2007)
There was blood but certainly not as much as seen in No Country for Old Men. I enjoyed just watching the story and getting to know the characters as the movie progressed. It was very gritty to watch with all the oil spraying around and such. The amazing accomplishment was the likability of the main character in spite of his flaws. The soundtrack did get on my nerves at times but as mentioned in previous review, I supposed it had it's own role to play.

This Beautiful Fantastic  3 star rating 06/10/2018 (Released: 10/20/2016)
Take a moment to see the beautiful things and make them part of your life.

This is 40  0 star rating 11/10/2013
did not like it. Too R and back and forth, wishy washy

This is the End  0 star rating 05/21/2014
Even though expectations are low and I figure it was not my type of movie (like Hangover) I am watching it. I want to see how it ends. It's different and too many guys and their disgusting behaviour and language.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri  4 star rating 01/13/2018 (Released: 11/10/2017)
Watched this movie for a 2nd time. The audience was much more populated this time and heard a lot of reactions. That was interesting to hear. It was an excellent movie and it WILL BE nominated for Best Picture.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  4 star rating 11/28/2017 (Released: 11/10/2017)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 11/10/2017 11/28/2017 Wow, very intense. Much more than you would expect from the trailers. Based on my usual criteria of what is a good movie, I rate this one four stars. This movie was not predictable. Sure there were parts I understood immediately like why Dixon scratched the bar patron but that did not ruin anything for me. As my reviews usually go, I try not to give anything away or have spoilers. I enjoyed the actors and characters. Maybe Sam Rockwell will now get some notoriety as he deserves if there are Oscar buzzes for this movie. His was the only character that I had trouble with how fast the attitude changed. But I was ok with how it made the story progress forward. I would recommend this movie if you are not already depressed. It is NOT a "feel good" movie. The movie ended at an acceptable point.

Three Kings  3 star rating 12/28/1999 (Released: 10/01/1999)
Yes it was similar to Kelly's Heroes. I liked it. There were laughs and they were genuine unexpected funny part laughs. Not corny, predictable laughs like in the Mummy or Wild Wild West. I liked seeing the confidence of George Clooney's character. I have seen some of Mark Wahlberg's other work and had already been impressed so he was fine also. Not actors with a lot of range but give them time. I did not cry or cringe too much. I liked it more than Saving Private Ryan and Thin Red Line.

Tim's Vermeer  0 star rating 04/28/2014
Documentary. Enjoyed learning about 1600 Dutch painter. Want to learn more.

Time Machine  0 star rating 05/01/2008 (Released: 08/17/1960)
Rented it to show the kids to get the connections between this movie and The Big Bang Theory Season One Espisode 14 titled "The Nerdmabelia Scattering". The movie was worth watching again.

Time Traveler's Wife  3 star rating 04/09/2010 (Released: 08/14/2009)
It was confusing because it's so unrealistic but you could still follow it easily. The situation creates scenarios you would never consider. But those scenarios can be pretty freaky. The movie was better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be sappy. I didn't realize he would be naked each time he traveled and that added plenty of complications and in spite of the nature, made it seem more realistic.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  0 star rating 08/17/2012

To Feed Your Family   star rating 12/28/2017 (Released: 12/28/2017)
This was a special pre-screening for a movie made by local high school students. Two female students wrote and directed the movie with several other students helping out. It was a great accomplishment and learning experience for all.

Tortilla Soup  2 star rating 09/23/2001 (Released: 08/24/2001)
Lots of food, light comedy.

Total Recall (remake)  0 star rating 07/03/2013
not bad

TowelHead  0 star rating 02/17/2014
controversial. Lots of stars. I enjoyed it.

Tower Heist  0 star rating 08/25/2012
stupid unrealistic like you would expect from

Toy Story 2  2 star rating 11/27/1999 (Released: 11/25/1999)
I have never been to a movie where there were so many infants before. I did not care for the violence in the opening scene, even though it is a video game. Yes, there were the typical humorous items that would go over the 4 year olds head but be funny to the adult but even those items seemed a bit blatent. Well I know 16 year olds that thought the movie was cute. It was ok and very soon my son will be asking for Rock em Sock em Robots. My 4 year old son enjoyed the movie. That's about all I can say.

Traffic  4 star rating 03/14/2001 (Released: 12/25/2000)
The cinematic effects took some getting used to along with the storyline jumping between characters. But overall, the story was enthralling without as much violence as you might expect. The ending was satisfying leaving you at least with optimism.

Trainwreck  4 star rating 01/13/2016 (Released: 07/15/2015)
Hilarious and not in the so gross Bridesmaids way. I really wish I was able to watch the movie in one sitting but I had limited time per day to watch it so broke it up. I loved seeing all the different SNL actors. It was very New York and that was ok with me. There was something where at some point everybody had a chance to just laugh out loud. It's not for young families but was a good story with enough surprises. I can't wait to see what Amy Schumer and J Law do together. You know it's going to happen eventually. And thanks Judd Apatow for working with Amy.

Transamerica  2 star rating 06/16/2006 (Released: 12/24/2005)
Not your typical buddy road trip movie but interesting nonetheless. Even if just to see Felicity Huffman's penis while peeing. A dramatic comedy? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Travelers (Season 1)  3 star rating 12/25/2016 (Released: 10/07/2016)
Netflix Original Series: Sci Fi Time Travel, 2 of my favorite things. A lot happened in each episode. Great character development and interesting situations due to the time travel factor. Great for binge watching and seeing what happens next and next. Any loopholes I come up with I can explain away by making up something up like they do or just wait and see if is a clue to something that will be revealed later. Fun to watch Eric McCormack and getting to know everybody else.

Treasure Planet  2 star rating 11/27/2002 (Released: 11/27/2002)
There was a lot of action and many characters. Your usual adult humor and irony that kids don't catch. The sci-fi aspect had a new perspective but I think that was too much to grasp for the younger ones like Robin (4) but Patrick(7) liked it.

Tree of Life  0 star rating 01/29/2012

Troop Zero  4 star rating 01/29/2020 (Released: 01/17/2020)
Enjoyable to watch the underdog/misfits come together and team up and learn about what life can be when you put effort into it. I liked Jim Gaffigan as the dad and seeing Viola Davis and Allison Janney.

Trouble with the Curve  0 star rating 11/23/2012

Tsotsi  0 star rating 02/25/2013
Best Picture Foreign Film, Violent and difficult to watch

Tully  3 star rating 02/23/2019 (Released: 05/04/2018)
I read the box and it said that the movie was a comedy. The movie did not make me laugh or lead me to believe it was a comedy. I had to check the box again. I did slightly remember from when it came out that it was about Post Partum Depression. And it was a good story told in a creative way (no spoiler) but it did not make me laugh. I was really in the mood for a comedy and to laugh but it did not happen. I don't want to say it was hard to watch, because it wasn't, just because it wasn't a comedy.

Twilight  3 star rating 01/02/2009 (Released: 11/21/2008)
Wether or not you like the movie may depend on your epxectations going into it. It was a movie for teens and a comedy for adults in my opinion. A chick flick, sure for tweens. But tweens don't need a chick flick. It was entertaining and the most I've laughed at any vampire movie and I have seen a lot of vampire movies. It seemed like the actors were almost famous actors. Main female actress, Kristen Stewart could have been Ellen Page but not saying it should have been. The foster father, reminded me of Christian Bale and didn't seem old enough for the role. Didn't understand why there were all those mirrors and were plenty of reflections. It was not scary in any way but I could see how it got the PG-13 rating. My 10 year old boy really wanted to see it and my 13 year old boy would have nothing to do with it.

Twilight Trilogy:New Moon  2 star rating 11/26/2009 (Released: 11/20/2009)
What a waste of time. Worst dialogue. Eventually even my 11 year old agreed. Dialogue like: ?I love you and will never leave you.? Next breath, ?Bye we have to break up.? Just too goofy for anyone over adolescent and even some pre-adolescent.

Two Night Stand  2 star rating 07/04/2016 (Released: 09/26/2014)
Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton are 2 likeable people that were watching through a whole movie when just above every scene was just them. The story seemed honest and authentic. OK mabye a bit sappy but it's tough to be a good love story with out that. Worth watching on a simple evening at home.

Unbroken  3 star rating 01/03/2015 (Released: 12/25/2014)
Not exactly an upbeat movie of course. But since it was historical, felt it was important to watch. Saw it with people that read the book and provided extra details the movie did not provide. Read the "goofs" beforehand so was watching for those scenes. Gave me something extra to do.

Uncle Nino  3 star rating 04/01/2005
It's not a new plot to have a stranger come into your life and upset your usual routine which in reality was what you actually needed. I thought the characteristics of Uncle Nino that were spread throughout Roberto and his family were not forced and an important part of the story. A very good and clean story for the whole family to enjoy.

Unconditional  0 star rating 08/18/2013

Uncut Gems  1 star rating 12/29/2019 (Released: 12/25/2019)
It was ok with me that Adam Sandler was not nominated for an Oscar. Talk about not being able to relate. I did NOT like this movie. I walked away angry and yelling. That is not the kind of impact I am looking for when walking out of a movie. So Adam was not a comedian in this movie but that was different. But all that yelling and addiction to gambling in his character didn't make him an Oscar worthy actor. I liked seeing Judd Hirsch in the movie.

Under the Tuscan Sun  2 star rating 09/28/2003 (Released: 09/26/2003)
I enjoyed the colorful and picturesque scenery and didn't want the movie to end. However, I still think it was sappy and the Audrey character was pathetic in her desire for a man.

Undertaking Betty  3 star rating 12/16/2006
Good for everyone to see.

United States of Tara season 2  0 star rating 06/24/2013
Whipped through and want to get season 3 as soon as I see these other movies I have out.

Unstoppable  0 star rating 06/15/2011

Up  2 star rating 02/13/2010 (Released: 05/16/2009)
I really don't understand how this cartoon got nominated in the Best Picture category, even with 10 chances. It was very scary to watch, even for a cartoon. OK so the bird was beautiful and I like dogs but for some reason, this movie did not sit very well with me. Maybe it's because I didn't watch it in one sitting. In spite of the balloons and some friendly animals, it was not a happy movie and there weren't that many nice characters. The mean ones outnumbered the nice ones. I'm sorry but it did not leave me "UP" at all. Cartoon or not, I do not enjoy watching children in peril.

Up in the Air  3 star rating 01/09/2010 (Released: 12/14/2009)
Clooney effect. Too real for words. Depressing. The Clooney Effect: George can do no wrong is the perception. Sure he's been in some good stuff just because he's in it doesn't make it good. I'm sure people went to see Stare at Goats but I didn't bother. The Die Hard's still expect everything George's in to be a romantic story and that's not the case here either. Don't read on if you want to see the movie and don't like spoilers. I heard the audience gasp when he went to Chicago but I knew it was coming and what was behind the door. The guy's living in his own world void of any emotional connection and almost has you talked into thinking that's a good thing. Come on.I don't know why this movie is getting so many awards but I found it depressing and too real. I would not recommend it for anyone suffering from a recent job loss. It's too in your face about that.

Urinetown  0 star rating 11/15/2013

Valley Girl  0 star rating 09/21/2013
great to watch again, different than I remember probably cuz not edited for TV version.

Van Helsing  3 star rating 05/07/2004 (Released: 05/07/2004)
Even though the story has been done before, there were some surprises. The monsters were different enough to hold interest. A lot of growling and yelling but also a few grins put in. ("Crack" a smile.) Very much like The Mummy (as expected since same Writer/Director). I hope to keep seeing Hugh Jackman for quite some time. He's very versatile. Visit The Boy From Oz

Veronica Guerin  0 star rating 08/25/2013
intense but inspiring about doing something you know is right even though there will be consequences and Cate Blanchett

Vice  3 star rating 01/15/2019 (Released: 12/25/2018)
I haven't decided if I am an Adam McKay fan but he definitely has his own style so good for him. I didn't mind what I called the "cinematic tactics" that kept me guessing but also enjoying the way info was conveyed. My favorite part was in the restaurant with Alfred Molina as the waiter and the menus. I was able to predict they would have everything on the menu. I also spent time figuring out the role of the narrator and I can tell you I figured it out before it was revealed but you may not believe me, my son did not. Was that a good place for my energy or pride to go? Maybe not but that's how I see a movie. No big spoilers here, on purpose. Check out the movie just for fun.

Victoria and Abdul  3 star rating 11/15/2017 (Released: 10/06/2017)
Unfortunately, it didn't feel like the time setting was the late 1890's. Too many people hating other people just because they are different than themselves and from a different place. I saw this movie in the theatre in case it goes away before the Oscars. Surprisingly, I made it through the movie without requiring more than one tissue. I may want to find more information about the true story this was based on.

Victoria and Abdul  3 star rating 11/15/2017 (Released: 10/06/2017)
A good movie to watch.

View from the Top  0 star rating 06/12/2013
Gwyneth Paltro, Mike Myers, Candice Bergen, Christina Applegate, Kelly Preston

W.  3 star rating 02/28/2009 (Released: 10/17/2008)
I'm so glad Josh Brolin played W. instead of Christian Bale. Josh Brolin transforms into other people quite well and am glad to see he is making a name for himself. Understanding it's an Oliver Stone movie, I wanted to see his take on George W. Bush. I learned some things I did not know, assuming they are true. I didn't know he wasn't a lawyer and how that may matter. So it was an easy opportunity to learn someone's interpretation of a presidential person. It didn't bother me that two significant events and W's reaction were not covered. That is 9/11 and how he got into office with the ballots and voting problems. But those things were covered enough in the media at the time. This was more of an insightful look into someone's path in life. Again, according to Oliver Stone's cinematic interpretation.

Waitress  3 star rating 12/04/2007 (Released: 05/25/2007)
Couldn't wait to see it. Cried more than I laughed. Great therapy movie to let you know you can get out of a bad situation. Rented it to see Nathan.

Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story  1 star rating 05/06/2008 (Released: 12/21/2007)
An extreme farce and satire even more so than Knocked Up and SuperBad. I still watched it and maybe had a few laughs but overall it was a bit too over the top for me.

Walk the Line  4 star rating 11/18/2005 (Released: 11/18/2005)
The movie was a very good story and it felt like it was almost as much about June Carter as it was about Johnny Cash. It was clean and pleasant to watch. Joaquin made Johnny his own without making it look like an impersonation. Throughout most of the movie, Joaquin was a sweaty head but that was an important part of it. June added a bit of color to Johnny's black. Like with the movie Ray it's inspirational to see what people overcome to do what they know in their heart is what they were meant to do. The costumes, hair, makeup, scenary were impeccable. Even though I never claimed to be a Country Music fan, I do enjoy the music. There was a lot of it throughout the movie and I felt compelled to turn on a Country Music station on the way home to get a little more.

Wanderlust  0 star rating 11/17/2012

War Horse  0 star rating 12/30/2011

Warm Bodies  0 star rating 09/22/2013
wanted to see how it ended. cute zombie story

Water for Elephants  0 star rating 05/28/2012

Weeds Season 7  0 star rating 01/01/2013

Welcome to Me  2 star rating 01/03/2016 (Released: 05/01/2015)
It was a strange movie. I could understand it and fortunately, mental illness is a bit strange to me. I like Wes Bently and Jason Marsden so that helped. It was also interesting to watch since there are some wild Power Ball games going on that are over a billion dollars now.

Wes Craven Presents:Dracula 2000  3 star rating 01/27/2001 (Released: 12/22/2000)
I forgot how much I liked Vampire movies. (Thanks Ed.) This was a good one but probably not a financially successful one. It's all a matter of timing and I just don't think now is the time to find the audience that appreciates this one. It took some effort to find this one playing nearby. The story line had the basic needed backbone of Dracula but added a few twists to keep it interesting. The special effects were quite intriguing in my opinion. I liked the blood flow in the eyes. Having Christopher Plummer in the cast added to the so called realism or authenticity of the film. It was suspenseful throughout, as it would have to be, considering the genre. Zero Kleenex : Zero Nightmares
I did recognize a few faces in the movie.

West Wing Season 1  0 star rating 11/22/2012

What to Expect When You Are Expecting  0 star rating 02/10/2013

Where the Truth Lies  2 star rating 08/25/2006

Whip It  4 star rating 02/21/2010 (Released: 10/02/2009)
Fun to watch. It's not like it's a new story line but since it's not your typical sport, it was different. You got a chance to learn the Roller Derby rules. Got me in the mood to go Roller Skating. I really liked seeing Juliette Lewis again. All the women looked really good (for their age) even against the young newbie. At what point does Ellen Page get to stop playing a High Schooler? I could see Dennis Quaid playing the role of the Coach, Razor if it was his younger days. It was just fun and fem and a good break from the down and dirty best picture nominations I've been watching.

Whiplash  3 star rating 01/17/2015 (Released: 10/15/2014)
More of a story than I expected covering more time than I expected. Didn't expect the level of blood that was shown.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot  3 star rating 05/01/2018 (Released: 03/04/2016)
IF you're expecting a comedy, then change your expectations. There are some funny lines, but it is still about very serious war situations. So it is a chance to see Tina in a dramatic role. A good story to watch. The film had more meaning since it was based on true events.

White Boy Rick  2 star rating 02/16/2019 (Released: 09/14/2018)
Knew it was going to be hard to watch with the violence and drugs. Sad sad movie on so many levels. Not worth watching for me. At least I made sure I watched it during the day, giving images time to go away before I go to sleep.

Why Him?  3 star rating 07/01/2017 (Released: 12/23/2016)
OK so it was better than I expected but I didn't have very high expectations. It has a bit more substance but was still a familiar story like most movies are. The funny parts were funny because they were over the top ridiculous stuff. From a techie perspective, lots of fun toys and things you can buy when you are loaded. But just because you are a techie, doesn't mean you have money to throw around.

Wide Awake  4 star rating 08/20/1999 (Released: 03/20/1998)
(same writer/director as Sixth Sense) It was a sort of toned down, comedic version of the Sixth Sense.

Wild  3 star rating 12/27/2014 (Released: 12/19/2014)
I left the movie feeling sad and demotivated. Not what I was hoping for. But I can't diss her for the efforts she made to find the right road to her life. I enjoyed taking the journey with her safely from my movie theatre recliner. The movie lived up to it's R rating.

Wild Hogs  3 star rating 03/18/2007
Family Fun.

Wild Wild West  2 star rating 12/26/1999 (Released: 06/30/1999)
It was ok to see as a rental. The jokes were corny. It was interesting to see how the James West character was played out with Will Smith. They made mention a few times of the fact that he was black but it didn't pull away from the character at all. The gadgets were nothing that special. Klunky but I guess that's how you would expect them to be for that day in age. I think I liked the Mummy better.

Wolf of Wall Street  0 star rating 01/26/2014
alone with Trays/ Dick Flick and there was a dick sitting a seat away from me that talked to the screen. I did all I could to hold back telling him to shut the F up. (Context this movie broke a record in number of times F word used) Instead I heard his girlfriend slap him so I told her to hit him harder.

Wolverine  2 star rating 05/18/2016 (Released: 07/23/2013)
Interesting enough to watch because it was Hugh Jackman.

Won't You Be My Neighbor  4 star rating 11/08/2018 (Released: 06/29/2018)
There was a lot of information I did not know about him. The movie was worth watching. It was a lifetime achievement for him.

Wonder  4 star rating 01/05/2018 (Released: 11/17/2017)
Yes I cry a lot in movies but this one has to be the most tear jerker movie I have ever seen. I went through multiple packets of tissues. So much of it was gut wrenching but still cute and not sad crying.

Wonder Wheel  3 star rating 08/21/2018 (Released: 12/15/2017)
I don't typically like Woody Allen Movies but was able to watch this one with interest all the way through. The colors or hue were orange and blue shadows on faces that set a tone.

Wonder Woman  3 star rating 10/07/2017 (Released: 06/02/2017)
Rented this movie the day before Gal Gadot hosted SNL so I would see her in the context of her big role and so I could get the jokes if they referenced it. And I wanted to see a Wonder Woman for once. I don't usually see the DC or Marvel movies just because they exist. I liked seeing the Amazonian women

World Trade Center  3 star rating 02/03/2007
Hard to watch.

World's Fastest Indian  3 star rating 03/12/2006 (Released: 02/12/2006)
A good inspirational story which usually makes good movies. I think people over 55 would like it more since it could be inspiring to them about a person that follows through on their dream no matter how old they are or obstacles they come across. Maybe my opinion of Burt Munro was already tainted having heard the real story and saw him as a unbalanced, overly focused on one thing kind of person that lost everything else in his life. The movie portrayed him as a very likeable and made friends easily kind of guy. The different characters he met through his journey is what made the movie interesting enough to hold your attention until he got to the salt flats. It was the first time I saw Christopher Lawford. Before I realized who he was, he struck me as a very strong, successful and important person in the movie. When he came on screen I was trying to figure out if he was a real race car driver or what. Then when I found out he is the offspring of Peter Lawford and Pat Kennedy, well then you know exactly where he gots his looks and "presence" from.
I don't know if Anthony Hopkins was acting but the Burt Munro character seemed like he could barely walk, let alone do all the mechanical work and ride the motorcycle. Maybe that's all part of the inspiration part of overcoming odds. But it was hard to believe.

Wreck-It Ralph  4 star rating 11/11/2018 (Released: 11/02/2012)
I enjoyed the cartoon and was able to stay awake. The puns and analogies and story was very clever and fun to watch. I rented it so that I would know the back story when I watch the new one, "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

X-MEN  4 star rating 08/13/2000 (Released: 07/14/2000)
How could I not give a movie 4 stars when I had a smile on my face during most of the movie. Yes there was violence and grossness but it didn't bother me that much. I judge a movie based on the way I feel when I walk away from it. I walked out of this movie feeling indestructable and powerful. Yes, it was your basic good vs. evil but I was interested in the main characters and what special abilities they had and what they could do with them.
It was quippy (quick, witty responses) and funny and Wolverine was my favorite character. Again, not that unique. A street wise guy that could spar with the pretty boy over the pretty boy's girlfriend.

X-men future past  0 star rating 05/24/2014

X2: X-Men United  2 star rating 05/02/2003 (Released: 05/02/2003)
I liked the first one better. The underlying metaphor (lesson about how to treat people that are different) wasn't worth seeing all the violence. It's not a movie for kids.

Yes Man  2 star rating 05/30/2009 (Released: 12/18/2008)
A Jim Carrey movie where you can't really predict what's going to happen next.

Yesterday  3 star rating 11/05/2019 (Released: 06/28/2019)
The reason it gets a 3 is because it was a good movie to pass the time on the airplane. You had to accept the premise of a world without the Beatles in order to just enjoy the movie. Or you had to figure out the deeper meaning or representation of it all on a higher level if you're that kind of person. It was a story with movement to keep me interested while hearing songs I was familiar with.

You, Me and Dupree  2 star rating 12/08/2006
Light Humor

Zathura  3 star rating 11/26/2005 (Released: 11/11/2005)
A little too close to reality with the brothers arguing and fighting and their ages being similar to my boys'. It was a very orange movie that you should like if you liked Jumanji. I didn't really understand the exact astronaut connection (not spoiling) but I didn't read the book to get more details.

Zero Dark 30  0 star rating 01/25/2013
Did not like. Not just because of the violent nature.

Zookeeper  0 star rating 10/15/2011

Zootpia  3 star rating 07/13/2016 (Released: 03/04/2016)
Cute movie to watch on an airplane. had a lot of lesson/messages for life and cultural differences and tolerance.